Being Karen (Taking Lance #2.5), Candi Kay

Being KarenRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Candi Kay

Genre: Het/Bi/Gay Erotica

Tags: Erotica, Partner Variations – see author’s tags in blurb below

Length: 35 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Karen learned as a teenager that her body could take her places. From getting grades changed by professors, to being given a condo and car, she has used her body to get ahead for years. Men, women, or even both at the same time, Karen was never picky as long as she got off or got something in return. While stripping at a local club, she meets her future husband. Love wasn’t supposed to be in the cards, nor was fidelity, but one glance at Aaron and she fell hard. After a few months of faithful wedded bliss, she starts getting antsy and is again craving rough encounters with strangers. She loves her husband deeply so the others would only be about sex. Does she risk losing Aaron, or does she bring him into her playtime with others? Maybe Aaron has playtime plans of his own.

Being Karen is Part 2.5 of the Taking Lance series.

Being Karen is a companion story in the Taking Lance series. Karen and Aaron were introduced in a sex scene with Rick Preston and Travis Jordan in Keeping Lance. Being Karen reintroduces Travis before the upcoming release of his story, Saving Travis, #3 in the Taking Lance series. It can be read as a standalone.

Tags: MF, FF, FFM, MM, MMF, Gay/Bisexual Erotica



I have read both of the preceding “Lance” series books, Taking Lance and Keeping Lance, and during our recent blog anniversary Candi Kay had an adult excerpt from Saving Travis on this blog. Karen was a secondary character in Keeping Lance that had a short but, uh, memorable gouging sex scene with Rick Preston in a four-way in a seedy motel room. It also included her husband, Aaron, and a rent boy we now know is Travis. So there is a connection between several books with this story. It also looks at why Karen doesn’t like Rick and why she is such a damn gouger, amongst other things.

Karen discovered that men can, well, think with their dicks, and if you like sex and are willing to work with the other ‘head,’ sometimes you can eke out a pretty good living for yourself. The first time Karen discovered her sexual power over men was as a teenager, she played around with boys, they couldn’t fuck her, but Mr Grantley had the ability to up her math grade when she needed it and she decided to take that root route with him on his desk at school.

“Close the door, Mr. Grantley,” I said, “and let’s see if we can work something out about that grade.”

He was a married man but Karen finds them to be the best kind – they want some young arse on the side, they don’t want their wife to find out, and they’ll pay for both of these things – kerching! Can you say boob job, car, condo, cash? Karen can.

Karen is a piece of work but I laughed out loud at some of her actions and thoughtBeing Karen Quote 1 processes. She’s worked in amateur porn, been a hooker and a stripper-cum-lap dancer, and all for pay. When she marries Aaron – who met her at a strip club after stalking her online, it’s all ‘don’t call me a hooker!’  Karen meets Aaron and it’s  mutual quickie-love. Come on, it is Karen and Aaron. Classic. They marry after a whirlwind romance and a lot of sex. 

Karen is satisfied by Aaron, but after seven months she’s getting a bit toey, she’s an exhibitionist at heart and likes to show off that body-ody-ody of hers. She also likes the chase-catch. Will Aaron want in on her games? Will he be happy to bring in others? Yes. Yes, he will. The local Being Karen Quote 2club, Cheaters, gives them the perfect opportunity to pick-up and play, and Aaron decides he’d like to play with a guy, the pretty blonde twinky rent boy. Karen’s head nearly explodes at his price, which made me laugh hard. They both play the first time, Karen gets under Travis and blows him while Aaron fucks him, but Travis makes it clear that’s it for him. He’s gay. No women in on the action, she can look on if she pays, but that’s it. Karen lets it be known this sucks, and not in a good way. So when a sexy forty-something man (Rick) turns up at Cheaters one night, and he’s bi, it’s game on, bitches, for Karen.  

Being Karen does give you some extra details on her behaviour on the night Rick was pummelled by her husband’s cock… and her nails, and the ménage they had in that motel room. It also lets you know just a little about Travis and I am looking forward to his story with Marc, Lance’s ex.

 “How much?” He looked at me with an odd look before answering. “I don’t do women,” was all he said in response before making a move to turn away. I had been turned down by gay men in the past, but for some reason this kid offended me. He gets paid for sex. Who does he think he is turning down cash for a good fuck?

Gees, don’t offend Karen by turning down things she holds sacrosanct – sex, money and her!


I found this short erotica story to be fun and flirty and a great reprieve from some darker reading lately. It is not meant to be literary fiction, it is meant to titillate, to be naughty and entertain, and it succeeds. Besides, I like a woman who likes sex and isn’t afraid to let it be known, even if she is a bad girl with it. Why should it just be men who like to bed hop? I am an equal opportunity perv, and Candi Kay goes for it – woman on man, man on man, woman on woman, man on man, three ways, four ways. 🙂 If you are looking for some bi, and beyond, erotica, then look at this short. It’s 0.99 cents on Amazon and a whole lot of naughty wrapped up in approximately 35 pages. It’s all good, dirty fun and games when you’re Being Karen. 4 Stars.






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I love your review, you equal opportunity perv you. 😉

Great pics/quotes.

Candi Kay

I am so glad you got my favorite bad girl. 😉 Your review is perfect and it means so much that you like Karen and her body-ody-ody. *grins*

Thanks so much for the great review. I hope you enjoy Travis and Marc’s story as well.


I’ve read Keeping Lance and that was sexy when Candi Kay writes another gay one I’ll be reading that one.