Finding Alex (Taking Lance #4), Candi Kay

Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Contemporary, Final Book in Series Book – Not a Standalone, Erotic, Non-Monogamy, Wedding   

Length: 156 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Alexander Langdon and Dean Collins have been a couple five years. They’ve had to overcome some obstacles, the least of which being their twenty-year age difference.

In less than a week, Rick Preston and Lance Scott will be saying their vows. After four years and a lot of drama, they’re now ready to commit in the eyes of the law.

After a heated discussion with Rick, Alex starts doubting his and Dean’s relationship. He’s wanted to get married for years, but Dean refuses to take that final step. They’re committed heart and soul. Why do they need a ceremony and piece of paper to prove it? Alex just wants to be able to call him husband. This has both men reflecting on what brought them together.

From Dean’s family secrets, to Alex’s very public divorce, they’ve been through it all. Will Dean get over his fears and finally do the one thing Alex wants most? Or will this issue continue to grow until it pushes the two men completely apart?

Finding Alex is the final story in the Taking Lance series. The wedding, told from Dean’s point of view in Finding Alex, is also told in its entirety by Rick and Lance in Marrying Lance, a bonus story at the end of the book. Free e-copies of Marrying Lance are also available at most e-tailers and via request from the author.

The series is best read in order to understand characters and events.


This is the final book in the Taking Lance series that started off an erotic, sometimes humorous, often times dramatic series of books that spawned places like Cheaters, a bar that is used for exactly what the name implies. There’s thirds, some conniving and terrible parents and partners, friends, and the quite rocky road to love for (at the beginning) an eighteen year old stepson and his forty year old stepfather. Along the way there were various partners matched up, like Travis and Marc, tons of random hook-ups, including the batshit crazy pair of Karen and Aaron, Being Karen, and a lot of love.

From the very first paragraph of the very first book, Taking Lance, the pervy side of me was hooked…

I have been lusting after my wife’s son since the day I met him. Lance - 2Tall and thin, the boy has yet to grow into his long arms and legs. Jet black hair like his biological father, it falls just to below his collar. His eyes are so blue I could see myself in them if I allowed myself to get close enough. I haven’t done that. Yet. 

Thus began my journey with these guys, right along to the final chapter of the series with Alex and Dean.

Alex Langdon the IV is a politician and a wealthy man in his own right who’s closeted, marrying to make his family happy and to help his career. When Dean enters his life he’s a private investigator who thinks he knows who Alex is and has a personal axe to grind, for reasons I won’t get into.

 “You take a lot of chances, Alex. You’re so concerned about being outed and found out yet you pick up rent boys at a shady bar downtown and you have a close relationship with two of them away from there. I found out about Travis Jordan and Marcus Parker. What makes you think others won’t or haven’t already?”
I ran my fingers through my hair and looked closely at Dean. “I know I take too many chances.”

While he’s right about Alex taking risks with who he sleeps with, he’s not right about his marriage or his character. They do fall fairly quickly and I’m fine with that because it’s the theme of the series and it is an erotic series. They are happy to bring thirds into their bed – this series is full of multi-couples and hook-ups. This is a hard limit for a number of readers so I’m letting potential readers know.

Finding Alex unfolds via flashbacks as well as current time with alternating POV. You learn why Dean is reluctant to make their relationship as official as Alex would like. Like Rick and Lance, there is a substantial  age gap between Alex and Dean, Dean now in his thirties and Alex in his fifties. You also learn how their initial meeting ties in with all the other guys, especially Rick and Lance. I’m not a fan of flashbacks or a non-linear storyline, but it worked well in this book because not a lot is known about how Alex and Dean came to be. It also had to fit seamlessly around important character events, with the wedding of Rick and Lance a big part of the overall story. Alex has been friends with and the protector of a number of the guys in this story. It was only fitting that Alex got his own man and his own HEA and that Rick and Lance tied the knot at the same time.

It was also funny seeing Marc and Travis and Alex and Dean react to a drunk Lance recalling sex with Rick when he was missing him before the wedding. Let’s just say that I’m glad I got both versions.

You do need to have read the other series books leading into Finding Alex, it isn’t a standalone. What happens to characters who were there from the beginning, some good and some bad, is wound up. It also ends in the wedding of Rick and Lance from Alex and Dean’s POV as well as a freebie story at the end of the wedding from Rick and Lance’s POV – which is also available on its own.


I’ve enjoyed the Taking Lance series from the beginning, it has different books – some bi, some gay, and some that have a mix, including het sex. It’s an erotic series with a storyline that always evolves around/comes back to Rick and Lance.

I finished this book happy for Alex and Dean and the peace they found. Then there’s Rick and Lance, who both mean a lot to me. I feel I’ve travelled quite the road to get to the end alongside them both. I’m so happy for them and their family of friends – you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. I’m sad to see them sail off into the sunset but I do so knowing they’re all content. I can’t ask for anymore than that.


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That photo of the dark haired guy… I love it more every time I see it. He’s gorgeous. Great review. I love the photos and quotes.

Candi Kay

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful review. I’m also not a fan of flashbacks in books so this was a bit of a challenge for me. You’ve supported me from very early on and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sticking with these guys until the end. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed Alex and Dean’s story. I see my Lance every time I see that photo and that pizza guy… hello! 😉

Thank you again!