Homecoming by Keegan Kennedy


HomecomingRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Keegan Kennedy 

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags: Kink, Big Schlong, Foot Fetish, Owning Your Arse, Step Brothers

Length:  200 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At:  amazon.com




So, reading Homecoming you have to do a couple of things – throw away romantic M/M ideals – this is kinky, smutty, down and dirty erotic reading, with a sweet side serve of I-love-yous in amongst the hole ramming. And understand it is designed with a target readership in mind. When I’m in the mood for Keegan Kennedy – and pure kinky erotic writing in general – I’m prepared to leave my RL beliefs at the front cover and get them back at the last page. The author makes it pretty clear what he writes. If you are looking for M/M romance, per se, don’t read Homecoming.

Lucas Hudson is off to college in six weeks. His mum has recently married Frank. Frank is the father of the local town and high school star athlete, and now returning Marine, Dane Bolton. Lucas is worried about how things will go with Dane. Dane is three years his senior and Lucas is not in the same social circles or league as the home town golden boy, Dane. He’s been more likely to cop flack for being the local gay boy when he came out. Dane didn’t ever give him a hard time but some of his friends did, so he worries what it’s going to be like sharing a bedroom in the two bedroom ranch house they live in as a blended family now. Dane comes home and is happy to see Lucas. He has harboured secret desires for his new step brother since he was sixteen and Lucas younger. Now he is legal, and Dane is back, things are all-systems-go if Lucas wants him. Hmm, sensing a KK theme here. To cut a long story short. Lucas is pretty happy to be the centre of Dane’s desire, he wants to be possessed by him and all that entails. Dane is not a sharing kind of guy, and he makes it patently clear that he owns Lucas’ arse and everything else to do with Lucas. That he is the ‘man’ and Lucas is his ‘boy’ – this is code for Lucas cooks and cleans and Dane will provide and be the manly man. Eh, it’s fiction, the sex is down and dirty so I’ll roll with it 🙂

I don’t know whether this is tagged as BDSM but I do not consider it to be –  no safe words, just for a starter. I look at Homecoming as more of a fantasy, down and dirty kink-fest with some bondage and spanking in there with a bossy, possessive top.

Foot fetishists rejoice because there is much toe and foot massaging, sucking and licking of Dane’s size eighteen foot…with sex worked around it –

I really want your lips on my feet. When I would jack off about you in high school and in the Marines, you servicing my big feet was always part of the fantasy….” 

Baby batter and breeding and seeding enthusiasts are covered –

“I’m going to breed and seed my boy.” He hesitated. “But we may run into a major issue. He pulled down his bulging white briefs, and the biggest cock I had ever seen stood straight up from a nest of brown hair. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets. Dane’s probe wasn’t just huge…it was epic!Big Dick 2

The shaft was almost as thick as my wrist with a flared, mushroom head. It was veiny and unusually long. “You’re…you’re humongous! I exclaimed incredulously. Dane gave me a sheepish smile….

“In my case it’s true what they say about having big hands and big feet….”

…I had no idea how I was going to take that goliath into my virgin ass.

“Don’t be scared, baby.”  (I think I was scared for him!)


“You’ve been saving this hot little hole just for me…whether you knew it or not,” he grunted, drilling his prick in and out of me. “You were born to be mine!”

“Fuck!” He spat. “I’m gonna shoot. You’re too damn tight, baby!”

Sweaty sock lovers, you are for the win as well, with lots of nasty, musky sock adoration going on here to keep you going. I’m not big on the whole crusty sock thing but far be it for me to rain on someone else’s parade. So if you like it, herSuck Sockse’s a taste (pun intended) –

“I know that you’re scared baby. That’s why I’m going to plug your mouth with my dirty socks that I wore all day yesterday.”

“You wanna taste your man’s sweaty socks?”

“Yes,” I confessed, blushing. “I sort of wanted to when I gave you the foot massage.”

“I’ll try not to hurt you, but I’ll be wanting to fuck you all the time from this day forward. So, bite down on that juicy sock of mine and submit your pink hole to me….”

There is spanking and paddling, cock cages/chastity devices, complete with padlock and key, and jock straps. There is also some bondage, duct tape and rope action.

The bigger, slightly older, smooth  toppy-Marine with a slightly younger smooth submissive. His “boy.” If you like the idea of designated roles you’ll probably like this

Plenty of “you are mine” mixed in with the fucking and the dialogue. A tad possessive and stalkerish, but kinky nonetheless. If you are a size-queen, you’re in luck, as toppy, ex Marine, Dane Bolton,  has an eleven inch big-boy that has the girth to match and he uses it often and rams it home.  –

“You are mine! Mine! The pain was unbearable. I thought it was going to kill me! Tears began to stream from my eyes. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, the head of his massive cock rubbed my prostate and a wave of pleasure crashed  over me.

He noticed the sudden desire in my eyes. “Did I hit your boy spot?” He asked with a wicked grin.

Lucas is petite has the mandatory six inch bone for the bottom, and he wears nothing but jock straps thanks to Dane. It is a KK book after all. But he takes that eleven inch assrammer, cannon… (I loved the names KK kept coming up with for Dane’s BIG schlong) and he loved it.

There is always the taboo, ‘I spotted him earlier, but now he’s legal, Ima gonna go to town on his arse’ going on here as well.

Plus, they are step brothers. Hmm, have I forgotten anything? Probably. But needless to say if you are good with the abovementioned themes they are all here waiting for you and I’ll say that Kennedy knows his market well.

In amongst the obsession 🙂 there is a sweetness to it and I liked these two guys together. The other thing I liked, was that while there was one screaming-shrew female, the rest were good – Alyssa, Lucas’ BFF, was a good character when she was on page, and Qunitessa dumped bitchy Mary – Dane’s ex – to be part of the guys support squad. And Lucas’ mother, Christy, was supportive of her son and then the boys relationship when it came out.

While they’re close, I still have a soft spot for Magnificent Pretense, which I really, really liked. But I did enjoy my time spent as a fly on the wall in the bedroom of Dane and Lucas. It’s a good addition to my KK collection. Recommended for Keegan Kennedy lovers, the open minded, people who like gay erotica, and those who can comfortably suspend belief for a while and go for a ride  into kinky- fuck-fest-fantasy land – you won’t find that ride at Disney by the way.  🙂


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Ooh! What a review to wake up to. 😀 I’m not sure what to think about the sock thing but the rest of it sounds sexy as hell. Great review.

(LOVE the pics)

Lisa H
Lisa H

I haven’t read this one yet, but like you, I really enjoyed Magnificent Pretense. I’m not really into the sweaty sock thing, but I can be very open minded. 😉 I know what to expect when I buy a Keegan Kennedy book…dirty, kinky, over the top sex. 😀


I nearly spit out my coffee at, “You’ve been saving this hot little hole just for me…whether you knew it or not.” Love it. Also adored, “Did I hit your boy spot?” Gonna have to check this title out.

Excellent gif, Kazza….dragging to my desktop. Save that for later.

PS: “You wanna taste your man’s sweaty socks?” *Devon cringes and shakes head no*