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Jason and Kevin PhotosIt’s not often one is able to interview actual characters from books. Oh sure, who doesn’t want to jump into a good story and ask the characters a question or two? Yes, we’re talking about fiction – normally – but any true reader will totally understand what I’m saying here. I had the pleasure of interviewing two such real-life characters, Jason Lloyd and his best friend, Kevin. I met both of these men in Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry, both written by Jason, but they tell more than a little bit about both men. If you haven’t read either, I highly recommend both. I promise that by the time you are done reading you will feel as if you have an entire new group of crazy friends. You go into their lives and see their struggles, more than a bit of humor, and quite a bit of naughtiness. You will seriously fall in love with these guys before you are done reading. And, Jason? Jason honey, you are welcome to send us photos of your, ahem!, friends anytime you want. *grin*

To help On Top Down Under celebrate our 2nd year, Jason is offering an e-copy of both Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry to one lucky person who comments on this post. The giveaway runs from the 16th of October until midnight on the 18th, so be sure to leave a comment. Whoever wins these books is in for a real treat.

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Check out my reviews of Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry by clicking the links.





Cindi: Welcome Jason and Kevin, and thank you for being part of On Top Down Under’s 2nd anniversary celebration.

Jason: I think I speak for us both when I say it is a pleasure to be here! Thank you so much for having us.

Kevin: Hey girl, hey!


Cindi: This question is for both of you. Describe the other one with one word. You can explain your answer however long you want, but I want the first word that pops in your head when you think of your friend.

Jason: Hilarious! Kevin is hilarious it is the one trait that stands out the most above the others. Even when I’m beyond pissed off at him I can’t stay mad at him, which pisses me off even more. He has the ability to make me laugh every day, even if it’s only through text messages. He is pretty loyal as well.

Kevin: Evil… but that’s only because he describes himself as an evil ginger with no soul. But the second word that would come to mind would be creative. He is obviously creative in his writing, BUT you have to hang out with him to really understand it. The shit he comes up with in a heartbeat is hilarious! He’s vulgar, crude, insensitive and politically incorrect 99.9% of the time. What’s not to like about him? *Laughs*

Jason: I can’t believe “evil” was the first thing that came to your mind! *Gives Kevin the resting bitch face*

Kevin: *Laughs* See what I mean Cindi?


Queer Dirty LaundryCindi: You two have obviously been the best of friends for awhile. I’ve read both Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry and giggled over your antics and over your other friends. I read in Queer Dirty Laundry that you guys didn’t exactly get off on the right foot initially. Tell us about that and what changed to make you such close friends. I’m curious to know how both of you will respond to that.

Jason: I know, I know in the beginning I was a bitch and he is totally gonna say I was a bitch too! I had just transferred to the store Kevin was working at and I was told by my previous boss that I had to go in there and show who was boss. I couldn’t stand him in the beginning, but he ended up charming me over. I’m not exactly sure, when it happened, but I’m sure it involved him doing something comical. He usually has a habit of accidentally licking things. His tongue is rather large.

Kevin: He was just a bitch… and I hated working with him… and he was a bitch! *Looks over at Jason* I called him “Jessica” for the longest time and then the other associates started calling him Jessica. Even in front of him, and he had no idea who this girl, Jessica was. Yes, I may sound awful, but it was awesome. Then he finally started to loosen up at work, and we got along after that. Finally, when I turned 21 we had a chance to hang out and drink outside of work. That’s when he realized how awesome I was, duh! *Laughs*

Jason: I was just doing my job! And I think you have it backwards, you discovered how awesome I was!

Kevin: *Rolls his eyes and smiles at Jason*


Cindi: Jason, both Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry are based on real events, as I stated in the opening. What made you share your experiences with readers?

Jason: Salty Aftertaste was my first book, and I knew I wanted to come out with something that was funny and light. People that followed my blog always said, “You need to write a book.” What better way to start then to pick a popular blog post and expand on it. With blogging, you are somewhat limited. You can’t make the posts too long or really go into detail. I was able to add all that stuff when I wrote Salty Aftertaste. It was my chance to introduce myself to an audience and hope they thought the story was funny and entertaining like I did when I lived through it.

