Lethe Press, Day 25 Giveaway: Stealing Arthur by Joel Perry

** Congrats to CAROLYN and SULA for winning the giveaway! **
To celebrate On Top Down Under Book Review’s 3rd blog-versary, Steve Berman and Lethe Press have kindly offered to give away a book a day during the entire month of October.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the bottom of each post. If you receive a spam notification while commenting, no worries. We will see it and move it to the appropriate post.
Good luck to all who enter and make sure you check back daily to see the next giveaway!
Join us in sending a huge thank you to Steve and Lethe Press for the generosity in helping us celebrate our 3rd year!
Stealing ArthurStealing Arthur by Joel Perry
In this hilarious novel based on an actual event, author Joel Perry tells of fifty-five of Hollywood’s highest awards–the Arthurs–have been stolen, setting in motion the kind of crazy only turn-of-the-millennium Los Angeles can provide. Intrigue, murder, comedy, sex, romance, celebrity dish, and ultimately redemption play out for characters from Skid Row to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, including all the desperate wannabes in between. In a town where people would happily kill anyone for a part, what would they do for a gilded Arthur statuette?
Stealing Arthur
Another Bear Bones Books book brought to me by Ron Suresha. This one about celebrities and crime and based on a true story about the theft of real Oscar award statuettes. Gay men come in all shapes and sizes and colors–and big burly men want to read about adventures featuring men like them, which is why the imprint is so important to the community
We have two copies of Stealing Arthur to give away either in print or digital editions.

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This sounds interesting. Please put my name into the hat. Thanks


Another new to me author. i’d love to win this. It looks like a good book. Thx for another cool giveaway.


Another book I want to read soon. Thx again for the giveaway.


I’m all about humor and I can tell I’d love this. Add me to the draw please.


What an intriguing premise and story, as well as a fun read, so thank you for a chance of winning a copy


I have to say, first, that cover is great! I think it’s great that big burly men get books about themselves to read, but I want to assure them they are not the only ones. I’m so glad to get to learn about this one.