How To Train Your Dom In 5 Easy Steps, Josephine Myles


How To Train Your Dom In 5 Easy StepsRating: 5 “Sir Bastard” Stars

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Gay/Bi Erotic Romance

Tags: BDSM, Contemporary, Humor, Fisting, Humiliation, Kink, Spanking

Length: 295 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Samhain Publishing, 




Jeff White doesn’t want much. He’s a simple guy who just wants to let his wild side out. Is that too much to ask? After being dumped by Sarah, his girlfriend of thirteen years, he decided he wanted to experiment with his domination side and see where it took him. Unfortunately, one little incident kind of gives him a rep with others in the D/s community. Jeff doesn’t exactly know all that much about the lifestyle, though he thinks he knows quite a bit. He tried experimenting with Sarah, but she wasn’t interested, so he turns to his friends Niall and Maddy, who
How to Train a Dom 2 with quoteare convinced they know the perfect submissive for him to learn a bit from. Oh, and that sub? It’s not the female that Jeff is hoping for. It’s a man. That man is Eddie Powell, a self-described painslut. Eddie can – and does – take it all. The more pain the better. He gets off on humiliation, spanking, as well as every other thing a good Dom can throw his way. The problem? Jeff makes it very clear that he’s not gay and is not interested in playing around with a guy. He was with a woman for over a decade and he gets rock hard over sexy women, for God’s sake! What would he be wanting a man for? He meets Eddie, but that meeting is kind of forced on him. How many times does a guy have to say no already? But Eddie, who has totally decided he really wants Jeff, gives him his details just in case he changes his mind. Well, that just in case happens not long after that first meeting.

Jeff figures, what the hell? He’ll contact Eddie and maybe they can work something out. Eddie is a trained sub afterall and he totally gets off on exactly what Jeff is wanting to inflict on a sub. What’s the harm in training with the man and then using the skills he learned when he’s able to find him a nice female sub down the road? The first meeting turns into much more than Jeff bargained for. Was his straight cock really getting hard at the sight of the naked ass of the sub on his knees in front of him? That doesn’t mean he’s gay or anything. It’s just a physical reaction to being able to play with his small suitcase of toys. Yeah, about that. What starts as a 5-lesson thing between the two men ends up being so much more. Jeff continues to fight his gayness every step of the way and poor Eddie (who is an absolute sweetheart) is fighting his feelings for the stubborn other man. With each lesson, the sexual situations get more and more intense. At first there’s nothing more than a blowjob “What man doesn’t like getting his dick sucked?” and each subsequent lesson leads to even more heated sex, on top of the spanking, tying up, and oh, we can’t forget the nipple rings and the homemade spreader and the ginger root and the fisting… I could so go on. Jeff ends up learning more and more and becomes convinced that someday he will have the perfect girl on her knees – or over his – willing to take whatever he wants to lash out. But the more time he spends with Eddie, the more he’s not thinking about the future girl. He can’t stop thinking about the man who makes his toes curl every single time he presents his ass or drops to his knees.

How to Train a Dom 3Then there is Jeff’s family. First, there’s his mother who I laughed at while I was wanting to say “Oh my God, if I did that my sons would disown me!” There’s his father, who is a total bastard. There are some characters who can redeem themselves but I never saw anything redeeming about him. There’s Tony, Jeff’s brother, who I never did get a real feel for. He makes a comment or two that had me wishing Jeff would knock the shit out of him. The comments were made before Jeff’s newfound sexuality was made known, but they were still offensive. Hell, they were offensive to me as a female, as it was women he was degrading on top of gay people. 

There are Niall and Maddy, a Dom and sub who were perfect. They aren’t in the story much but they are in it enough to see that they are not only perfect for each other, but perfect friends to Eddie and Jeff as well.

Watching Jeff as he learned all there was to know about the BDSM lifestyle was more than a little bit entertaining. He was so convinced he wasn’t gay – and said this often – but yet the reader can tell that he was more confused than anything else. He was raised in a home where he did what his father wanted to do, not what he himself wanted to do. He had a mother who would seriously make you cringe over her intrusive ways. His brother wasn’t exactly brother-of-the-year material, even if he did improve a bit as the story played out. Poor Jeff was a product of his raising (as we say in the southern part of the U.S.) and was too scared to admit to anyone, much less himself, that he was seriously turned on by being with a man. Not just any man, Eddie. And oh does he make some seriously stupid comments along the way, but Eddie is a patient man and grins and bears it. That is, until real feelings become involved and no longer is he Jeff’s “bitch” who will sit back and take it. How to Train a Dom 4

This is seriously an outstanding book. I found myself laughing throughout and even got a bit misty-eyed in a few places. Jeff is as stubborn as they come, but sweet Eddie (who can literally take anything… he’s not a self-described painslut for nothing) always manages to put him in his place. There is an epic coming out scene that would make anyone proud. If you like more than a little kink with a bit of love thrown in on the side, you can’t go wrong with this book. The sex scenes are beyond sexy as hell but the sweet moments will have you saying “Aww…” more than a few times. I highly, highly recommend this book. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

The cover is perfect. I’m not usually one for covers that show faces because I like using my own imagination with the characters. However, not only is the cover model perfect for Eddie, but it’s (even down to what he’s wearing) perfect for a specific scene in the book. I absolutely love it.

My thanks to my blog partner for her *ahem!* research for the photos used in this review.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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Oooh, I love your review Cindi. Doesn’t this sound like a hot little number with some great characters? I already love Eddie and I haven’t read it 🙂

I take my *cough cough* research very seriously, as you know.


Sounds hot. Sounds like me. I’ll have the 2nd guy down 😉