Hardhat DancingSalty Aftertaste Blurb

In this nonfiction tale, Jason and his hilarious and crude motley cast of friends leave their mundane suburban jungles and flock to the mecca that is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for vacation. They are in search of a little rest and relaxation; aka beach, bars and boys, lots of hot boys.

Jason is just looking for a little attention. He just wants to feel wanted and a little summer passion would not hurt either. Jason is the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic of the group. Will he find his summer love or is romance really scarce? 

Kevin is the complete opposite of Jason. He feels that romance is only alive in stories. Kevin’s love for a teenage drama goes too far and his obsession turns into more than he expected. Did Kevin finally stumble upon some romance or does his fascination finally get the better of him?

Bobby is looking for a connection. Any kind of connection. He meets a new guy every night and shares his bed every night with a different guy. What is really going on behind Bobby’s bedroom door? Will he ever be able to fill this insatiable void for closeness?

Benjamin sneaks out every night. He disappears into the night and reemerges the next morning as if nothing had happened. He is quiet about his extracurricular activities. Where does Benjamin go? What is he doing?

In this beach oasis, where there is an endless sea of sexy men with perfect bodies, will Jason and his friends actually find love or just one night stands? One thing is for certain, it is an epic vacation that none of them will forget.

Book and DickI wrote my second book Queer Dirty Laundry for myself. I needed to get stuff off my chest that I never shared with anyone, and I wanted to connect with people more. I figured if I aired out my dirty laundry, shared my experiences, then someone would relate. I have received some messages from gay men that had read Queer Dirty Laundry, and they said they could totally identify with the characters. The book is my way of saying “You aren’t alone.”

Queer Dirty Laundry Blurb –

What would you do if everything changed in the blink of an eye? Life teaches us that everything happens for a reason. Every good or bad experience, every event, shapes us into the adults we become. We are our pasts and they shape our future.

In this nonfiction coming of age mini memoir, Kevin and Jason embark on an adventure to Philadelphia to visit friends and to get into their normal hijinks. Along their journey, they confide in each other the only way best friends can; through laughter, love and pain. They share stories of coming out, first time sexual experiences and dramatic events that changed their lives forever. This hilarious and heartfelt journey through the past can only strengthen their friendship in the present.

Your best friend knows all your little secrets. They know all your dirty laundry. Can you air it all out? How dirty is your laundry?

Both books are ultimately funny even when they deal with serious topics. I believe laughter is the best medicine. Both books are centered on relationships and friendships and have the message that the people you surround yourself with are the ones that make up your world.

Kevin: He really just wanted to write about me!

Jason: Yes, that is exactly correct! The world revolves around Kevin Matthews.

Kevin: Duh! *Smiles*


Jason's Blog 1Cindi: Jason, then there is your online presence. In doing  research for this interview, I ended up spending a considerable amount of time on your Tumblr page. Nobody said we at On Top Down Under aren’t thorough when it comes to research. 😉 Anyway, you have your website, your blog and Queer Dirty Laundry: 2nd Rinse. The latter is a bit on the racy side (did I mention the considerable amount of time spent researching?) It should also be noted that a lot of the naughty pics and GIFs in this post came from your Tumblr page. 😉

From your bio – In 2011, was nominated for The Best of Gay Philadelphia, under Best Gay Website/Blog. His blog was also in the top ten numerous times on Best Male Blogs.

Kazza K and I also stalk follow you on Twitter and you are on Facebook and Goodreads (you’ve gained a new fan on there recently, by the way). Tell us a bit about your online presence and how that led to Salty Aftertaste and Queer Dirty Laundry.

Jason: So, you’re stalking me? The last time I was stalked, I received gay porn in the mail with love notes. I’ll be waiting patiently. Who doesn’t love free gay porn?

