The Proposal (The Propostion Book #4), Natasha Braithwaite

The ProposalRating: 1 Star

Publisher: Self Published

Genre:  Bisexual Erotic Romance

Tags: Poly Relationship, Contemporary 

Length:  30 pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Official Blurb:


Part Four of The Proposition series.

Nick and Christie were bound by their need for Henry’s exhilarating love, enraptured by the intensity of his attention. And their passion would take them beyond any preconceived limits, propelling them forward to experience the smouldering burn of deep romantic love.

But when Kathleen, Henry’s former fiancée returns to his life with a life-altering disclosure, their delicate threesome is threatened. Nick’s burning need for Henry reaches a fever pitch as he once again faces the potential loss of Henry’s overwhelming love. Only then does Nick reach the desperate limits of his longing, the knife edge of his potent infatuation…


The Review:

I have really enjoyed this series but I feel so utterly let down by this last book. I wanted my poly relationship validated, not this…this…ending. This slap in the face. This let’s keep the two of you on the side because it is all too hard and, besides, society doesn’t accept it.

No. Fuck you, Henry. I’m sorry, but it was like it was giving into the stigma that was talked about throughout. It didn’t embrace them, their chosen love. It was all about keeping Nick and Christie on the side. Let’s allow society’s ideas of “normal” relationships win out, shall we? And Nick and Christie enable it. I understand the difficulties that can arise in a poly relationship, but this was not what I thought would happen here. I would have told Henry to go ‘fuck himself sideways with a crowbar’ – both Nick and Christie, and also Kathleen. I’m pissed. This to me says poly relationships are wrong and that the hetero-normative ideal of 1 woman, children, and (sometimes secret) lover(s) on the side is the way to go. I know it is only fiction, but I feel strongly about the message. 

So thoroughly disappointed and angry about the ending. But others may find it suits them. There is a reasoning (of sorts) given for the decisions. But I can’t accept them for my own reasons.

Having said this, I would read Natasha Braithwaite again as I really enjoyed the rest of the series. At least I felt some passion. Better than none I suppose.

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