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New Release: Lying Bastard

Lying Bastard

Thank you so much Cindi and Kazza for having me on On Top Down Under Book Reviews. It’s always a pleasure to be here. Today, I’m excited to announce my new release, Lying Bastard. It’s the follow up novella to the novelette Cheating Bastard, which I released back in December. Initially, when I released Cheating Bastard, I figured no one wanted to read about some asshole cheating on his boyfriend all the time. Boy was I wrong. From the moment I posted about the story on Facebook, I began receiving comments of interest from people who were eager to dive into the tale, and it became my best selling story since I started publishing back in 2013.

While I was working on Cheating Bastard, I completed a separate novella, Lying Bastard, which looks at a very different tale of a twisted group of fraternity brothers. I wrote it to be my anti-Valentine’s Day release. Not that I don’t enjoy a good romance on Valentine’s Day. I just like to invite a little bit of twisted fun to the party as well. Lying Bastard’s story revolves around Brad, the Vice Archon at his fraternity, and Ian, a prospective pledge. The two characters meet at student orientation, where they hook up. During a surprisingly violent sexual experience, they both realize they have similar disturbing tastes. They want to hook up with each other more, but Brad is scared of what their twisted urges could lead to. Ian, on the other hand, is determined to hook up anyway. And despite Brad’s attempts to scare him off, Ian begins hooking up with the fraternity’s Archon so that he can pledge Alpha Theta Mu, which will keep him close to Brad. When he pledges, he makes it as hard as possible for Brad to refuse him. And Brad caves to his desires again…and again…and again. But there’s a dark secret in his past. The real reason he doesn’t want to do anything with Ian. As the story unfolds, Ian starts to unravel the mystery behind Brad’s strange behavior.

This story is all about hot sex and frat bros with some seriously fucked up pasts. If you’ve read any of my previous works, you know my recipe for sex scenes is one part pain and two parts passion, and this story is no different. If you’ve never read anything of mine before, just be warned that I like it rough. Real rough. And this story, though it features a character who has a history of dabbling with BDSM, isn’t about a BDSM relationship. It’s about boys who want it to hurt. A lot. It’s sadism and masochism without safety or rules. It’s wrong, but it feels so right. That said, I hope some of you get a check to chance out the new book.

Kazza’s non-spoiler review here


Today, we’re giving away an audiobook and ebook of Cheating Bastard as well as the e-book for Lying Bastard. Just comment below to enter until next Monday, February 8th, and On Top Down Under will notify you if you win!

Thanks again for stopping by today.



I’ve (Kazza) just added some pics and quotes that take the excerpt into NSFW territory. This book is all kinds of naughty, nasty and hot, so let’s get into it in a way that says this is for those who like it psychologically twisted and kinky.


Take me, Brad, Hurt me. Break me.

Freshman Ian craves something brutal. Something violent. Something dangerous. After an encounter with Brad, his student orientation leader, he believes he’s discovered the guy who can give him exactly what he needs. But when Brad ignores Ian’s attempts to reconnect, Ian knows it’s because he fears what they shared. He’s sure if he can just get close to him, Brad will cave to their powerful chemistry. And he has just the trick to make it impossible for Brad to shake him: pledge with Brad’s fraternity, Alpha Theta Mu. It’s the hottest fraternity on campus. The one every guy’s trying to get into. Fortunately for Ian, the fraternity’s Archon Aaron takes an interest in him. Playing along will help him pledge and keep him close to the object of his desire. 

Brad wants Ian, but he fears the darkness within him. He’s hurt people in the past, and he can’t let himself hurt Ian. Brad knows the only reason Ian’s hooking up with Aaron is to get close to him, but messing with the Archon’s boy-toy isn’t an option. But why can’t he keep away from Ian? Why does every moment they’re alone together lead to passionate kisses and sadistic games? And why do his hands keep gravitating to Ian’s throat? 

This is a 32,000-word standalone novella.