I always forget about my online presence. I don’t realize things until someone sends me a message or an email and then it hits me… people are paying attention. I started my blog Queer Dirty Laundry back in 2010. It was something for me to do when I was bored. The blog started out kind of like a weekly journal. I wrote about what was going on with me, my friends’ lives, and the struggles we had in relationships. In between the journaling, posts came variety posts on celebrities, gay topics and just anything I thought I was interesting. Just like a boner, the blog took a little bit of love and then it grew. Then came the brother blog Queer Dirty Laundry: 2nd Rinse. Which I will be honest is just a place to post anything I think is hot.Jason's Blog 2

I believe an online presence is extremely important. It’s the best way to put yourself out there. I also LOVE talking to fans! I have met some great people because of all of this. Usually fans act as if they already know me because of how both books are written. My advice to aspiring authors is always to start a blog. You never know where it will go. There is no way I could have written either book without my blog.

Cindi: You’re thinking Kazza K with the gay porn. I’m the good one. 😉 Anyway, receiving porn in brown paper wrappers in the mail is so yesterday. There’s so much available online these days. Not that I would know or anything. *grin*


Salty AftertasteCindi: When I read Salty Aftertaste, a story based on a week-long vacation with friends to the beach, I remember thinking a couple of times “These guys are nuts!” But then I remembered all the times I’ve told people that if they could be privy to Kazza and my private conversations we’d both be committed. You have a great group of friends, and it sounds like you all have a blast when you are all together. How often do you guys get together? Both (or either) of you can answer this one.

Jason: Unfortunately, we can’t all get together as often as we would like to. The real world always gets in the way. Sometimes even a month will go by before I see Kevin, but we talk every day. I think what is important is to have friends that even when you can’t see each other all the time when you finally get to hang out it is like no time has gone by at all.

Kevin: Yeah our schedules are busy, especially on the weekends. Though, when we do get together, it’s epic, and there’s always stories tall. Another trip to Philly is coming up so that should be a fun time! I’m sure you will will hear more ridiculous quotes from me, which will include eating ass, banging guys that look like they are 17, soliciting sex, or all of the above.

Jason: I’m gonna bring the leash!


Jason 4Cindi
: For both of you – describe what your friendship means. I know that you two are extremely close like Kazza and myself (the best of friends in the real world). I believe that there’s nothing more important than someone who truly gets you – who knows all your faults and quirks and still loves you anyway.

Jason: Kevin is more than a friend, and I would say he is like family to me. He is my non-sexual life partner. *Laughs* It’s great to have someone like that. Life is about the moments you share with the ones you love. I have some many “moments” with Kevin I couldn’t even write them all down. I also think we balance each other well. What one doesn’t think of the other one does.

Kevin: His friendship means the world to me. I have a pretty large group of friends and everyone is unique in different ways, which is why we get along. Everyone brings a little something different to the table. I’m lucky to have a friend like Jason because he’s not like anybody else I know. We have a lot of the same interests, but we are also very different people. He would call himself an angel (well an evil ginger one) and I have a pretty well rounded resume. If you know what I mean? *Wink* Jason is a very creative writer, but sometimes he needs something to work with, that’s where I come in.

Jason: So you’re saying I only keep you around for the comic relief and writing material?

Kevin: Exactly!

Jason: Seems about right. *Laughs*


Rehoboth BeachCindi: In Salty Aftertaste, you and your friends went to a lot of gay bars in Rehoboth, Delaware. Some of the characters were beyond hilarious and more than a little naughty. I was going to add a few quotes here from the book, but I decided to let you (either or both of you) tell us a little about that.

Jason: We always meet interesting people. Some stay around for a while and others well, we never hear from them again, but at least they were entertaining to some degree. Every time Kevin and I are together, we usually end up talking to strangers and only sometimes do we take their candy.

Kevin: I take candy from strangers all the time.

Jason: And this is the reason you would die in a horror movie.

Kevin: I would be the last of the supporting cast to die. It would be an epic chase scene like Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Jason: I guess that makes me Jennifer Love Hugetits.

Kevin: Yep!


Save a LollipopCindi: Kevin, you seem like a really fun-loving guy. How often do the serious moments come out?

