The Full Ride: Bottom Boys Get Play, Gavin Atlas

Bottom Boys Get PlayRating: 5 Stars

Publisher: Lethe Press

Genre: Gay Erotica

Tags: Multiple Short Stories, Daddy Kink, Domination, Humiliation, Age Differences, Multiple Partners, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Jocks, Professors/College Students, Cowboys, Aerialists, Pirates on a Train – phew!

Length: 230 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Lethe Press,




1)He Could Stop Traffic

Officer Karl Wilkes is after a trafficking group, El Sistema. No one is paying any Bottom Boys Get Play Quote 1attention as they only seem to be targeting gay male prostitutes. However, when a judges son is added to the list, the police and FBI are now interested. 

Tomas is a student at a college where Karl gives classes. Karl recognises the sexy Latino as someone he has been with before, and it he was a mighty fine piece of bottom boy arse. Tomas works several jobs, pizza delivery, stripper and nude house cleaner. He is also a student in Criminal Justice but his jobs are going to make it hard to become a cop. Karl and Tomas realise that if he helps out on the El Sistema case it will get him over the job-check hurdle. Tomas has a tattoo and none of the others do. It helps with some credibility. He doesn’t get much respect, or training, but he goes in under cover for Karl and the police nonetheless. Not a bad short story, there was a bit to cover every detail in the wordcount, however it’s a nice piece of erotica to kick things off. 


2) Pink Cowboy Hat

Trip is a rich young guy and he wants nothing more than to make a conquest out of his dream model, Marc Patrick. He does all the things he needs to get close to Marc and he has incredible luck in doing it, it also doesn’t hurt that his family has money.  Bottom Boys Get Play Quote 3Marc and Trip hit it off via math, of all things, with Trip agreeing to tutor Marc, even though Trip is a photography student. Trip is a bit of a pain in his attitude, bragging to his bff, Pete, that he will have Marc, the model in the pink cowboy hat, where Pete failed. To make sure his plan works, Trip  goes to Rio where Marc’s next show is, makes sure he upgrades to first class and does the same for Marc, and they see the city in true bottom fucking fashion. Thing is, not only is Marc breathtaking to look at, he is a really nice down-to-earth guy. Marc finds out about the conquest and Trip has to prove that the guy in the pink cowboy hat is so much more to him than that. I liked this short a lot. It is funny, sexy and sweet.   


3) Revenge as an Art Form

Casper Glansing owns a gallery and has Mick Cupshaw, a struggling artist as his Bottom boys Get Play Manet Olympiapartner. Not on equal footing, as Mick cooks and cleans and models for Casper’s client coterie.  Casper promises things he never intends to deliver to Mick and likes to show Mick off without him even knowing, until one of Casper’s clients lets Mick in on what happens – 



Vlad took a sip of scotch and looked away as he spoke. “You know the reason he has you model nude for his circle of friends isn’t to help you Nice Arse 5with connections. It’s so he can display you while making sure everyone knows only he can fuck you.”


“Ask him how many of us he’s told to stay after you’ve modelled to watch him fuck you from the roof.”


I bit my lips. “You’ve watched me get fucked?”

Things get even worse, Casper has another man on the side. When Mick’s Aunt Lauren, a novelist in the mystery genre, decides to have a conversation taped with Casper, the nasty I’ve no intentions of helping Mick…ever side comes out to play. I won’t say anymore but more there is more, including a little ménage with Mick as the bottom, of course, and revenge. Yep, some good old fashioned revenge. This is a very clever short with a lot of thought put into the machinations of Mick and co’s revenge on Casper. If you like the concept of an erotic revenge is a dish best served cold, here is your story. 


4) Welcome to Fair Warning

A fiftieth birthday has a man wanting to leave West Texas for a while in search of Sexy Guy Motor Cycle 1sights and some sex. In Arizona he comes across a sign that announces “Fair Warning, Population 1.” It seems odd that a town would have a name and population sign for one person. But that ‘1 person’ turns out to be a young, nubile and naked guy on a motor bike all stretched out and waiting to be fucked. Built like a porn star, all kinds of hot, and calling the narrator Daddy, he is only too keen to take a fifty year old and the fifty year old is only too keen to fuck the hunk of a young man’s arse.

