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If you have never read a Cardeno C book and thought you might like to, but weren’t sure about the writing or what to expect, or if you thought ‘argh, they’re part of a series, I can’t,’ here is your chance to get a good idea of the writing. I’m not much of a series reader but sometimes I see a blurb and I think ‘that sounds like me,’ but I’m not sure as I get all uptight about reading them in order (if I do read one). I’ve discovered with Cardeno C’s series that they are written as standalones within the series so you can read whichever book you fancy. 

The following is not a review but an excerpt from Strong Enough. If you click here it will take you to ‘Kazza’s review of another Cardeno C Book, More Than Everything, as well.

On May 8th He Completes Me will be at a special price of $0.99 cents at Dreamspinner Press.  The buy link is below the excerpt.




He Completes MeHe Completes Me (Home Series)





A repetitive, annoying, knocking forced me to open my eyes. Aaron and I were still pressed together. He was on his back, and I was on my side with one leg and one arm thrown over him and my face buried in his neck.

I tried to ask about the irritating noise, but my mouth couldn’t formulate words, so it came out in an incomprehensible growl.

“I think that’s the door.” He turned his head to look at the clock on the nightstand. “It’s eight in the morning on a Saturday. No one ever comes here. I can’t imagine who that would be.”

“Ignore it. They probably have the wrong door.”

I tried to close my eyes to go back to sleep, but I was already awake enough to feel and smell Aaron’s skin. I decided sleep could wait. I reached over to his cock, when the knocking on the door turned into banging. Aaron groaned.

“They’re not going to stop. Hold that thought, I’ll be right back.”

He got out of bed and pulled a pair of sweatpants out of his dresser drawer. I could hear him talking to the annoying fucker who’d woken us up as he walked to the door.

“I’m coming.” Then I heard the door open. “Kimmy! What… what are you doing here?”

“Well, that’s no way to greet someone. Where are your manners? Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Of course, come in.”

I heard Kim talking to Aaron, but I couldn’t make out all the words. She had her peppy voice on, and I heard my name a couple of times. I thought I should get out there, before she either talked Aaron into white-washing her fence or walked into the bedroom and started bouncing on the bed.

“I’m right here, Kim.”

I managed to grumble the words out as I stumbled through the hallway.

“Oh good! He’s awake. How are you this fine morning, sleepy-head?”

I made my way into the living room and saw Aaron and Kim standing in front of the couch. Her hair and makeup were all done, and she was wearing some sort of flowery thing. Fucking morning people. Why was she here? Has she never heard of a telephone? Pick. Up. The. Fucking. Phone. And. Call. How am I this fine morning you ask?

“I’m very well-fucked this morning, Kim. Thanks for asking. And, if Aaron’s up for it, if you know what I mean, I’m hoping for another round. How are you?”

Kim made a hiccup sound, covered her mouth with her hand, and stared at me. I don’t know if it was what I’d said, or the fact that I was standing completely naked in front of her, but she mumbled something, and then disappeared into the kitchen.

Aaron blushed, walked over to me, and wrapped me in his arms. Then he leaned down, kissed my neck, and pressed his body tightly to mine, so I could feel his hardening dick against me.

“I’m up for it,” he whispered in my ear. “But your brother and the boys really want to see you. Kimmy came here to invite us to their place for breakfast. Can we go over there for a little while? We can eat, play with the boys, and be back in bed within three hours.”

I grumbled. Aaron covered my neck in little kisses.

“Well-fucked, huh?”

That made me laugh. I pulled my head back and looked up at his face. He had a shy, little-boy smile. Like he’d done something good, and he was really proud of himself. Well, he sure as fuck had reason to be proud. He was damn good.

“Very well-fucked,” I answered.

His smile broadened.

“I’m making it my personal mission to keep you in that condition as long as you’re with me. Come on, let’s get dressed quickly so we can go over there and then come back here and get back in bed.”

With that, he took my arm and pulled me into the bedroom.

“Kimmy said your bag is in her car.”

Aaron slipped a long-sleeved T-shirt on over his head.

“I’ll run out and get it.”

He walked over to me, bent down, and kissed my cheek. Then he looked at me and chewed on his bottom lip.

“Zach, I, ummm, I had a really good time last night. Thank you.”

He blushed and then walked out of the room. I stood there thinking how fucking adorable he looked with that shy little smile. He also looked hot, and that made me get hard again.

Three hours. I could wait three hours. And I really did want to see Dean and the kids. Okay, three hours.

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This one, I’ve read and I loved. Even now (a long time later), I remember how much I adored Zach. He is the ultimate character and I absolutely loved him. I agree that it can be read as a standalone for those who aren’t interested in getting involved in a series. All that I read in this series can be.