Clipped, Devon McCormack

Clipped 2Rating: 5 Stars

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags: Paranormal/Fantasy – Angles, Demons, Blood Play, Breath Play, Un-lubed Sex, Huge Cocks, Strong Religious Overtones

Length: 196 Pages 

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: amazon. com,  Wilde City Press 


Definitely erotica with some yaoi shades and some big…swords. 


ETA:  April 7th 2014

I have just finished the newly revised and extra word count version of Clipped and I must add a few things to my original impressions. This version has more backstory on several of the characters. I really liked that. Some words I found repetitive are now cut right down to make the book sharper and tighter. I also liked that. This version of Clipped is better for the revision and extra words because it retained the raw, gritty, erotic nature I originally enjoyed, it retained the outright joie de vivre of Devon McCormack’s writing but with more character development and tighter writing. The things that made it my Erotica Book of the Year for 2o13 are not only still there, they are now improved on. And one more thing, the new cover is absolutely gorgeous.


Well…this book was an interesting ride. I wasn’t sure what to think first of all but not at any stage was Clipped boring or slow. I guess I’m going to start by saying that if you don’t like blood play, breath play, large cocks penetrating unlubed arses on multiple occasions – not because the author was slack – but for the pain and the burn that it brings. If you’re a bit squeamish, if you don’t like rough sex, rape (which is not glorified or on page, as such), and if you don’t like sex at the unlikeliest of times, and on more than a few occasions, in other words if you don’t like erotica, then you may not like Clipped.  This book is gay erotica with a good fantasy/paranormal story that I think, but I’m no expert, takes a lot from yaoi/slash. I do like erotica, so I was in!

Kinzer wakes up with his wings clipped having been sold to Jerry, a pimp who doesn’t care where or how his guys get to him, as long as he has them. His client base is into rough trade and he’s up for supplying the men and boys for it –

Kid had been trapped in Jerry’s since he was fourteen. After having run away from his father at thirteen.

Kid had been cruising the streets, looking for his next meal ticket, when he’d been knocked unconscious and woken in Jerry’s place.

Kid meets Kinzer for the first time in the weight room at Jerry’s – the guys have to look cut for Jerry’s clientele. Kinzer starts talking to Kid. Kinzer thinks Kid looks a bit young to be working there, but Jerry has rules Sexy guy with singletabout fraternisation and Kid cops the punishment for Kinzer’s unawareness of the rules. From here, Kid and Kinzer form a bond and Kinzer breaks them out of Jerry’s. The only thing is, Kinzer is an immortal with his wings clipped – which equals loss of power – and he wants to find who the mole is that tipped The Raze off about his and his lover – Janka’s – undercover work, which ended in Janka being killed and Kinzer clipped and dumped at scuzzy Jerry’s.

Kinzer soon hooks up with Dedrus and Treycore. They work as stippers at the quaintly named Dick Dongs and are two fellow immortals who Kinzer can trust. He soon discovers that they know the whereabouts of the Antichrist. It appears that a mortal woman, Maggie, is pregnant with the Antichrist who is needed to save the world from the Almighty and His desire to rain down Armageddon on the planet and its inhabitants. So, in Clipped, God is out to get us and the Antichrist is the one who can save us mortals from the Christ. There are the fallen, immortals and the clipped. Leaders and different allegiances formed. And Maggie who is a hooker with a pimp, who will be none-to-happy about this whole antichrist business and Maggie being off the job. She also thinks that all this talk of her giving birth to the Antichrist is rubbish and these guys are either high or have her tripping.  She tries to escape but the other side, those from hell, and The Raze, don’t play nice.

There is a lot of sword action in Clipped – both cocks and metal ones –  the immortals like to fuck and they like to fight with them. Who knew? And some have special powers like Vera, Treycore’s psycho ex, who can teleport. During the first battle she teleports Kid and Treycore and deposits them in the middle of a South American Jungle. So the main camp of Kinzer, Kid, Dedrus and Treycore, plus Maggie, have been split up. Treycore and Kid have to find their way out of the jungle, which happens to be in Peru, and back to the others. Meanwhile, Dedrus and Kinzer keep trying to hide the pregnant and, at times, uncooperative Maggie. All while fighting the Raze’s bitches – Vera, Mike and Craetis, and Veylo, The Raze’s leader, who executed Janka. Oh yeah, and all the while trying to find out who ratted out Kinzer and Janka while attempting   to keep humankind going.