Kevin: I let my serious side come out, especially when I’m pissed! But life is too short to be serious all the time. Even when I am being serious, I usually add a little humor to it as well. I’m a big goof ball. If someone can’t make a joke about something light, then they need to reevaluate what is important in life.


Cindi: In Queer Dirty Laundry, both of you share stories of your lives from your first sexual experiences to other experiences. As a person who values her privacy above most things (yes, my real name is Cindi), how did it feel airing your dirty laundry for the masses, so to speak? You both can answer this one as well.

Jason: Queer Dirty Laundry was very liberating for me. There was a lot I had not discussed with anyone. After I had written the book, it was as if this weight was lifted. I like to share stories, especially if they are funny ones and especially if they are at someone else’s expense. *Smiles at Kevin*

Kevin: Ha-Ha, yeah, I am an open book. People can seriously ask me anything, and I will tell you. Even the embarrassing things that have happened to me. The other day I accidentally sent a picture of my boner to a girl I work with. And my response was “oops” And this one time my penis popped out of my Halloween costume. I accidentally sharted myself and had to get rid of my underwear (the evidence). I was chatting with some people and my dick popped out exposing myself. The Halloween party was also in a freezing cold mill, so I had nothing to be proud of, if you catch my drift. *Laughs*

Jason: *Laughs* I remember that night, but it took you two years to tell me you sharted yourself! Cindi, the best part was his junk popped out in front of this guy he had a crush on. Kevin was so upset, and I kept telling him it was okay. It looked fine.

Kevin: Jason it was COLD in there! Ugh!


Cindi: To add to my previous question, what made you want to share so much of your lives for others to read about? And, how do family members feel about it? Have they read either book?

Jason: Queer Dirty Laundry is kind of like my gay journey. I may not have done a lot in my life during that time, but I went through a lot, and it shaped me to who I am now. The book is my way of saying, “shitty things can happen, but you can still turn out okay.” My family has not read it. My mom bought a copy, but she said she has to work herself up to reading it. I warned her that the beginning few chapters might be hard for her. There are things she doesn’t know. She said she would read it someday, though.

Kevin: I won’t let my mom read it for obvious reasons. *Laughs*


Cindi: Jason, what else do you want to share? It can be personal, professional, or just something totally random.

Jason LollipopJason: I was randomly thinking about this the other day and thought it would be funny to put into a book someday. My ex-boyfriend and I were on vacation, and we were staying in this crappy hotel room. He always had the TV on; it was his thing. Well, during a certain act… okay, okay, we were 69ing, a commercial came on the TV. I’m not sure what commercial it was. I was, um, occupied but whatever it was had the Lollipop song. The one that goes “Lollipop, lollipop. Oh, lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop, lollipop…” My ex made the “pop sound” with my cock in his mouth while the commercial played in the background. I laughed so hard I almost choked on his dick. Haha! I know if he is reading this, he will be mortified I mentioned it. I can’t even eat lollipops anymore without laughing.

Cindi: You know I had to add the song after that, right? So, since it has been stuck in my head (along with the visual) since I read your lollipop story, I couldn’t resist. I’ve had entirely too much fun with this, in case it hasn’t been made obvious to this point. 😉

Cindi: Kevin, the floor is now yours. Same question I asked Jason.

Kevin: I try to not let myself worry about what the future is going to bring. While I keep saying, I need to get my shit together and work on my career, that’s not the most important thing in life. To me Friends, Family, and Love are what life is all about. I have an amazing group of friends who I could not live without. A family who supports me and my awesome Homo-ness. And as much as I love my family and friends there is still one thing missing. A guy I can give my heart (and penis) to. ALSO, I have hidden talent it took me years to discover. I’m REAL good at rim jobs! And I love to give them! So if you know anyone who loves to receive them, let me know. Disclaimer- Clean buttholes preferred!Rimming

Jason: Well, that started really sweet and then you ruined it! *Laughs* Must everything revolve around your penis?

Kevin: Yes, yes it must!

Jason: Cindi, do you see what I have to put up with?


Cindi: What is next for Jason Lloyd?

