Thirty Days, Keegan Kennedy

Thirty DaysRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Kennedy-Empire Media

Genre: Gay Erotica

Tags: Nerd and Alpha Males, Daddy Kink

Length: 31 pages

Reviewer: Jay

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What happens with a bookish young twink is placed in a bullpen with three alpha-male football jocks? A feeding frenzy… Shaun finds himself trapped in the middle of a new family, and, at first, he’s not thrilled. But things take an unexpected turn and the slim red-haired boy with the nerdish leanings finds out that he’s more welcome in his new home than he’d ever imagined. The short story is approximately 7800 words. This work features male on male bonding, sports gear and competition.


Coach Walsh is a coach at the local high school and has always looked out for the bookworm Shawn, even if that pissed Shawn off sometimes. He would stop bullies giving the nerdy Shawn a tough time. Shawn is good at keeping his academic record at school and he’s not into sports. Coach Walsh is always at him to be into sport and this makes Shawn call him a meathead. When the meathead is suddenly gonna marry Shawn’s mum he doesn’t know how he’ll deal. Coach Walsh has two sons who are both jocks. One is at the local high and dates the head cheerleader and one is at college. The marriage idea doesn’t last long because Shawn’s mother leaves and she leaves him with the three alpha jocks.

I went from doing my own thing to being trapped in a small space with three alpha male jocks. Although the scenery was very appealing to a gay virgin teen, living in Coach Walsh’s house was like a 24/7 testosterone overload. 

The Coach is a big dude. His sons are big dudes too and they seem to be real friendly to their new stepbrother. By friendly I mean wanting to have a BJ and a hand job with Shawn. When they do it they talk about 30 days. Shawn has no idea what this 30 days business is about but he’s stoked to be getting hit on by these macho and built guys.

Eventually Coach Walsh stakes his claim on Shawn and GIF FUCKING KK booktells him what the 30 days means. Onya Coach Walsh!

My stepfather fucked hard and deep. He hammered my ass and sweat poured from him, drenching me in his manly aroma.
“Oh! Oh! Oh God!” I cried out, getting used to the length and thickness.

The Verdict:

This book’ll warm you up on a cold night and put you in the mood whether on your own or with someone else. I’m always game for some big guy on smaller guy action. Younger. Older. Jocks and nerds and step and daddy kink. I like the Keegan Kennedy books I’ve read so far. They don’t bullshit me and they are what they are. It’s erotica and it’s nice to kick over the 4 stroke. 10 inch cocks and boys and daddies and all.    

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Love the review. Really love the GIF. 🙂

Welcome to On Top Down Under, Jay!


The pleasure was all mine. Yeap! 😉