In under a minute, I’d mounted him and hell, did I give him a screwing. Temperature-wise, it was the hottest hole I’d ever been in. Sex-wise, it was the hottest hole I’d ever been in.

So tight and so welcoming, and the young man met each of my thrusts with an arch of his slender hips. He moaned and he writhed, and I thought we’d knock the bike over. It only rocked with our lust.

Sometimes what you wish for can be all kinds of interesting, and this story, whilst  really short, is really hot.


5) The Full Ride

Nicholas has missed out on all the Ivy League colleges he applied for and his parents are not happy. Both of them are quick to tell him he is a disappointment but his father likes to remind him often. When things get bad, Nicholas goes down the road to Mr. Laszlo’s house to “mow the lawn” which is code for getting fucked by his neighbour and tutor. Nicholas likes older men and decides that he won’t go to any college, he’ll be Mr. Lasloz’s sex slave – his biggest fantasy is to be bound and fucked by an older man. My Laszlo isn’t having that, he wants Nicholas to gain an education and knows his parents aren’t supportive, so he organises for him to go to Fenton University, Kentucky, under the Bardache Scholarship. The Bardache is for a bottom boy and the classes are assigned to professors who are in the know. It’s no hardship for Nicholas, he likes his professors and he likes bottoming for them.Bottom Boys Get Play Quote 4


Nicholas gets to bottom for bears and dark skinned professors- from attractive, to middle age with a paunch. He has a strong daddy kink so he is happy to take a good cock, or four,  and all the Fenton men have big ones. The professors give Nicholas the full Fenton bottom boy ride and he couldn’t be happier. This was a sexy short, I really do love a daddy kink and this was a good one.  


6) Fair Trade

After four years, Andy Harris is back in Tobago on business for his father’s chocolate company. Andy is twenty three, has ADD, and feels excited to be seeing the older late forties owner of Mirasol Plantation, Wayne Lyndell, again. Four years ago, Wayne was his Bottom boys get play quote 5first kiss, his first crush. But after being back in America, Andy has been ostracised by his family for being gay, been with other men, and been in porn. Wayne knows, he’s watched Andy in the films. He also knows the scheme hatched by Andy’s father. Why Andy is the one there on business – he doesn’t want to pay extra for fair trade cocoa. Andy will seduce Wayne for the right price and for his continued business. But Wayne doesn’t run a successful plantation to be deceived. Besides, he’s wanted his ‘duckling’ – his Andy – the four years since their kiss. This is a sweet, sexy read. I loved the two main characters and I would love this to have been a novella or novel.

“Duckling,” Wayne said, “I’m serious. I don’t want to risk losing you, and it’s not just my lust for your body.”


7) Tanner’s Tuck-In Service

Tanner is the remedy for insomnia for all the tops in his small town itBlow job on cop seems. Hank, the local mechanic, wants Tanner to drive over naked to his house for a, uh, tune up. Tanner agrees, with reservations. What if he gets caught? Which he does by Officer Bill, who quickly gives him a cavity search and Tanner gives him a blow job.

Tanner is a busy boy between mechanics, police officers and ER doctors. 100% pure erotica in this one with some really funny lines in between.

Bill put his hand on my head and shoved in and out. “God, what a good mouth,” Bill whispered.

8) Three-way at the Western

Part One: The Tuscany

Part Two: The Vegas Club

Part Three: The Venetian

Part Four: The Hospital

Part Five: The Rabbit’s Foot

Drew wants to own a casino in Vegas. He has an arrangement with a billionaire named Burt – Drew must bottom for guys in casinos from A-Z (an irony for the dyslexic Drew) and Burt videos them all. In return, Burt is going to give Drew  a casino of his own. The thing is, new casinos are coming along or renamed and Burt adds them to the growing A-Z list for Drew to bottom at.

“They say Helen had the face that launched a thousand ships. And you definitely have the ass that can earn a casino.”

