I’ve been reading as long as I can remember. For some time I found myself reading dry work-related material, but when that ended, and I came back to fiction, the romance bug had well and truly bitten. Honestly, younger me would never have seen the romance coming but I’m glad it found me. Nowadays, I mostly read gay romance (MM) in its many variations, as well as LGBT fiction, lit and erotica. I step outside primary genre for other good books. Please read my Reviewing Preferences, under Submission Details, as it does identify preferred reading.

A bit more: I love animals, wildlife, gardening, music, ballet, movies, photography, and there’s so much good TV these days – but nothing beats a good book. I’ve worked in private practice for nearly thirty years in mental health and allied services. I’ve also worked extensively with relationships and families in crisis and/or needing direction. I’m a vocal activist for Marriage Equality in Australia. I’ve been married for over thirty years to my soul mate, together we have the most fantastic (adult) children, and two gorgeous, full-on grandchildren.