Jason: Fiction! I will be taking a crack at fiction. I’m going to take a break from writing about myself and people I know and explore another world. I started on this novelette/novella called Filthy Fibbers. I plan to make it a miniseries of 3-5 books. It’s a thriller about five friends, and one of the friends goes missing and is presumably dead. All the character involved have secrets, which could have accounted for what happened to their friend. It’s a tale about lies, revenge and sacrifices you would make for the one you love.

The story, of course, will have some funny/campy moments. I can’t release a book without a little humor in it, but the focus is going to be the drama between the main characters and the psychopath who is disrupting their lives. I hope to have the first book out by spring.

Kevin: Don’t lie; you just really want to kill people fictionally!

Jason: *Laughs* Yes, I do actually. Although the characters are different from my previous books and FICTIONAL, they will be loosely based on people I know. I swear Google is going to be keeping an eye on me with all the crazy shit I have been looking up recently.

Kevin: Do I die!?

Jason: Doesn’t the whore always die in the scary movies? *Kevin gives Jason an evil look* I’m kidding. You’ll have to read it to find out, and I’m interested in which character you think is based on your personality.

Kevin: Obviously the sexy one, Duh! *Jason rolls his eyes*


Male Strippers (Swayze)Cindi: Another huge thank you to Jason and Kevin for patiently answering my questions and for being part of our 2nd blog-versary celebration.  You guys are a blast and this has been so much fun.

Jason: Happy anniversary Cindi and Kazza! Thank you so much for having us! This was fun. Make sure you get your party on! I think we need strippers!

Kevin: Ooo strippers!



Jason Lloyd - Author PhotoBio

Jason Lloyd is the author of hilarious m/m romance featuring an array of interesting characters. Salty Aftertaste (Ginge Publishing, 2013) was his first creative non-fiction novel. It reached Smashwords Top Best Seller list in Gay & Lesbian Fiction and was the #5 best seller in the New Adult genre on All Romance eBooks (ARe).

His second book, Queer Dirty Laundry (Ginge Publishing, 2014), is a creative non-fiction novella and is based on his popular blog by the same name. In 2011, was nominated for The Best of Gay Philadelphia under Best Gay Website/Blog. Jason’s blog was also in the top ten numerous times on Best Male Blogs.

Jason is currently working on an m/m romance and mystery/suspense fictional novelette series called Filthy Fibbers. Filthy Fibbers is centered on five friends and the scandalous secrets they keep. The book takes place in a small Pennsylvania town called New Hope.

Jason grew up in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. A majority of his writing takes place in Eastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia. He currently resides in a small town in Berks County, Pennsylvania.


Social Contacts

Email | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads and Ask the Author | Website





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Great interview, guys. Sharting and lollipops…love it! 🙂

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You’re right, Devon. Nothing but kwality and klassy interviews here at On Top Down under 🙂

Kazza K

I tried “resting bitch face,” which my son is brilliant at by the way. He told me I give “you taste like a fugly lemon face.” But the supreme resting bitch face, apparently, is done with one eyebrow ever so slightly raised – I learn so much. This was a wonderful interview. I love feral and real, I also loved the pics, but I refuse to listen to the Lollipop Song for fear it will be stuck in my brain. Nope, not doing it to myself. Thanks for taking part Jason and Kevin, and for taking the piss out of… Read more »

Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd

This was fun guys. You two are cracking me up. You sound exactly like Kevin and me. Congrats on the anniversary!


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I’m not here for the giveaway. I wanted to comment after the fucking epic interview. Jason and Kevin’s humor rulz and the questions kept it going. I already said to both of them earlier it’s nice to see an interview that has zip stuff off limits. And Kevin, our junk has all popped out when it’s cold. I don’t have to worry so much. I may or may not be full of shit 😉 Great oral act Jason but the Lollipop song lost you a buttload of cred. Sorry dude. Congrats on 2 years On Top Down Under. The best… Read more »

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Oh JKR, you have a way with words. But, I’m sorry, you can’t beat being on top or down under 😛

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niki driscoll

this was a great interview and I loved the pictures on this page . most made me laugh.