Cindi’s Book Covers of the Year: 2014

COTY Quote PicAlong with celebrating our favorite books published in 2014, we are once again spotlighting the cover artists who created our favorite covers of books published this year. Sometimes the cover tells its own story and that was certainly the case for me. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, each cover on this list stood out for me.

I’ve never been one to judge a book by its cover, but I have been known to buy a book because of one, without even knowing what the book is about. So I send a huge thank you to every cover artist, whether yours is on this list or not, for creating such amazing covers for us, the readers, on top of the authors who write the books.

As with my books of the year, only my #1 is numbered. The others are listed in complete random order and loved equally by me.


My #1 book cover of 2014 –


Amara The Rebirth

Amara: The Rebirth by Zathyn Priest

Cover by  Scarlet Tie Designs

Looking at the cover of Amara: The Rebirth, I’m taken back to the story of Emrys Amara, Matthew, and even Dean. This cover is not only beautiful, but it tells a little of the story  inside the book. The entire time I was reading it, I could easily picture the characters exactly as they are depicted on the cover.

So, congratulations to Scarlet Tie Designs (aka Zathyn Priest) for taking both my top spot for my favorite book cover of the year and for my favorite book of the year for Amara: The Rebirth.


The rest of my favorite book covers of 2014 –


Wave Goodbye To Charlie

Wave Goodbye to Charlie by Eric Arvin

Cover Artist and Illustration: John Coulthart

When I first saw the cover for Wave Goodbye to Charlie, I immediately thought it was amazing, but I had no idea how it would play into the actual story. The more I read, the more I realized how perfect it is for Wave Goodbye to Charlie. The artwork is beautiful and it tells a very special part of what young Charlie goes through on his journey to help those he loves. A great cover for a fantastic book. I couldn’t imagine another cover on it.



Paulie by John Inman

Cover Photo by CWS Designs, Cover Design by Paul Richmond

Do I really need to give a reason for why the Paulie cover is on this list? Hello! Just look at it. I have. Again and again and again…  In all seriousness, the cover is perfect for the story where the characters do spend a lot of time in a pool. To quote my review of this book –

“There is a lot of skinny dipping, nude drunkenness, public displays of .. uh .. affection and lots of alcohol consumption.”

Side note: This was actually the background on my laptop for a very long time. For its artistic qualities, of course! 😉


Husband Hunters

Husband Hunters by Rick R. Reed

Cover by  Paul Richmond

The cover for Husband Hunters is probably the most unique cover I’ve ever seen. According to the author, it was inspired by the artist Roy Lichtenstein and that Paul Richmond “nailed it” (Rick’s words).  Rick R. Reed told On Top Down Under how the cover came to be in an interview in September. You can check out the interview here. An outstanding cover for a very entertaining book. The cover did nail what was inside.

Clipped - New and Improved Cover

Clipped by Devon McCormack

Cover by Adrian Nicholas

I have always loved covers with angels and angel wings. The cover for Clipped is no different.  The artist took a wonderful story and created a cover that not only draws you in, but conveys a part of the story as well.

Neverwood - 4 Covers

Secrets of Neverwood Anthology by Libby Drew, Diana Copland, and G.B. Lindsey

Cover Artist Unknown

Sadly, I’m unable to credit the artist (s) for these fabulous covers as no cover artist was listed anywhere that I could find. It wasn’t in the book, nor was it listed anywhere on the publisher’s website or anywhere else. The Secrets of Neverwood cover is one of my all-time favorites, as are the ones for the individual stories. Sexy and mysterious, they are absolutely stunning.

How To Train Your Dom In 5 Easy Steps

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps by Josephine Myles

Cover by Lou Harper

Not only is the cover for How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps visually appealing, but it’s Eddie (a main character) through and through. From the collar to the facial expression, to well, everything, this is actually Eddie from a specific scene in the book. When I got to it, I had an A ha! moment. Excellent cover for an excellent book.

Summer Symphony

Summer Symphony by Brandon Shire

Cover by Aeterum Designs

Each time I look at the cover for Summer Symphony, I remember Martin, who was so overcome with grief over the loss of his child that even his beloved music couldn’t help him. I mention in my opening how book covers sometimes tell a story. The cover for Summer Symphony, even without the words of the book, tell a story in itself.

Third Eye

Third Eye by Rick R. Reed

Cover by Aaron Anderson

Can anyone look at the cover of Third Eye and not be impressed by it? It’s one of those covers that at first glance makes you want to buy the book, regardless of what it’s about or who wrote it. In this case, not only is the cover 100% perfect for the book, but the actual story is every bit as good as what is on the outside. The third eye refers to an invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This is what the story is about and the cover artist (to use the author’s words again) nailed it.

When Ryan Came Back

When Ryan Came Back by Devon McCormack

Cover by Aaron Anderson

When Ryan Came Back tells the story of Ryan, who may or may not have committed suicide. Ryan comes back as a ghost who is desperate to find out how he really died. This is done with the help of an old friend. The cover shows Ryan at his high school and is the perfect cover for this book. I couldn’t imagine a different one.

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Kazza K

I laughed out loud at your Paulie cover lovin’. Hello! It is an…appealing cover 🙂 But I adore Summer Symphony. EVERY TIME I see that cover it sucks me in and I wanted to put it on my list, but I only have covers from books I have read. And we even had a book cover in common, When Ryan Came Back. Such a diverse list, Cindi. Love them!