Before Treycore was teleported away, Kinzer asked him to look out for Kid. He has a soft spot for him and he’s already lost his partner and lover. He doesn’t want to see anther person hurt. Treycore isn’t too fond of mortals they “stink” but he starts developing feelings for the tough Kid who stands his ground and won’t cop any shit from the immortals. Treycore also happens to have a twenty inch dick. Yep, twenty inches. Not one guy in this book is size challenged and for the size-queen this book is right up your alley. Kinzer is the small one at twelve inches. This is definitely out of yaoi cock-o-suarus land. I will say that the sex Treycore and Kid have while stranded in the jungle is pretty kinky – auto-erotic-asphyxiation, blood play, arse pummelling – Treycore makes Kid bleed – hello…twenty inches –  and Kid wants it…again and again. Be warned, blood and jizz play. Treycore makes Kid feel safe whether it be Treycore nearly drowning Kid during sex or using vines to cut off his air and it is 100% consensual, no matter how hardcore the play is  –

His fingers slipped between the vine and his neck as he held on for support.

It strangled Kid even more.


“Yes! Oh, yes!” Treycore cried.

Despite Kids’s unbearable suffocation, he found it was effectively distracting him from the pain in his ass that had been so excruciating. And now that he was about to pass out, he was delirious, unable to truly experience the pain, and that was wonderful.

Streaks of white rushed over Treycore’s reddened cock. His milk-white immortal load spewed out of the edges between his cock and Kid’s hole. It slid down to the pubes of Kid’s Balls and dripped onto the jungle floor.


Kid splashed the warm spring water onto his abdomen and rubbed it into his muscles….

He dipped his fingers in the water, reached around and gently massaged his hole….

Fuckin’ ass could have been a little more gentle.

But of course he wouldn’t have wanted it that way. That had been the most pleasurable experience he’d ever had – even better than sex with Kinzer. 

There is a bit to the story and in amongst it is a lot of sex. Everyone does everyone else – well, the guys do. And I liked it, but there was a love affair developing, it’s just that it wasn’t fully declared. Argh!! My lips are sealed…sort of. The wrestling match for domination between Dedrus and Kinzer was always something to behold and I loved Kid and Treycore’s adventures.

Treycore and Kid find their way back to Kinzer, Dedrus and Maggie and there is a pretty big showdown with a tentacle creature called a Morarke brought into play, and then some.  I must say this, although quite satisfying, the book does not wrap up at the end. There are twists and there is more than one unresolved …situation. I am glad that Devon McCormack has part two on the way because I am busting to see where this goes. Okay, I’m hooked. I want more. Need!! Devon McCormack, Need!!



Clipped is first and foremost gay erotica, which means lots of sex. And the sex isn’t going to be for everybody. It has some parts that made my body parts positively hurt in pure sympathy, but the pain was AOK by me. Kid is a pain slut, enough said. But do not go in thinking BDSM because that isn’t what the book is. There is a refreshing plot, clear world building with plenty going on – factions, power plays, friendships, betrayals, love, lust, swordplay, immortal beings, mortals thrown into the mix, skewed religion and I was thoroughly entertained by the whole story. I cannot ask any more than that when I read a book. I truly did race through to see what would happen. I am looking forward to the follow up book now. But if it isn’t soon this will be happening to Devon McCormack –

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Cock-o-saurus land! 😀 20 inches. Just wow. The book sounds wild. It also sounds like the perfect thing to read when you want a lot of kink with your story.

Great review and great pics and GIFS as always.


I couldn’t have said it better myself, kazzak. The erotica in Clipped is breathtaking (pun intended on asphyxiation play) and the plot never has a boring or slow moment. Personally, I don’t think a “perfect novel” exists; certain books just have something that makes them stand out. For me, as a reader, I was both curious about finding out more about The Raze, Clipped’s characters, and the love-hate drama just as I was increasingly aroused for more sex. I must say that the author knew what he was doing, bridging, the story’s element together. Like you, I like sex and… Read more »


When I originally read your review, I thought the book sounded interesting. I loved your photos and GIFs, but I didn’t truly get it until I read Clipped last week. Now, I can say they are all dead-on. What an outstanding book. If you like dark and down and dirty sex – along with a great story going on in the background – this is the perfect book. It’s so rare for the two of us to be able to read the same book. I am so glad you pushed me in the right direction with this one. I loved… Read more »