Lying Bastard (Bastards #2)


Devon McCormack


He’s gotta be here.

Jesse chats up one of the brothers beside a pair of inflatable palm trees. I should be helping him win this guy’s interest, but I’m more interested in finding Brad than pledging. He didn’t respond to my text last night, but I won’t be dissuaded. The sex was too hot for me to believe he didn’t feel something. But I can understand why he might not want to admit it.

This is Ian,” Jesse says, raising his voice in a way that I assume means, “I’m not going to do all the work here, dickhead.”

The brother extends his hand and offers a smile. My gaze drifts down his ripped body to the tight speedo he’s wearing for the beach-themed party. Considering how little everyone else is wearing, I figure Jesse was right when he suggested I abandon the sleeveless tee.

Hi, Ian. I’m Tad. So you guys are interested in pledging Alpha Theta Mu?”

We’re definitely considering it,” I say, though I can’t hide my disinterest because I keep glancing around him.

Through my periphery, I notice Jesse glaring at me.

He’ll be here, so I need to chill the fuck out. But he’s been my primary distraction since our encounter at orientation.

What makes you think you’re brother material?” Tad asks. The look in his eyes suggests he enjoys his superiority over us.

The question is absurd. Everyone who’s anyone wants to pledge Alpha Theta Mu. This is the fraternity of some of the most successful political leaders and entrepreneurs in the country. The Atlanta chapter is legendary for its prestigious alumni, which provides enough money that the fraternity can make college life for members one of the most memorable experiences of their lives as well as provide a Rolodex of networking opportunities that lead to some of the highest paid careers on the market.

Ian,” Jesse says, “started a nonprofit organization at our high school.”

My cheeks warm. It wasn’t something I would have brought up.

Tad’s interest is clearly piqued as he asks, “Oh, really? What sort of nonprofit?”

We raised money,” I reply, “for a few suicide-prevention programs like the Trevor Project.”

That’s really cool.”

Jesse’s being a little generous. We started it together.”

Jesse smiles, appreciating my reciprocal compliment.

We chat about my involvement with various extracurricular activities when I catch a guy speeding down a four-foot slide into a blue-and-white polka-dot inflatable kiddie pool. In just a pair of navy swim-trunks, those muscles—defined, cut—are unmistakable. He hops up from the pool, drenched in water, his eyes beaming with flames from a nearby Tiki torch as the water cascades down his abs. As he looks up—a smile spread across his face—I catch his gaze. His expression turns serious.

I recall his hot breath against me. His fingers moving across my flesh. His forceful entry and the angry look in his eyes as he plowed into me just a few weeks earlier.

It was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I don’t just want to experience it again. I need it again. I’m more than a little pissed that he hasn’t reached out to me because I know he enjoyed it. I saw that look in his eyes as he slapped me around like a bitch. As he manhandled me. Tested my limits. He wasn’t playfully rough. He was brutal. Slamming-my-head-against-the-wall brutal. I loved every second of it. When he lost control—when he punched me across the face—I saw the guilty expression he made. He knew he’d gone too far. He’d drawn blood, which I eagerly licked to assure him I wasn’t bothered, but aroused. His expression let me know he was freaked out by my reaction. But then it just made him take me even harder. Beat on me like I meant nothing. I enjoyed his abuse more than any of my experiences with BDSM in the past. What we shared wasn’t BDSM. BDSM is controlled. Safe. What Brad and I did was dangerous, which was why it excited me.

Behind the concerned look in Brad’s eyes, I can see his desire to reenact that experience. If he wants it half as much as I do, that won’t be an issue. He can only deny me for so long before caving to the powerful draw that has controlled me since that night—the one I’ve had to fight time and time again to keep from blowing up his phone with texts. Though even with my restraint, I know the three I’ve sent are way too many.

Another brother barrels down the slide behind him.

Brad breaks eye contact and turns to him. He throws his arms over his head and jumps up and down, releasing an excited holler.

