Welcome to Reviewing Preferences. If you are thinking about submitting an e-book for review, please take a moment to see who might fit your book the best by reading Kazza’s and Cindi’s individual book preferences below. We have different tastes and if you specifically ask for one reviewer then that is who we assume you want to read/review your book.

Every reviewer on the blog reads in mobi for Kindle.

Below are Kazza’s and Cindi’s individual reading preferences – guest reviewers are here. There is a Review Submission Form  (**currently under reconstruction) under Submission Details on the menu bar if you wish to submit a book for review. At the moment you will need to submit a review request to ontopdownunderbookreviews@gmail.com until the form is working again. 


Kazza K’s Book Preferences:


I’m a dark reader by preference. This does not exclude me from lighter reading for the right book with great characters, but my first love is dark, bent, offbeat, quirky and taboo. I mostly read romance. However, I also read good fiction and lit. I’m definitely flexible in my reading. First and foremost, I’m a total and utter character obsessive with a need for passion in the writing. 

The following themes/concepts appeal to me the most:

I love a well written psychological story

Paranormal – darkly romantic/bloody/erotic is my preference with a need for a good story and strong world building – with a distinct passion for vampires and shifters.

Fantasy – Urban Fantasy. High Fantasy. Futuristic and Dystopian/Utopian.


Drama – some solid, well written angst/tension/drama is very welcome

I read Dub-Con, Non-Con/Rape, Slavefic… and more


Twincest and associated ‘cests.

Ménage – Gay/Bi

Crime/Murder/Mystery/Suspense – Cop/Investigative/Courtroom storylines

Queer Lit/Fiction


Satire. Dry or Quirky Humour.

Also –

I will read books with infidelity

For MM writers, I am not anti-women’s-bits in my reading – if you write in that genre you’ll understand why I mention this

I do not have to have a HEA or cookie-cutter ending to my books

I like to be made to think and feel to the nth degree

I read first time authors, first time indie authors included

Depends on the book, but I tend to review with pictures, some of a highly adult nature, consider this may form part of my review for your book before requesting me as a reviewer. If you write the words, I like to give them a visual.

I don’t read books with animal harm or cruelty. I don’t read insensitive, insulting, tacky books.


Cindi’s Book Preferences:

I mostly read LGBT books, but I am flexible in my reading and am known to step away from these completely on occasion. The following is a guide –

Angst (with a HEA)




Dark/Erotic Horror

Erotica (M/M or M/F)

Family (I love books with kids in them)

Ménage (M/M/M only)

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Horror (with or without romance)

Paranormal (With an emphasis on Ghosts and the occasional Vampire and Shifter)

Romance (M/M and the occasional M/F)

Humor. I love something that can make me laugh

I do read books that do not fall into the above categories. These are preferences only. If a book looks interesting to me, I will read it. Contact me via Review Submissions (**currently under reconstruction) or email with a quick summary of your book or with the official blurb if you are interested in having me review your book. Occasionally I will add photos, aside from the book cover, and they may be adult in nature, or they may not. Keep this in mind before sending a review request.