Blog Anniversary Events. We Turn 4!


On October 6, 2016, On Top Down Under Book Reviews officially celebrates our 4th anniversary. What started with two strangers coming together over the love of the same book grew into a close friendship and a very successful reviewing site. The past four years have been really good for us so we want to celebrate our anniversary with you.

Throughout the month of October, there will be giveaways, interviews, author posts, and even a couple of videos from some of our favorite authors. Without you, our readers and followers, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today, so thank you! We also wouldn’t be here without the authors who write the books we love. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for joining us in celebrating our 4th year!

Below is a tentative schedule of events. Check back often as more giveaways and author posts may be added.

We look forward to many more years in the future!

~ Kazza and Cindi


Scott D Pomfrey – Oct 3rd – Author Post : Half A Man

Jason Lloyd – October 5th – Author Post :  National Coming Out Month. Giveaway of Queer Dirty Laundry and Salty Aftertaste.

Cardeno C October 6th – Author post: OneNTen & Anthology. 7 authors have contributed stories to support OneNTen : ( Giveaway e-book of Wake Me Up Inside.

Lynn Kelling –  Oct 10th– Author Post : Would You Face Your Deepest Fear?  Giveaway of an “Officer Vargas” signed paperback of Double Heat.

Elizabeth Noble –  October 10th – Author Post : The Vampire Guard. Backlist e-book giveaway.

Kayla Jameth – October 11th – Author Post : Pets Draw Us Together + backlist giveaway.

Eric Arvin – October 13th Video. Giveaway of all of his books published via Wilde City Press – running until the end of October.

Sloan Parker October 13th Author post :  Creativity, Disappointment, and Rediscovering the Joy of Writing. Giveaway e-book from author’s backlist.

Keegan KennedyOctober 20th Author Post – The Harbinger and Excerpts

Mickie B. Ashling – October 24th What Inspires a Story, Author Post and Giveaway 

Candi Kay – October 24th – Author post : Willy’s World, Turning the North Pole on its Elf. Giveaway – Willy the Kinky Elf & His Badass Reindeer/Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck in  e-book or paperback + Goodie swag bag.

Soren Summers – October 27th – Author Post : Monster. Keep Running.  + Giveaway

A.J. Rose – October 27th – Author Post : Reaping Havoc at Halloween + Giveaway





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Jason Lloyd

So excited to be apart of this.


We’re thrilled to have you back with us. Thanks for the great post and giveaway!


Happy anniversary to On Top Down Under Book Reviews!

Thank you for your comprehensive reviews they always give me a strong idea of a book before I hit that button. 🙂 Definitely looking forward to your month long celebrations and the various posts.


Thanks, Matty!


You had me at Clipped Naughty Bits video reading lol. Happy 4th.


Happy birthday ladies! You’re the best and top posts too. 😎

Deb B

Happy 4th anniversary to you. Wishing this blog many more. xx


Congratulations on your 4th anniversary 🙂 And many more to come!

CONGRATS on your 4th anniversary guys, and what a great line up of authors you have for October! There is only a couple of them that I haven’t read any of their books yet, so I’ll get onto them. Three out of my last five novels are from this list before I even looked at it. I don’t like playing favourites either but so far, Monster by Soren Summers has been my favourite, if that’s his first book WOW, I can’t find any others published by him and Soren if you’re reading this PLEASE tell me there is a sequel… Read more »

🍾 🍸 🎂 🍰 🍺 🍷 🎉 📢 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 📢 🎉 ㉿ & 🄲 🌈⛓


I’m late to the party, sorry. Congrats to Cindy and Kazza on 4 years!!!!!