Eros: Love & Lust Post – Excerpt and Giveaway

Candi Kay is kindly giving us some excerpts from her Valentine’s Day novella, Eros. The tale is a gay romance (MM) reimagining of the Greek mythology surrounding Eros and Psyche. She’s also giving us a terrific giveaway of the e-book. So leave a comment below. Maybe you even have a Valentine’s Day story of your own to share with us. 

Kazza’s spoiler free review is here. 




Simply leave a comment below by midnight US EST Sunday, Feb 14th and you’ll be in the running to win an e-book of Eros all of your own. Good luck!


Adult Excerpt:  #NSFW



ErosEros is the god of love and lust. His only job on Earth is to bring couples together and shoot them with his magical arrows. If he occasionally hooks up with the guys first, what of it? He’s all about the lust thing, but love? Not hardly. Not after all the broken relationships he’s witnessed throughout his long, immortal life.


After four assignments that he nearly blows because he’s quicker to shoot his load than his arrows, Aphrodite gives him a final chance to prove himself. If he fails, he could lose his privileged position among the gods and be eternally banished from the planet he calls home. Confident in his skills, he isn’t overly concerned. That is, until he hooks up with the guy he’s supposed to shoot for his do-or-die assignment. In the eons he’s spent on Earth, he’s never felt this way before. Does he risk losing everything he’s ever known? Or does he fulfill his duty and walk away from the only love he’s ever found?



“You don’t want to know my name, Eros?” he asked softly, his eyes never leaving mine.

I shook my head. Names don’t count in my business unless it’s couples I’m forced to bring GIF PELVIC THRUST LEATHER PANTStogether. I’m not a paid whore, but I’m known to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself. I’ve never been known for following the rules of my duties. If I want sex and a guy is willing, I’m not usually one to say no. I knew once this man was done with me, I’d never see him again. Why would I need a name? To call out when I jack off to the memory later? No. There wouldn’t be any jerk off sessions involving this or any other man. Names are personal. I don’t do personal.

“That’s okay. I know yours.”

His thumbnail continued flicking back and forth over my slit. When he pulled it away and sucked his thumb in his mouth, I almost shot all over his jeans.

“Take it off,” he ordered.

I stood up and pushed the g-string down my body, leaving my erect cock standing at ERECT COCK PART PICTUREattention. I took a step back and waited. Finally getting control of whatever hold he had on me, I motioned to his fully clothed body.

“Your turn.”

He kicked off his shoes, his blue eyes sparkling. When his hand went to the button of his jeans, I almost shooed it away and undid it myself. My dick was aching, harder than I can ever remember it being. It was wanting to feel the heat of a tight ass or the warmth of a mouth. I took my cock in my hand and he licked his lips as he slowly slid his zipper down.


With a grin, he shoved his jeans down, taking his boxer briefs with them, and kicked them to the side, leaving his long and thick dick on display.

“Your shirt.”

He slowly unbuttoned his blue shirt and tossed it with the rest of his clothes before leaning back in the chair again, his eyes never leaving mine. I crawled over his lap, my knees ending on each side of his thighs. I leaned down and slid my tongue back and forth across his lips. His hands came up and gripped my hips, attempting to pull me tight against him. My dick was inches from his, but I held my body back a little.

His mouth opened for my tongue and I dove in. The kiss felt familiar, like we’d done this before. For some reason, the way our tongues moved against each other and his moans in my mouth felt like déjà vu. I knew I’d never laid eyes on him before this night, much less kissed or had sex with him. I may not remember details about all the fucks I’ve had over the years, but no way would I have not remembered every single detail of this particular man. Even if I’d only seen him in a crowd on the street, I’d remember.

When he again attempted to pull me down, I allowed him to. Our cocks were grinding against each other as he held me hard against his body, his hands on my bare ass. The heat of his erection had me almost coming before he even got inside me.

Inside me?

What the fuck?

I was about to pull back and let him know that I don’t bottom, ever, but then a finger rubbed across my asshole and I was lost. If he wanted to fuck me, I’d bend over for him right then and there.

My body was pressed flat against his, grinding my cock against his. My legs were splayed GIF COCK GRINDINGout behind me with my feet on the floor. My arms were wrapped around his neck as he continued to assault my mouth with his. His hands were gripping my ass, guiding the movements of our cocks as they ground against each other. Awkwardly, one of his hands went to the floor and he fumbled with something, never pulling out of the hot kiss. He mumbled something in my mouth and I pulled back.

“Supplies,” he whispered.

I pulled farther back and he continued to dig through what I saw was the pocket of his jeans. It took a few seconds of fumbling before he came back with a condom and a mini tube of lubricant. I took both from him and after a bit of fumbling of my own, I somehow managed to roll the latex over his hard cock and to open the lube packet. I didn’t wait for him. I squeezed the lube into my hand and reached back and roughly shoved two fingers inside my asshole. I’d only been fucked a dozen or so times in my long life so it was tight and I knew there would be pain when he entered. I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting his dick inside me.

I crawled off and got on my knees on the hardwood floor, my fingers continuing to fuck my ass. I looked at the man over my shoulder and his expression told me that he wanted it as bad as I did.

