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On Top Down Under Book Reviews would like to welcome erotic author, Candi Kay. Kazza had the pleasure of reading Taking Lance (Taking Lance #1) and Keeping Lance (Taking Lance #2) this year. I am eagerly awaiting Saving Travis (Taking Lance #3) later this year. Today we have an adult excerpt of the author’s upcoming release of book #3 in the “Lance” series, Saving Travis.

It has been nice to have had several erotica authors on the blog for our anniversary. Candi Kay writes bi, gay and het erotica – we like our erotica every which way at On Top Down Under. Today, as part of the blog anniversary celebrations, Candi Kay is giving away an e-copy of Taking Lance (Taking Lance #1). I have to point out that while there is a homo-erotic relationship in the book it is bisexual and two genders have sex here. While Saving Travis is gay erotica, the giveaway is bi erotica – review here. If you don’t like women in the middle of your men on occasion, or you don’t like man on man sex either, please don’t enter the giveaway.




Saving Travis (Taking Lance #3)


by Candi Kay


Blurb –

Travis Jordan has been running for five years. Now twenty-three, he supports himself the only way he knows how. He gave up dreams of love when he was eighteen and accepted the fact that he’d never be anything more than a paid whore. When Travis meets Marc Parker, he starts to feel things he knows he has no business feeling. Marc feels an instant connection with Travis, but he must make amends for past wrongs before he can attempt any type of relationship. Marc almost destroyed Rick Preston and Lance Scott and he can’t move forward until he makes things right. When old enemies start causing trouble, can Travis and Marc band together, put their pasts behind them, and take a chance on love?

Travis and Marc were introduced in Keeping Lance, with Marc playing a major part. Everything comes full circle in Saving Travis, that can be read as a standalone.

Saving Travis is Part Three of the Taking Lance series.


 **Please note that this is an unedited excerpt for the upcoming release, Saving Travis.**


Adult Excerpt –

The man on the bed grunts loudly as I shove my dick in and out of his tight hole. Face down on the cheap cotton of the motel bedspread, his face is pressed so hard into a pillow I don’t know how he’s breathing, much less being vocal. His arms are over his head, gripping the cheap bars of the ancient headboard as he shoves his firm ass back to take each thrust of my cock. Blond and young, he’s not my first fuck of the weekend. It’s only Saturday night and I’ve been inside the ass of four men since I walked out of my apartment late Friday night.

There are two other guys in the room with us, each waiting their turn with the pretty blond. The blond, who I am currently fucking, is one of the best rent boys in town from what I’ve heard. I’ve never in my life had to pay for a fuck and I won’t be paying for this one. I was out partying and ran into a couple of guys I knew from the clubs who had already hired him for a few hours. He looks like a teenager, though Jake and Rob swear he’s legal. At the moment, I don’t give a fuck, as long as I get my nut.

GIF - Taking Lance 2I grip his hips and pull him even tighter against me as I make quick thrusts into his ass. He doesn’t reach for his cock, as most tricks do when I’m fucking them. He just lets me do my thing. His sounds make it appear that he’s enjoying himself, but he’s a whore so he could be faking it for all I know. And frankly, I don’t give a shit as long as I get what I came to this room for.

A dozen more jabs of my dick and I’m pulling him hard against me as I grind into his ass for a final time, emptying my load inside the latex with a soft groan. Gently, I ease out and tie off the condom, crawl off the bed, then yank my jeans up. The man on the bed keeps his position, knowing what’s coming next. Rob, already rubbered up and lubed, immediately gets on his knees behind him and shoves his own prick in the more than prepared hole of the rent boy.

Once the condom is disposed of and I’m dressed, I lean against a wall to watch. Too horny to pay attention to the trick when I met him and the other two in the cheap motel earlier, I didn’t get a good look until now. At the time, all I cared about was raw, hard sex. He was already prepped, ready and in position when I tapped on the door, having shown up a few minutes before me. Rob and Jake, barely even acquaintances of mine, allowed me to have him first. Now that I’m no longer eager to fuck, I can take in the beauty of his young body and his features. His hair is spiked and he has a black stud in each ear. While Rob takes him from behind, the rent boy turns his face toward me and I’m able to catch a glimpse of a silver ring going through his bottom lip. Facial piercing has never done anything for me, but on this kid it looks hot as fuck. I find myself no longer paying attention to the sex and watching the facial expressions of the naked boy instead.

Sexy guy blonde 4God, he’s beautiful, I think to myself. No way in hell is that kid over eighteen, but he’s so beautiful he’s almost pretty. Small in stature, I easily tower over him at 6’3”, but he was the perfect fit for me moments earlier. When his eyes come up to meet mine, I swear I glimpse sadness before he quickly masks it.

What does he have to be sad about? He’s raking in over six hundred bucks just for a couple of hours with three guys. All he has to do is lay there and take a cock (or three) and he can go on about his business for the night six hundred dollars richer. Who knows how much he made before Rob and Jake showed up? For a moment, I allow myself to feel a little bad for him, but look at him. He’s gorgeous and can have any man he wants. He probably has a sugar daddy in a fancy house someplace close by waiting on his little boy-toy to come home after having a bit of fun. $600 for a few hours? He’s probably sitting pretty, and for what? Sex? What’s a little sex? Or maybe he’s some high school kid getting his kicks.

I don’t realize I’m staring at his face until he screams out. “Ow!” his features change from a blank look to one of pain. In the time I’ve been standing against the wall, Rob has pulled out and Jake has taken his place, only he’s being rougher than Rob and me. Jake’s fingernails are gouging into the boy’s flesh, breaking the skin on his ass as he jerks him roughly back to meet each of his thrusts.