My heart sinks. After what we did, how can he pretend I don’t exist? He must feel guilty about his actions, but he shouldn’t.

Ian…Ian?” Tad says to get my attention.

Sorry,” I say.

Well?” Jesse asks, his irritated expression letting me know that my distraction isn’t making us look good. “Why don’t you tell Tad about some of the organizations you plan to join?”

I regroup and continue offering Tad my resume. I need to focus. While I hadn’t initially intended to pledge Alpha Theta Mu, since my experience with Brad, it’s become my only mission, which works out great since it’s the only one my bestie Jesse considers a viable option.



What the fuck is he doing here?

I know the answer. I was his orientation leader just a few weeks earlier, when I made the rookie mistake of hitting on him. He was too fucking cute to resist. He talks with Tad. I do my best to keep from looking at him, but only because I want to look at him so much. Because I want to fuck him again.

My mind clutters with images of him stretched out across the wall of the orientation office as I took him from behind, admiring the grooves in his back. Adoring how compact his muscly body was. I dug my fingers into his flesh as if I was trying to get beneath it. I yanked his hair until I pulled him back—pulled like I was trying to take a chunk of his hair out. When I finally managed to force myself out of him, I flipped him around, hoisted him in the air, lay him on the desk, and continued fucking him. I gripped onto his throat, squeezing until his face turned red. He didn’t fight me. Most people have limits. Most of the guys I hook up with tell me when it’s too much. This kid didn’t, and it terrified me.


There was just one moment where he gripped my hand. I knew he needed to breathe, but I couldn’t help myself, and his interference enraged me. I leaned back and punched him across his face.

The moment I did it, I stopped moving. As I saw the blood running down his lip, I feared he would want to stop. That he felt violated. That he might even get me in trouble with the school for an act that I should’ve had the will to control. But he beamed as he licked his lip, and I knew I was in bigger trouble than I considered. The kid was dangerous because he wanted what I had to offer, and I knew what that could lead to. Still, I couldn’t deny myself a moment to be with someone who could take my hatred. Who could endure the pain I had to offer.

I wonder if he still has marks that remind him of that day.

Dude,” Alex says as he fixates on my crotch.

It’s rock-hard just from thinking about Ian.

He glances around. “See something you like?” he asks.

Right here,” I joke, assessing Alex’s physique, which isn’t bad, but he’s like a straight brother to me.

He pushes my shoulder. “Shut the fuck up,” he says with a laugh, running his hand through his thick dark hair.

Let’s do some shots,” I suggest. I need them right now. They’re the only thing that can take my mind off Ian.

We head to the bar and down a few before I turn back and see Ian talking to Aaron. If Aaron’s talking to him, he must have gotten wind of some intel that makes this kid a particularly appealing candidate. Or perhaps he’s just as turned on by him as I was. I’m not sure which would be worse. Aaron definitely has the tastes of the sorts of guys Ian would be into, and if Aaron develops an interest in him, it’s likely he’ll wind up a pledge. If that happens, I won’t have an easy time keeping away. And my stiffening erection assures me of that. I have to stop this shit from happening.

Let’s go check out the newbies our little Archon’s chatting up,” I say to Alex.

We head over, and I sidle up beside the one next to Ian—a cute little guy with pale white flesh and freckles sprinkled across his cheeks. Though he’s scrawnier than Ian, I wouldn’t have a problem hooking up with him.

Ian doesn’t look at me. I’m fine with that. If we can pretend that afternoon never happened, that would be great.

What’s up, guys?” Alex asks.

Aaron grins as he turns to me, and I know it’s because he likes these kids. “This is Ian and Jesse. Guys, this is Brad, our Vice Archon. And this is our Secretary, Alex.”

Alex extends his hand for shakes, and I offer Jesse one, but not Ian because I want Aaron to see that I don’t want Ian to be considered.