“Ready,” I murmured, though I knew I wasn’t even close.

He was off the chair and on his knees before I finished speaking. He grabbed the lube packet from the floor where I’d thrown it and he lubed his fingers and slowly pressed them inside my hole after pulling mine away. He started with one, but before long there were two inside and he was stretching me as he fucked my ass with his long fingers. When he hit my prostate I cried out. I shoved my ass back, practically begging him to take me already.

“You weren’t ready,” he whispered, his fingers still inside me.

“Now. Oh God, now,” I moaned.

He wasted no time getting in position. When I felt the head of his cock at my entrance, I tried to push back, but he held my hips still.

“No. We go slow.”

When the head eased inside, I flinched in pain and tightened around him. He softly rubbed my lower back until I relaxed.

“Okay?” he asked, his hands continuing to rub.

It still hurt, but I nodded anyway. It had been decades since my ass had been breached by anything other than my own fingers and a few select sex toys, so it took awhile for me to allow him to keep going. He slowly pressed each inch of his long dick inside me until he was fully seated. I took deep breaths and waited out the pain. He made quick jabs with his cock, taking it slow until the pain eased and my body relaxed.

“Go,” I grunted out.

He did.




What just happened? I’ve been around for thousands of years, but there had never been sex as exciting, as pleasurable, as what I’d just had with this total stranger. This stranger who felt so familiar to me, as if we’d been together dozens of times. Everything from his hands on my waist, his kiss, to the way he moved in and out as he took me. All of it was oddly familiar.

It scared the shit out of me.

I pulled away, ignoring the pain of his cock slipping out of my asshole. Still on my knees, I EROS SYlooked around the room for my clothes. I knew I had to get out of there. I was in the process of standing up when I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

Don’t go. Not yet.”

Rooted to the spot, I watched as he disposed of the condom and cleaned my spunk off the floor. I felt so vulnerable, a feeling I’ve never felt in my long life. When he was done, he sat back down in the chair and held his hand out to me. I allowed him to pull me back into his lap, his wet dick pressing against my ass. With his arms around me, he rocked me a little, which was a bit awkward at first considering he’s at least as tall as I am. His hand rubbed up and down my thigh and up to my chest. The tingling I had been feeling in my chest had intensified. It wasn’t a painful sensation, it was almost pleasurable, actually, but it was another first for me.

I reached a hand up and rubbed my chest, feeling the translucent bow and arrow that is Angel Guyliner dark wingsforever attached to my body. I have carried this bow and arrow since my creation. The tingling I was feeling under the bow wasn’t exactly the same feeling I get when mates have found each other, and my job is done until my next assignment, but it was close. The only difference is that what I was feeling in this man’s lap was magnified by at least five-thousand compared to when I’m bringing the marks together. There was also a feeling of thousands of butterflies going crazy in my stomach and I had an odd feeling in my heart. Before I had a chance to analyze why that was, his fingers outlined the bow across my chest, starting at my shoulders and going all the way down my chest. He continued until he had traced the entire outline with his fingers. I didn’t move a muscle.

“Nice tat,” he said, his fingers still touching the bow. “I don’t know how I didn’t notice it earlier.” He chuckled. “I guess I was too wrapped up in getting inside you.”

I froze. He could see it?



Author Bio

Candi Kay spends her days being a good girl and her nights lost in her kinky imagination. After writing for years and doing nothing with it, she finally took the plunge and put her words out there. You can find Candi on –





Or email her at She loves hearing from readers!

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Candi Kay

Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway! Those visuals are (as always) amazing. I especially love the one of Eros with his finger over his lips. It’s so inline with the story. The others? I have no words. Hot! 😉

Thank you again.


What a sexy post and giveaway! I love men with long hair (as you know) and the GIFs are hot as hell.

There’s something about that first GIF, the guy dancing. I can’t stop looking at it. I know he has clothes on (lol), but it’s so sensual.


YES!!!!! That was hot!!! Added to my TBR list! ????

Candi Kay

Good luck, KTJ! I’m glad you liked the excerpt. 🙂


That excerpt! Is like Oh Wow! Yes please. <3

Candi Kay

I’m thrilled you like it, Jana. Thanks for stopping by to check it out. 😀

marlene hustvet
marlene hustvet

What an excerpt. Very very hot yum.

Candi Kay

Thanks, Marlene! I had entirely too much fun writing it. 😉


The book sounds great…and the excerpt certainly intrigues 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

Candi Kay

Thanks for stopping by, Ani. Good luck! 🙂


I just recently discovered your books and loved Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad Ass Reindeer and Evan the Virgin Reindeer & his Sexy Buck.
This looks like a hot read, i loved the excerpt of Eros and put it on my tbr list. Thank you for the chance of winning a ecopy.

Candi Kay

Thank you, Angela. I’m so happy you loved my Christmas stories. I hope you enjoy Eros as well. Good luck in the giveaway!


Love stories that involve fantastical elements, like gods, in contemporary setting. Looking forward to reading this one!

Candi Kay

Hi, Vitto. Eros is very contemporary. I had a lot of fun playing around with the myth. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