Boy Scout (Boys of Perfection), Geoffrey Knight

Boy ScoutRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Stiff Rain Press

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags: Humour/Satirical, Retro – 60’s   

Length:  67 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Stiff Rain Press,


The Blurb:

Welcome to Perfection, California. The year is 1961. The picket fences are white, the lawns are green, and the sprinklers are shiny and new… and Benji the 18-year-old Boy Scout is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Yes, Benji dreams of getting his hands on the coveted Happy Beaver Badge, a challenge that requires him to hike up to Mount Pleasant, venture through the Rainbow Forest, cross Lake Serenity and reach the old abandoned Forestfire Station.

But as Benji sets off, looking forward to experiencing the beauty of nature… nature isn’t exactly as welcoming as Benji had hoped. From evil chipmunks to stinky skunks, Benji’s adventure quickly turns into a quest for survival. Luckily for Benji, he meets handsome Mack the Lumberjack who’s willing to give the Boy Scout a helping hand—

—in more ways than one!

My Review:

This is quite a …random novella. But I am up for random. It is well written. It is humorous and it does tend to satirise the era of the sixties, and some clichéd romance notions, and it does it pretty well.

Benji’s attempting to get his Happy Beaver and be the best gosh darn Boy Scout possible. On his way he helps an assortment of ladies in town who all covet Benji’s hot body in his tighter than tight Scout uniform. And of course they have cats and dogs to rescue, and Benji, being the good Boy Scout that he is, helps them all.

Mrs Delaney let out a thrilled quiver. She eyed the strapping young body up and down, pleasantly surprised. “My goodness, when did you become so…heroic?”

“I’m a boy Scout, Mrs Delaney. I’m not heroic. I’m just prepared.”


“Oh don’t you worry, Mrs Delaney, I’ll keep my wits about me. I’m determined to come home to another Scout badge.”

“I’m going to make that Happy Beaver mine, just you wait and see. Mrs Delaney clutched her pussy tighter. “Oh, I wish,” she breathed with one last sigh.

Once in the woods, Benji is attacked by another kind of predator, other than the horny housewives of Perfection. There are evil chipmunks, bees, bears, skunks, and those once popular sea monkeys, and Benji finds himself deep in hostile territory with creatures that aren’t so nice. Thankfully, there are other kinds of bears in the woods, like the helpful Mack the Lumberjack who helps Benji to obtain something other than the coveted Happy Beaver – 

With one arm, Mack scooped the contents of an entire shelf out of his secret cabinet

With the other, he scooped Benji over his huge shoulder.

“Golly,” was all Benji could say.

Benji gasped so sharply he almost swallowed his tongue, which was not the only thing to be swallowed that day.

So, Mack is hirsute, and manly, and Benji is toned, hairless and has a nice pink arsehole for Mack to use his carved toys on anda cock so meaty and mighty, Benji almost fainted for the second time. 

He also has discussions over which knot to tie Benji up with, it’s nice to have a Boy Scout as your perky knot-tying-knowledgeable (kind of) submissive – this book isn’t BDSM. Mack shows him that maybe Muscle Bear is better than Happy Beaver. Jeepers and gee willikers!!


I grew up on a diet of humour that included the nod-nod-wink-wink horny housewife innuendo. Beaver QuoteAnd I’ve read so many romance books I could laugh out loud at some of the situations in BOY SCOUT. I can appreciate the double entendre nature of the book and the 60’s, or that era’s references . Duck and cover,  people!! And there are some things that never change, well not much –

“Say, you should join the Boy Scouts of America and become a troop leader! The Boy Scouts aren’t judgemental at all. They accept everyone. Except girls. And possibly handicapped people. And I’ve never actually seen a Negro Boy Scout. At least not in Perfection, anyway. But if you’re part of the happy majority like everyone else in town, you’ve got nothing at all to worry about!”  

Well snap!

If you want something short, a little sexy, there isn’t tons of sex between Benji and Mack, but it’s certainly there and it is OTT, if you like random and easy reading, with a definite emphasis on kitsch humour, then Boy Scout is a fun read. By the way, that cover is really good.

With a glance down, Benji realized he’d just launched himself over the edge of a deep ravine .

“Jeepeeeeeeerrrrrs!” he cried. 


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Ooh! I want a Mack the Lumberjack!

This is so my kind of short. I love a good satire and I sat here giggling at your review. I have to read this one.

Great review, as always.