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First of all, I’d like to thank Gavin Atlas for joining us with news about re-releases, new books and a free readBlue Star Boy.

Second, if you would like to read my review of The Full Ride it is here but please note it is completely and utterly NSFW – I can’t stress that enough.


Guy Smiley: Hi Gavin! This is pretend interviewer, Guy Smiley. We’ve pretend-talked before. So what’s new?

GA: Hey, Guy. The re-releases of The Boy Can’t Help It and The Full Ride are out, thanks to JMS Books! The mini-collection, Long Time Coming, is also out and it includes a story never before released. It also includes “Snapshots of Seduction” which has been released but not widely read, I don’t think. Moreover, there’s a kind of a silly short-short called “Aunt September’s Society Dinner”. It’s previously unpublished and, by my standards, not explicit. Last, I should mention that one of my most popular stories, Blue Star Boy,” is now a free read! It’s a great way to sample my writing. 🙂

GS: What’s the new story about?

GA: It’s the title short story, so it’s called “Long Time Coming”. It’s a reunion of two men who have been attracted to each other since college and almost had sex, but never did. So they’ve wanted each other for years.

GS: All three of your covers have water imagery. A beach, a lake, and a shower. What’s up?

GA: That was not on purpose, but my new publisher suggested doing a promo banner – “Get wet with Gavin!” I’m told I focus a lot on “clean” sex for a male writer. There are a lot of showers. There’s a lot of cleansing rain imagery. There are also a number of beach scenes. So water-related covers are fitting.

GS: Not counting sex, what are your favorite things to write about?

GA: Settings are important to me. I’ve used New York, Las Vegas, Rio, Prague, and Costa Rica among others. It’s not easy to immerse readers in settings in short works.  I think I did well with Costa Rica in the story, “La Playita,” which is in Long Time Coming. I also used the tropics when I describe the island of Palmyra in the Pacific for a story in The Boy Can’t Help It. I haven’t been there, so I had to do extensive research and watch numerous videos.

GS: Which stories do you think are your best? Or your hottest?

GA: In The Full Ride, there’s a story “Revenge as an Art Form” which I still love. It’s about tricking a rotten ex-boyfriend art dealer into selling a fake Dutch Master. I also really like “Three-way at the Western” which follows the crazy idea of a young man “earning” ownership of a casino by having three-ways with a billionaire in about seventy Las Vegas casino-resorts. Of course, things don’t go as planned, but considering how bizarre that premise is, I found an ending that I thought felt real. I hope readers will, too. As far as hottest? I’ll rely on reader feedback. In The Boy Can’t Help It, I’m told “Simple and Easy” drives guys crazy, as does a long, insane scene in “Claiming Danny.” In The Full Ride, I’ve been told a couple college boy stories, such as the title story, “The Full Ride”, and “The Laius League” are some of the most, er, stimulating.

GS: How about the most romantic?

GA: Romance readers have told me they really like “Which Way to Dominance,” which is a contemporary cowboy story set in Montana. The main character is reading disabled and feels trapped in a bad relationship with an abusive foreman. Then a handsome new hand from Argentina has a chance to change his life. The story is in The Full Ride.

GS: You use trouble with reading in a lot of stories. Why is that?

GA: I have trouble with reading and with ADHD, so I feel I can make it real. It also helps when I want to create a rescue scenario. I also suffer from depression, but I think most “disabilities” are trickier when it comes to creating romance. I think you can be happy enough and healthy enough to be a good partner when you’re reading disabled, but there are enough snags that even someone strong might need a helping hand.

GS: What’s next for Gavin Atlas?

GA: I’m looking forward to working on lighter fiction. Some of my stories deal with pretty intense relationship issues, and I’m ready to write something more fun. Thanks for the pretend interview, Mr. Smiley!

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I love looking at the water but I have a weird phobia when it comes to actually getting in it. All of the covers are gorgeous. As a person who suffers with severe ADHD I can relate a lot to what’s written. Only another person who has it can fully understand it, I believe.

Thank you for stopping by. All the books look amazing and I hope to be able read some of them soon.