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Today we are excited to have Devon McCormack join us with his interesting and wonderfully named post for our 3 year blog anniversary. When you read the title just know that it’s irreverent and open and it suits us to a Tee at On Top Down Under. I love his take on what the Clipped Saga means to him as the author of these kinky action packed immortals and their partners in crime, so to speak.
From the moment I first read Clipped, I was hooked on the unusual and flipped universe of good and evil and religion. At some stage most of us who read/review a lot of books will say we’re tired of the same-old-same-old, we’re looking for something a bit different. When Clipped landed in our email folder as a review request, I knew I had to pick it up – a different spin on religion, paranormal beings, sword action and, as I discovered, mega cock-o-sauruses galore. I really enjoyed Clipped and now Bound. Clipped was so passionate, so vibrant, so different – as is Bound. Kinzer appealed, as did the OTT sado-masochistic relationship between Treycore and Kid, and Maggie got better and better.  

One more thing I’d like to add. I don’t get particularly friendly with authors, I tend to keep some distance, but I found myself following Devon McCormack’s posts – and commenting – because they were witty, sometimes crazy and always full of joie de vivre, and they continue in that vein. I’ve since worked out that his posts are a reflection of who he is as a person. He is without a doubt one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve stumbled across in the writing world. I also know that he will hate me for having said that. Good. Suffer, Devon 🙂 Now I’ve waffled… on to his fabulously-named author post.

A Perv’s Thoughts on Giant Immortal Schlongs, Itty Bitty Holes, and One Determined Bottom


Devon McCormack


Wild, violent, passionate sex.

That’s what I wanted to write about.

Clipped - Devon - 08282015The moment I began writing the first book in what I planned to be an erotic fantasy series, I knew I wanted the sex to be painful. Incredibly painful. Not just the usual stings and burns that we experience during a good rough tussle, but intense, throbbing, mind-blowing pain. It’s not that I’m particularly aroused by pain during sex. Don’t get me wrong. A good rough fuck is always fun, but the sort of pain I wanted to express was about more than wish-fulfillment. It was about the passion behind the sex—the determination to have it even when it meant that one would have to endure extreme pain to achieve it. That’s what I wanted to capture. An intense lust that could war against the laws of nature.

Lightning in a bottle.

The world that this sex would take place in would be one where angels and demons mingle with mortals on Earth, taking part in an elaborate war between Heaven and Hell. In this world, angels have unnaturally large cocks and hypersexual impulses that exceed those of even the most sex-crazed humans. When I first encountered the characters of Treycore and Kid while I was writing the story, I felt their tension. From the moment they meet, Treycore and Kid have every reason to hate each other. The angel Treycore perceives Kid as nothing more than a lowly mortal who represents the species that destroyed the peace of Heaven, where Treycore lived as one of God’s most beautiful and prized creations. Also, humans smell particularly foul to immortals, and Kid smells worse to Treycore than any human he’s ever encountered. But I’ll just let Treycore speak for himself about how much he despises Kid:


“You’re nothing! I carry divine authority. You’re lower than the lowest fallen. I’m older Sexy naked angel manthan the earth. The trees in this jungle are older than you. I can live forever. You have to die. Have you seen me? Have you seen my body’s perfection? That’s my birthright. Compare it to your disgusting figure, covered in the imperfections of mortality. The scars of your pathetic, disgusting life.”


What an ass, right? Since he acts like an asshole around Kid, Kid doesn’t like him either and is quick to challenge his authority. Having been imprisoned and forced to work as a sex slave, he doesn’t like taking orders from anyone, and Treycore is determined to have his way, as he was used to having it when he was revered and adored in Heaven. Despite the disdain they feel for each other, they can’t help but feel a powerful lust building between them—a sexual chemistry unlike anything either of them has ever experienced before. So powerful that even when Kid sees Treycore’s two foot dick, he knows he has to have that inside him.


He knew it wouldn’t be physically possible—or at least, it might be the most unbearable GIF FUCKING KK bookexperience of his life, but he wanted Treycore inside him. He wanted him to swell in his ass. He wanted to scream while Treycore forced it in him harder and harder, not giving him a moment to recover. He wanted Treycore to explode inside of him so his whipped cream load spewed out through the space between his asshole and Treycore’s pulsating dick.


Even though Treycore knows how dangerous fucking Kid could be, he can’t deny his own desire to be inside of him. However, Kid doesn’t just want the pain of that massive dick trying to ram into his tiny, human hole (which can really only get so far since it’s so enormous). He wants Treycore to hurt him. To choke him. To bring him to the brink of GIF ADDAMS FAMILY PAINlosing consciousness before assuring him that, despite his sadistic desires, he will never let things go too far. And while Kid senses that Treycore doesn’t want to seriously injure him, at times he fears Treycore won’t know his own strength and may accidentally take things too far. Even then, Kid is willing to endure it, because that’s how much he wants to fuck Treycore. In one encounter, while Treycore is strangling Kid with the vine of a tree, Kid is ready to die if that’s what he has to do to keep fucking Treycore.