Drew is actually a valet at a casino, and while he loves the idea of being the owner of his own Casino, The Zanzibar, he isn’t sure he will ever be manager/owner material. But he has his dreams. Drew also has someone he loves and who loves him, Rahim. Rahim thinks the scheme is just that, a scheme by Burt to fuck Drew and use him   for his own kinky videos. Each part from 1-5 is tied to a person or an event, the hospital is about the trepidation everyone, except Burt, has for Drew going to The Western to be fucked – it’s a rough part of town and Drew ends up badly hurt. While there is sex in this vignette, it is more in the background and more story than not, it added another dimension to the overall book. Another that would have made a nice novella.

9) Daddies in Damian

Damien works for Stan and Bob, they own They lure older ‘daddies’ in via a ‘job interview’ and Damien is the ‘perk’ of the job. The ad is in the gay adults section so the guys kind of know. They fuck the gorgeous Damien, Stan and Bob video it, and they make money for their daddies website. The problem is, they promised Damien education after the first year and that didn’t materialise, now they want him to bareback and he is resisting. Richard runs the local free clinic and Damien has always tested negative for STIs but Damien has a crush on the ex Marine and Richard has one on him. Richard has been hurt before and won’t let Damien in. But things get dire with Stan and Bob so Richard declares his desire. Will it be enough to get Damien out of the clutches of the devious daddies website?  Sexy,GIF fingering arse sweet, appeals to my daddy kink, and a bit of drama to fuel the erotica.

…Damian pulled his knees back as far as he could to give Richard complete access. Richard let out a low rumble of appreciation as he lubed up Damian with two fingers and then three.

10) And Brawley Threads the Needle

Cameron Brawley has just been found out for working in gay porn. His college, Bradenton, has kept him on. Cameron did it to make money. Bradenton want to keep their star tennis player on board. The problem is, Cameron now feels humiliated and isn’t playing well. Perhaps he has always had self esteem issues but the porn didn’t help –

Naked Kombat 1The movies he’d been in were ones where “the loser” gets fucked. As in, “Ha ha, I beat you in a wrestling match. Now I’m going to ream your ass in front of a huge audience, and you can struggle all you want, but you won’t get away.”


Not beneficial to playing well now. Doug, his lover prior to finding out Cameron was moonlighting in porn, decides he has to take him somewhere to get his mojo back before they play the ultra conservative Kingham. Kingham probably found out about the porno and leaked the info to take out their opponent. Doug fucks Cameron and tells him that he won’t let him cum until after he wins his matches tomorrow. While partially effective, it isn’t enough on its own. So, the next tactic is to make Cameron mad. This helps a lot. Doug also feels that he needs to let Cameron know for the first time just what he means to him as well. A sexy ‘n sweet tennis jock romp.


11) The Laius League

Timberlands University has a secret league, the Laius league. The idea is to graduate from being a Chrysippus, a bottom. If you cum when a Laius (top) fucks you, you can’tGangbang 4 move up the league or graduate.  Luke loves bottoming. He loves it so much he’s in his senior year and he is still a Chrysippus. No matter now much it humiliates him, because it does humiliate him, Luke still cums buckets when fucked. If someone wears the gold ring of the society the bottom boy has to submit. He finds out how much this is adhered to when Professor Whit decides to make alterity the class topic, with Luke the star attraction. Dr Whit wears the gold ring. He makes the whole class watch as Luke is fucked by freshmen and then, as the grand finale, by him to see whether or not he will stay a Chrysippus or make it to a Laius. Sexy, sexy reading.


12) Il Circo del Fiori

Gianni has taken over the reigns of his father’s European circus. His brother, Adolfo, is jaded, but Gianni has only been in the business for four months and wants to bring about change – no animals, free shows. He is also besotted with Emil the extremely popular aerialist. Emil, of the gorgeous lithe body and dancer’s grace. Emil, who is flexible with his lovers. But it appears Emil is going to leave Il Circo del Fiori because he wants his people, Roma, to be able to see free shows that other circuses put on and del Fiori doesn’t. Gianni wants Emil so much he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t lose their star attraction and the gorgeous, flexible, acrobatic bottom, Bottom boys get play Quote 7Emil.  

