The Predicament (The Proposition #2), Natasha Braithwaite

The PredicamentRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Bisexual Erotic Romance

Tags: Poly Relationship, Contemporary

Length: 46 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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It’s four months since the end of the last book and Henry, Nick and Christie have settled into meeting up to share a distance poly relationship. Nick and Christie live in New Orleans and Henry lives in Baton Rouge. Henry always calls and arranges their trysts. But recently Henry’s phone calls have dropped off. Nick figures it’s because it’s tax time and Henry is flat out, but now Nick’s calls are going into voicemail, and worse, Henry isn’t returning them at all. Christie has also just heard some interoffice gossip that Henry is engaged to a woman named Kathleen Cross. Everything is online these days, so they check Kathleen Cross out. Nick doesn’t like her, but then Nick is somewhat upset and jealous.  Christie is sad as well, but Nick is devastated. Christie hates seeing Nick like this, she doesn’t like the fact that the three of them aren’t getting together anymore and suggests they drive to Henry’s to find out where they stand. Christie feels that because Henry is a man of insatiable desires he couldn’t be getting enough pleasure from one person. Besides, Henry loves sex with Nick. So Christie thinks that maybe Kathleen might want to join in. Nick is not having any of that, the only women he wants is Christie and the only man he wants is Henry –

He’d awakened something within me that I didn’t even know existed. Like a dormant beast he roused using innate sexual expertise that only Henry possessed, he’d unleased a creature inside that could no longer be sated without him.  

When they arrive at Henry’s house Kathleen is there and Henry is put in an awkward spot. Even though they tell her they are colleagues from another office, which is partially true, Kathleen is not buying it. Henry tells Nick and Christie that he can’t do this anymore, he wants to have a wife, a family, and someone he can be seen with – not just trysts by the pool, in cars and hotel rooms. He is hung up on the fact that a poly relationship goes against societal norms. Nick understands to a certain extent, he is hung up on being labelled gay / or bi and what people think about that. But he wants to keep Henry, he belongs to them and with them now. Henry lets them know that he’s felt lonely whenever he left Nick and Christie – they get to stay together, he gets to go home alone. They can show their affection anywhere they want, but he can’t. He feels like the third wheel, and as Christie later points out to Nick, Henry likes to be number one. When they meet up he can hug Christie but he can only shake Nick’s hand and they can’t reveal the true nature of who they are.

After a rather heartfelt discussion, Henry has to go and sort himself out in the bathroom, as he is emotional about the whole situation. Christie tells Nick to go after him and Nick follows Henry into the bathroom to plead the poly case while Kathleen has headed off elsewhere. Before long, Henry has locked both them in –

“Nick,” Henry muttered against my throat, pressing me up against the wall, his cock hard against my hip, grinding. “Oh, fuck, Nick.”   

His scent was hot and pungent with the sharp tang of Scotch. His signature smell, his Henry scent, spurred my need to claw his clothes from his body.

“I want you in my mouth,” Henry said.

His hot mouth was around the crown of my cock the next moment. He sucked hungrily on my oversensitive, swollen flesh….

His mouth was wild, greedy with passion as if driven by his fear and longing.

“Turn around,” Henry commanded. I obeyed.  Facing thTwo guys together bathroome porcelain tile. I spread my legs apart, my palms against the wall.

…Without hesitation, he pressed into me….

“Ah, fuck,” Henry shook as he pounded into me. His hands moved from my hips to my torso, hugging my back to him as his cock swelled even further inside of me….

After they fuck, Henry is in tears, He is a man trapped between a rock and a hard place. Nick convinces Henry to be with both him and Christie one last time the following weekend when he’s in New Orleans on business. Nick can’t let go so easily, and after the bathroom episode it appears Henry can’t either.

The short then focuses on the last weekend the three will spend together, with some interesting events occurring that mark some changes – in and out of the bedroom. Nick decides to get somewhat…large and in charge for what is “his.” And the three of them continue to make a sexy poly relationship.

Christie kissed Henry, their tongues entwined. I sucked him hard, his velvety cock salty with precum. Menage MFM 3

Henry writhed beneath me, his head thrashing back and forth, eyes closed. Christie inched her face down and I let go of him to make room for her mouth. She enveloped his cock between her lips and Henry cursed. She sucked at him, her tiny hand with pink-tipped nails gripping the base, her tongue and lips lashing at his length, sucking at his crown.  

The only thing that I hope evolves into a better outlook is the concern over a stigma being attached to having sex with a man for Nick, and the worry about the poly relationship they share for Henry – Kazza says embrace it, guys!! Christie’s on board.


I am enjoying this mini-series. I like all three MC’s. The Henry / Nick dynamic is the most emotive. Christie is the glue for them all and the easy going one. She knows that Henry  may be sexually fluid, but he leans more toward men than women. Nick has a lot of love for Christie and Henry, and she is good with the overall dynamic – “Watching him fuck you is a total turn-on.” – and she gets both men as well. Smart lady. On to book #3 now!

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You’ve totally gotten me sucked into this series now. I LOVE the GIF and the photos. HOT!


I’m off to read your other review now.