His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos, Julie Lynn Hayes

His Prince Wore Pink StilettosRating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

Genre: Gay Romance 

Tags: First Love, Cross-Dressing, 70’s to Current,  Fairytale-esque

Length: 28 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Wayward Ink, amazon.com


Wanted: one prince, ball optional…


It’s present day, and Michael’s daughter discovers a pair of pink stilettos in the attic in his old (but now retro) belongings. Michael is the narrator of this story. His daughter’s discovery sets Michael’s mind back to the 70’s, to school,A Man Called Horse Cropped to his self-discovery that girls weren’t for him. How Richard Harris in A Man Called Horse got his pulse – and other parts – up and racing. About how the new guy transferred to his school made him feel so spectacularly besotted. How Rob Marshall continued to make Michael feel enamoured until the end of school – without ever talking to him. How a chance encounter on prom night at the supermarket Michael worked at was romantic for two people who didn’t quite fit the ‘norms’ at the time; but fit one another perfectly.  

His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos Quote 2The writing makes you feel first love, becoming aware of who you desire and feeling good with that realisation. Loving the skin you’re in. And there’s a nod to times when things were more innocent but… different in attitude.  There’s more, the title says a lot, but to review it fully doesn’t do the story any favours. 


As I read, as Michael looked back,  I could not help but think, ‘what a beautiful little story’. Totally and utterly charming. If gay romance where there are no alpha males in sight is something you enjoy. If you like someone looking back in a fond and meaningful  way, and if you appreciate quite a bit said in so few words, then His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos is a lovely short story that I highly recommend. 4.5 Stars!

Review copy supplied by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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This looks like such a sweet story and one that would make me say “Aww…” more than once. I can tell I’d love this.

Great review. Love the pics and quotes.