Even in the dim orange glow from the porch lights, I notice Ian’s face turn several shades lighter. I wonder what he’s thinking. That I don’t like him? That I didn’t have a good time? He’d be so fucking wrong, and it’s the opposite. That’s why he doesn’t need to be around me.

Aaron eyes me suspiciously. He’s trying to figure out what I could have against someone I don’t even know. I’m gonna need a good reason for my obvious insult, but for now I can get away with it.

Jesse’s a cute name,” I say, looking Jesse up and down before making eye contact. The look in his eyes assures me that he’s interested.

He’s cute and all, but tonight he’s a victim. If I fuck him Ian will get the message loud and clear: I’m not interested.

I feel Ian’s eyes on me as I chat up Jesse. I feel his confusion. His frustration. It hurts me. Physically makes me sick thinking that I’m upsetting him.

But it’s for your own good, kid.


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Devon McCormack

Thanks again for having me on the blog today, Kazza and Cindi. So eager to share this story. I hope it finds some cool, kinky readers who’ll enjoy my fucked up brain. 🙂

Love you guys.

Kazza K

Haha. You started with a nice, innocent blog post and I corrupted it!! People have to know how delightfully twisted and sexy this is. Happy release…day 🙂

Great giveaway – an audio book of Cheating Bastard and a copy of Lying Bastard.


Saw this via Twitter. Good to see a new McCormack work. Been a while for me, last I read was Clipped, which I did enjoy. I agree with the description of the works scenes combining passion and pain so well.

Best, and keep on writing.

Devon McCormack

So glad you enjoyed Clipped, Angel. Thanks for the well wishes!


Love the porn gifs in the excerpt!! :p
Added to my TBR list – I love kinky stories!

Devon McCormack

Kazza did an amazing job with the gifs. I’ve enjoyed them since she first used a violent anime porn gif in her review of Clipped. They keep getting better and better. Hope you enjoy the book, and thanks for participating in the giveaway. 🙂

Kyan Christopher

Devon’s books are awesome and I can’t wait to dive into this one. He’s become my “not-so-secret” guilty pleasure as of late!

Devon McCormack

Hey, stranger. 😉 Thanks for swinging by, Kyan. I’ll be eager to see if you like this one as much as you’ve liked the others.


Take me, Brad, Hurt me. Break me. Do I need to read any more? I did but WEE! that’s enough. Cheating Bastard was fun so of course I’m gonna read Lying Bastard.
Thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway. 😀

Devon McCormack

So glad you enjoyed CB, Amy. I think LB will be right up your alley. Thanks for stopping by for the excerpt and giveaway. 🙂


I’d love to be in the giveaway draw. Thanks. 🙂

Devon McCormack

Good luck, Matt! And thank you so much for checking out the excerpt and giveaway.


Love Devon’s work,and her stories…And I’m sure the latest one will be just as good! Thanks for the giveaway!

Devon McCormack

Thanks, Rose. I really appreciate it. Good luck with the giveaway, and thank you for stopping by to participate. 🙂


I’ve never read anything by this author but I’ve always wanted to. Great giveaway, excerpt and those gifs…. holy cow! 😀

Devon McCormack

I hear this author is just terrible, Alexi. Don’t read him. Lol. 😉 Thanks for stopping by today, and good luck!


Love the review on this book and especially the visuals 🙂 Congrats on your newest release,Devon!

Devon McCormack

Kazza really outdid herself with this review. She has no idea how honored I was to receive such a good review. She has always given me good reviews, but the review for this one just blew me away and really let me know how she felt about the story. Thanks for stopping by today, Vitto!

Lee Todd
Lee Todd

great review! sounds awesome 🙂
*fans self from all the pretty gifs….*


How not to read a book that inspired such a delightful post 🙂 …you certainly convinced me! Thanks for the giveaway!


I hope I’m not too late for the giveaway. Would love to win this. I read the author’s YA books but not the adult stuff yet. I really want to.

Love the post.


I just read your review kazza and then tis exerpt i have to read this. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