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About Us:

In August 2012, under incredibly unusual circumstances  – a book, the planet’s aligning, mercury in retrograde, someone special who is no longer with us, and any number of events we cannot explain – Cindi and Kazza K met as fellow readers on Goodreads. Despite living over 9,000 miles apart, we  clicked instantly. We bonded over all things book-related, family, and the universe; and since that fateful day in August 2012 we have continued talking all things book related, and so much more. In October 2012 Cindi and Kazza K finally made it official. Yes, we joined our Kindles as one and we formed On Top Down Under Book Reviews… and we have never looked back.

What works so well for On Top Down Under Book Reviews is that Cindi and Kazza write different reviews and have (mostly) different tastes in books, even within genre. Our mission statement is honesty and quality reviews. While everything is our opinion, and all is subjective when it comes to reviews, we attempt to have an informed review site. We encourage both reader and author comment but bear in mind reviews are opinions. Bad behaviour and rude comments will not be tolerated. This blog is about reading, a few observations, and our shared love of the written word. 

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Kazza and Cindi.