The back of Kid’s skull felt like it was about to pop off, and Kid knew he didn’t have but a few moments of consciousness left. If this was how he was going to die, he was satisfied.


That’s how much Kid wants to experience the pain that Treycore has to offer.

Though they still don’t particularly care for each other, there’s a certain trust that grows with each moment where they see that they’re willing to explore dangerous and painful sexual encounters together, each satisfying this deep hunger they have for one another, but also building a strong connection between them.

Through Treycore and Kid, I was free to explore lust, passion, sadism, and masochism in ways I’d never considered previously. Their violence and passion is exactly what I was looking for going into the series, and it didn’t disappoint. And gradually, I discovered that it was through this twisted sexual exploration that they find something much more profound, something deeper for each other that is far beyond their lust.

BoundLust, hunger, and determination combine to create a steamy epic in The Clipped Saga, where angels, demons, and humans fuck, not just to fuck, but because the passions that stir within them are beyond their control, and sometimes even dangerous for them to pursue. So if you’re looking for passion. If you’re looking for couples that couldn’t stop fucking if they wanted to, you need to see the guys in these books in action. Treycore and Kid are just one of the many couples that journey through the series, but these books are about setting fire to hearts and loins and taking the reader on an adventure across the realms while exploring the depths of these characters’ hunger for one another. For those who haven’t already seen Treycore and Kid in action, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Clipped, the first part in The Clipped Saga, where Treycore and Kid first meet. The sequel, Bound, just dropped last month, and is a continuation of their adventures…along with their friends who have their own violent sexual experiences to explore.

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And for those who are interested in beginning this quest, On Top Down Under is hosting a giveaway to win a set of Clipped and Bound! Just comment below for a chance to win.

Thank you so much for having me on the blog today, Cindi and Kazza! I’m so pleased I had a chance to share this post with you and your readers, because I feel this is the best I’ve ever done at articulating what I love about this series.



Simply leave a comment below before midnight US EST on October 31st for a chance to win an e-book set of Clipped and Bound. *Please note that the Clipped Saga is erotic gay fantasy and also deals with religious themes, if these aspects worry you do not enter this giveaway. (If you receive a spam message, don’t worry, we will see it and add it to the giveaway.)  Good luck 🙂

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A huge thank you to Devon McCormack for helping us celebrate our 3rd blog anniversary. I adore Treycore and Kid so I was thrilled to see this post was about them. I always love stepping back into their naughty world. 😉

Thanks also for the fantastic giveaway!

P.S. I LOVE the title of this post.


Clipped has been on my to read list for a while, I really must get around to buying and reading it! Please include me in the draw as well. Thanks

Devon McCormack

Thanks, Dianna! Glad to hear the series is on your TBR list. 🙂

Devon McCormack
Wow. Thanks for an introduction that is far more generous than I deserve, Kazza. And thanks for the well-chosen visuals that just bring this post to life and are so appropriate for the content (which is totally inappropriate). I was thrilled to get to share this with On Top Down Under, because it’s one of the first posts where I feel I’ve been able to articulate one of the pieces of The Clipped Saga that really excites me. It’s hard for me to put into words what I love about Treycore and Kid (outside their story, that is), but this… Read more »

Most excellent post ^bows^ You can’t go past big schlongs and itty bitty holes. Fact! 😉
Bound is on my read list.


Ta for the giveaway. I haven’t read either but I want to change that position. 🙂


Hunnybunny, big dicks is where it’s at.


I love this post. Lots. And not just the eye candy. I like different and I can tell the Clipped books would be right up my alley. Thx for the chance to win.


Well hello! Looks like my kind of books. I’d read these on the title of the post alone.


These two books are moving to the top of my to-read list now! Love the title as well!


I remember the last time Clipped came up (so to speak) around these parts (ahem), and it was quite eye-opening (I said EYE!). 😉 Kazza, I love that you felt moved to say such nice things about Devon, and they seem well-deserved from what I can tell. Thank you for sharing more insight into the Clipped Saga, Devon, and for the giveaway!

Devon McCormack

Not well deserved at all, I assure you, Carolyn. 🙂 Kazza is just trying to ruin my street cred. Every time she writes something nice, I find I have to write another vile, perverse book just to make up for it. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!


It made my week when I won these books, loveys. Oh my they were phantasmagorical and cheeky. Ta and danke.