Going Sasquatch by Jess Whitecroft

Rating: 5 Stars Publisher: Self Published Genre: Gay Romance Tags: Contemporary Sexy Romance, Hollywood, [...]

Looking After Joey, David Pratt

Rating: 5 Stars Publisher:  Wilde City Press Genre:  Gay Fiction Tags: Humour/Satire, Romance, Contemporary [...]

Boy Scout (Boys of Perfection), Geoffrey Knight

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Stiff Rain Press Genre:  Gay Erotica Tags: Humour/Satirical, Retro - [...]

A Very Campy Christmas, Keegan Kennedy

Rating: 4.5 Tundra Tea Stars Publisher: Kennedy-Empire Genre:  Gay Fiction Tags: Satire / Parody, Non-PC [...]

Naked Came the Ranger & Other Tales, O.C Hax and Horace Skankenfelder

  Rating: I'm Stumped Publisher: Self Published Genre:  Gay Erotica Tags: [...]

Dignity Takes a Holiday, Rick R. Reed

Rating: 3 Stars Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: LGBT Tags: Gay Humor/ Satire, Trying to Lose Virginity, [...]

Conversations with S. Teri O’Type (a Satire), Christopher Allen

Rating: 5 Stars Publisher: Self-Published Tags: LGBT (G), Fiction, Satire, Contemporary Length: 244 [...]

Not a Shred of Evidence, Anne Brooke

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Anne Brooke Genre: Satire, Humour, Contemporary Length: 13 Pages Reviewer: [...]

The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen, Valerie Z Lewis

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Valerie Z Lewis   Genre:  LGBT, Fiction, Satire Length:  219 pages [...]