Queer Dirty Laundry, Jason Lloyd

Queer Dirty LaundryRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Ginge Publishing

Genre: Gay Humor

Tags: Contemporary, Humor, Non-Fiction

 Length: 150 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Jason Lloyd and his friend Kevin stopped by during October to help us celebrate our 2nd blog-versary! Check out the NSFW interview here


What would you do if everything changed in the blink of an eye? Life teaches us that everything happens for a reason. Every good or bad experience, every event, shapes us into the adults we become. We are our pasts and they shape our future.

In this nonfiction coming of age mini memoir, Kevin and Jason embark on an adventure to Philadelphia to visit friends and to get into their normal hijinks. Along their journey, they confide in each other the only way best friends can; through laughter, love and pain. They share stories of coming out, first time sexual experiences and dramatic events that changed their lives forever. This hilarious and heartfelt journey through the past can only strengthen their friendship in the present.

Your best friend knows all your little secrets. They know all your dirty laundry. Can you air it all out? How dirty is your laundry?


I have this book listed as gay humor. While that is accurate for a lot of Queer Dirty Laundry, there are also quite a few serious moments and I feel they should be noted. I’ll elaborate more farther into the review.

“As rare as true love actually is, true friendship is still harder to find.” – Jason Lloyd, Salty Aftertaste

Recently, I discovered Jason Lloyd and his hilarious group of friends when I read Salty Aftertaste as part of a blog tour for the author’s one year anniversary of that book. Normally (though I do read them on occasion) I don’t review books that are considered true tales for this blog. I seriously got sucked into the world of Jason and his friends. If you can read that and not giggle a few times, I’d be curious to know how. Then there is Queer Dirty Laundry. I felt like I already knew the characters going in and was being given an opportunity to get to know them more.  While you don’t have to read Salty Aftertaste if you want to read this one, I do highly recommend it, if for no other reason than you’ve already been introduced to Jason and Kevin and are aware of their quirky personalities.

With that being said –

Jason and Kevin are on their way to visit a friend. This involves a car ride, a little while in a train station, and then the train ride itself. During that time together, the two men share things that have led up to where they are at that point in their lives. I thought after reading the previous book that it would be all fun and games. I have to stress that’s not the case at all. There’s bullying that will have you wanting to go back in time to deal with the kids who dared do the horrible things they did. As a mother, I was furious and my heart ached knowing that someone suffered as this child did. I say often in my reviews that my mom instincts kick in sometimes and this was so the case with part of this story.  There’s an attempted sexual assault that will make you cringe while reading it. There are coming to terms with ones sexuality when the people aren’t even sure themselves of what exactly is going on in their lives. Then there are the funny moments. Kevin is hilarious. He’s one of those friends who will embarrass you at the exact moment you are laughing so hard you are hurting. I think everyone should have a Kevin in their life. I do with Kazza K, though thankfully she mostly makes me giggle or sends me naughty pics. 😉 First sexual experiences for both Jason and Kevin are discussed, as are what led to each. I tried so hard not to crack up over Kevin’s. It wasn’t the sexual experience itself that had me laughing. It was the commentary about the sexual experience. It isn’t exactly politically correct, but I didn’t care. It was funny as hell.
“.. True friendship lasts longer than love. Don’t let your boyfriend ever tell you who you can be friends with, because in the end, sometimes all you have are the friends you choose.” – Tina


This, like Salty Aftertaste, is a story about true friendship. It’s also a story about people you meet along the way who impact your life in some way or another – some good, some not – but you learn from each experience. There are several laugh out loud moments. There are moments (as I mention above) that will have you angry and some might make you a little teary. But in the end, you’ll be glad you read this.

Overall, this is a very entertaining read. I’ve read other reviews that mention editing issues and I did see a few. However, they didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story because I had already gotten invested in Jason and Kevin and their crazy world before I ever opened the book. 


This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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Kazza K

Sounds like another really good read from Mr Salty Aftertaste 🙂
I hate bullying and I hate to know people go through it. So many gay guys go through it. My mum instincts kick in too.

Yes, your blog partner does send you pictures, but they are all educational. I’ll keep saying that long enough and someone may believe it 🙂

Really fun and thorough review, Cindi .

Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd

Mr. Salty Aftertaste, huh? Lol that doesn’t have a bad ring to it. Thankx for the great review 🙂


Mr Salty Aftertaste is a damn fine name. Sounds like my kind of people 😉