Hard Sell, Kendall Morgan

Hard SellRating: 3 Stars

Publisher: Tulabella Ruby Press

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Ex Porn Star, Fan, Older Guy & Younger Guy

Length: 52 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

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What if the porn star you always adored was secretly living right under your nose?

Wes Mitchell, 49, is the best real estate agent in Urlack, a small Midwestern town. He has political ambitions, but he has secrets he thinks will destroy his life and his business. To protect all he has, he keeps his personal life private and his heart locked away.

When Jesse Ekstrom, 32, meets Wes he slowly realizes why the handsome older man looks so familiar. Wes Mitchell is Wes Western, the hunky star of the porn videos that helped Jesse come out and deal with a rocky adolescence. Meeting Wes is like meeting his hero.

Although Wes finds Jesse very attractive, he is leery of the younger man, unsure of what he wants from him. All Jesse wants is for Wes to open his heart. Jesse’s initial attempts to date Wes go well but mean becoming another one of his secrets. That is not good enough for Jesse. Wes has to decide whether he is willing to risk a life that is good enough for a love that is beyond his wildest dreams.



That blurb ^^ tells you a lot of the story. Wes was a porn actor. Not the biggest porn star but he was still known and did quite a lot of movies. He’s 50 now and a successful real estate agent in Urlack. He meets fresh meat at his mates cook out and even with Jesse coming with another guy Jesse gives Wes his number.

All the gay guys in town go to Big Ed’s XXX Emporium. You pay 5 bucks to get in. You also can get a backroom with a movie and a cubicle with glory hole. You can jerk off yourself or have someone blow you. If you want to get hot and sweaty you can fit another guy in with you and fuck. There’s also the porn star of the week at Big Ed’s and Wes Western is this week’s PS. Wes doesn’t reckon people will know it’s him because he’s older now. While he’s watching Butt Sharks 15 someone knocks on his cubicle and a BJ happens. That’s cool but the guy says he knows that Wes Mitchell was Wes Western which shakes him because he’s not out in town. Just to him mom and a couple of friends.    

Things move quick from there. They hook up once Wes knows Jesse isn’t out to blackmail him and they get along. Jesse likes Wes and wants to be with him. Jesse isn’t happy either because even though they’re “dating” they just go back to his place or see each other because Jesse’s brother is buying a house. Nothing’s intimate. Wes is the head of the chamber of commerce and he says staying as a realtor isn’t gonna happen if he’s out. No one has to know because it’s not their business anyway.

“In a way, he’s really open. He’s good with people, but on the other hand, he’s so closed off. His life is in little boxes,” said Jesse. “He’s only out to a handful of people–his mom, his gay friends. I blew up at him. He’s using his office assistant as his beard.”

Jesse isn’t happy the porn star who helped him believe gay sex could mean something is keeping him a secret. Wes is in business and doesn’t wanna be out because he’s shit scared he’ll lose it all. It’s a standoff. Jesse tells Wes that he’s in love with his old porn star buddy Bobby Hawkes and he should go work that out. He tells his mate Jack that Wes is a good guy but he’s not going to put up with closet Narnia crap.


My Verdict.

Wes is a dick for a bit but Jesse stood up for himself and Wes came around so that’s cool.  I wasn’t really into the sex and there isn’t a lot of it. It’s a romance but I was thinking ex porn star would be hot. It’s one of my favourite kinds of story lines. I probably went in thinking more erotic than the book is. It’s not erotic. Hard Sell is not a complicated story and it’s a quick read. It had a story that’s familiar to plenty of gay guys, a guy still in the closet and the other guy not wanting that. You either sort it or feel shitty about your relationship or split. There’s a happy ending in this story so people will like that.   

 Book supplied by author in return for an honest review.


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Nice review, Jay. I admit I had to scroll back up after reading it to make sure it was actually your review because there weren’t any pics. 😉


Haha ladies. It didn’t have much sex for me to bite into. I love to bite hard if I can. 😉