Why would anyone mar that perfect ass?

“Jake,” I say from a few feet away. When I’m ignored, I walk to the bed and grab Jake’s arm, applying hard pressure with my fingers.

“Slow down,” I growl. “You’re hurting the kid.”

Still ignoring me, he grunts, his fingernails pressing even deeper into the boy’s flawless white skin, making the man on the bed curse even louder.

I apply harder pressure to Jake’s arm as Rob moves closer from somewhere behind. Jake tries to jerk away, but we hold firm.

“You’re breaking skin,” I say softly. “Ease up.”

Fuck you,” he grunts, never stopping the thrusting of his cock. I grab his fingers on Naked cock jeansmy side and physically remove them, keeping his hand tightly gripped in mine. Rob moves to the other side to do the same, with Jake yelling and trying to jerk away. We hold his hands and he roughly pulls out of the rent boy’s ass, the boy crying out from sudden the pain of it. I leave a struggling Jake to Rob as the rent boy jumps up and starts jerking up his jeans. His cock is still hard, but he doesn’t seem to care. There’s blood pooled in spots on his ass and it takes all my power not to turn around and punch the shit out of the bastard being restrained behind me.

I touch his arm, but he jerks away from me.

“Kid, wait-” I begin.

He turns on me before I can finish my sentence.

“Breaking skin was not part of the deal,” he cuts me off.

He quickly puts his shirt on and grabs his shoes from the floor by the door.

“Wait a sec,” I say again.

“One,” he says with a glare aimed at me, “I’m not a damn kid. Two, you got what you wanted and I got paid in advance.” He looks at Rob still holding a struggling Jake, Jake’s hard dick still ensconced in a condom. “Fuck you, asshole. The next time you want to rent a fuck, find someone else.”

He storms out of the cheap motel room and slams the door behind him. I rush after him, but he’s out of sight before I make it two steps out the door. Instead of going back in the room, I start walking. I continue until I find the next club to get lost in. I make my way through the crowd to the bar and in thirty minutes I’ve downed more shots of Jack than I care to remember.

Still furious over what Jake did to the rent boy, I brush off several advances. In hindsight, I know I shouldn’t have fucked the kid, and yes, regardless of what he said, he’s a damn kid. I, of all people, should have known better. But the minute I walked in that room and saw his perfect body there for the taking, I had to have him. While I’m concerned about the fact that I probably just had my dick inside an underage kid, that’s not the part that bugs me the most. It should considering my own background, but what has me downing shots of whiskey faster than the bartender can pour them is knowing that it wasn’t just the sex with the kid. It was him looking into my eyes while Rob took him and seeing nothing – literally nothing. I caught a glimpse of sadness in his blue eyes, but it was masked so quickly it was almost as if it had never been there. That blank look reached inside me and pulled at something. I don’t know what that something is, but it disturbs me.


Candi Kay - Photo - ResizedBio –

Author of the bi-erotica Taking Lance and Keeping Lance, and the upcoming Being Karen and Saving Travis, Candi Kay spends her days being a good girl and her nights lost in her kinky imagination. After writing for years and doing nothing with it, she finally took the plunge and put her words out there. She hopes you’ll take the plunge with her.


You can find Candi on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, her blog, or email her at She loves hearing from readers!




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Cocky Reviews

I’m not here for the giveaway. I may be a straight-up man loving dick pig but this book looks hot. When’s it out, Candi and who is that blond?


It’s not often that Kazza is at a loss for words over a naughty comment. I’m impressed. 🙂

Straight-up man loving dick pig? Oh how I love when you comment on our posts.

Candi Kay

I’m not sure who the blond is, but I’d totally love to get to know him… up close and personal. 😉

As far as the release date for Saving Travis, the best I can say at this point would be before the end of the year. It’s in the editing stages now. Thanks for your comment!

Candi Kay

A huge thank you for spotlighting my naughty guys. 😉 I love the GIF and the pic, but I’m seriously loving your Travis. God, he’s gorgeous. I’m tempted to drive my editor crazy and rewrite him with tats now.

Again, thank you!


I like bi-erotica. Love the pics and gif. I have to agree over the blonde. Whoever he is, I’d like to know him too.

Thanks for the giveaway and excerpt.

Candi Kay

Thanks for checking out the excerpt, Jessica. I now have the blond on my desktop. 😉


Oh my!! That guy is beautiful. I agree with Travis. 🙂 I read mmf mm mf so I’d love to enter.

Candi Kay

Thanks for commenting, Jana. Yes, Saving Travis is strictly gay erotic romance, but the others have a bit of everything. 😉

Lisa H
Lisa H

I haven’t started this series yet, but I definitely plan on changing that after reading the reviews and this excerpt. Thanks again for the lovely GIF and pics. It is always a treat when I check out this site. Not only do Kazza and Cindi write wonderful reviews, they always give us plenty of eye candy to go along with them. This makes On Top Down Under truly unique. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway too. 🙂

Candi Kay

Lisa, I really hope you enjoy reading about my guys (and girls *grin*). It’s been a fun series to write.

I am a huge fan of Kazza’s eye candy as well. I can get on here and find all kinds of inspiration for my stories. Oh, how I love research. 😉


To second what Kazza said, thank you so much for your continued support, Lisa. We will forever be grateful for it. I love how we all have so much in common as far as the types of books we read.

It’s fun being on a site where we can have a bit of fun with the visuals. Kazza is the queen of visuals. 🙂


Oh sexy so much!