Despite Emil’s regular rejections of Adolfo and shy detachment from me, he was libidinous with others. There is no overstating his popularity with the men of the circus. I’d learned he often had sex with members of the troupe, sometimes two at a time …

This is a beautifully written short. It is incredibly sexy and interesting – the setting, the people. I wanted so much more. That is not detracting at all from the calibre of writing as it paints a picture well. I am just greedy for more of Emil and Gianni. 

Then he arched up, pushing his ass all the way onto my dick at the same time I thrust down, his legs now wrapped around my middle. I could hardly breathe for the ecstasy, hardly see for the sweat. I was in him to the hilt and from his wild writhing underneath me, he couldn’t want it more.


13) Which Way to Dominance

Teddy is a worker on a ranch in Montana. Roy is the foreman who fucks Teddy and Bottom Boys get Play Quote 8dominates him. The thing is, Roy is often drunk and rough when he takes the twenty year old. After coming to Teddy’s room drunk again on yet another night, and fucking him without lube, Roy tells Teddy he has to pick up a new hand from Billings and he has to leave before 3am. This gives Teddy no time to sleep. Marco is the new hand fresh in from Argentina. He and Teddy hit it off, it’s hard not to love Teddy, he is sweet, naïve, loves the animals, especially the horses, but he is bullied by Roy.  Marco is soft and gentle,  the antithesis of Roy.  Marco also discovers that Teddy can’t read so well, so he takes up reading books on horse gentling to him, which Marco agrees with, and ends up being his lover. Roy, in the meantime, continues to be an arsehole and I wanted his head on a platter – bastard, I love horses. You know the deal with Marco, it is no great secret, but this was a nice read.


14) Engine of Repression

Egads! How do I explain this story? This book is set some time in the future – cancer has been conquered and so have all STIs, but the mind is still a fragile thing. Christian is seeing Dr Hall to help with a recurring nightmare – he has had since young – and, the big one, he also equates sex with being raped. Or rather, he equates sex being okay only when being raped. When it is about the other person’s base need to dominate, hurt and control, and not about him. If he wants sex, if he gets off, if he wants pleasure, he’s not a good boy. Train with Pirate

There is a lot to this story. Is it sexy? Yep. Does it have a deeper subtext about sexual guilt, and gender, and sexual orientation, parents and beliefs? Oh, yes, it sure does. Does Gavin Atlas do it well? Yes and yes. I was thinking – rape pellet, guilt, repressed sexual feelings, Revisionist Christian parents, a new technology that allows dreams to be manipulated and the mind to have chemical subconscious hypnotherapy for a (potential) positive outcome. A patient, loving partner. Pirates on a train. Okay, breathe!! I was thinking, ‘how will this be sexy? And how can I even think sexy?  How will this all be pulled together well?’ It is really good. But, oh how I wanted a longer story. This could be a cracker of a novella/novel. What a way to end this anthology of one man’s stories.  



I make no secret of the fact that I enjoy erotica – gay, het, bi, it doesn’t matter – particularly when it is well written, and The Full Ride: Bottom Boys Get Play is well written. Like the title says, it is all about bottoms. A lot of times ‘legs in the air’ was bandied about, no complaints here. It is also about the different experiences and tops they encounter – in all their shapes, sizes and behaviour. If you like (short-story) gay erotica I highly recommend it. It is certainly written for gay men, I am not a gay man, but I still appreciated it… a lot. I thought the stories were well rounded, with good character development, clever writing, they were interesting and diverse, and they were H.O.T. Some of these shorts would make really good novellas or longer. It took me too long to pick this book up. Why? Once I did I inhaled these kinky, erotic, sometimes sweet, intelligent stories with gusto. One final thing – I adore that beautiful cover. 5 Bouncing Bottom Stars!



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This review has officially gone on my all-time favorites of your reviews. I love erotica too (gay, het, bi, doesn’t matter) and sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for. All of these stories look great – and hot as hell. I have no words for the photos, other than WOW! Great review. Great pics/GIFs. Great quotes. I wish I had time to read this. Maybe soon. 😉


Shit yeah! Love it and I so want that guy on all fours any way I can get him. Or I’ll have the guys in the gif. The book sounds awesome. I have it on my to read list and I’m reading it now. Cool review Kazza 😉