Christopher (College Encounters #1), Candi Kay

ChristopherRating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Gay Erotica/Romance

Tags: Multiple Partners, Ménage, Virgin, Age Difference, Standalone Series, College Backdrop, Loose Romance, Dabbling in BDSM (see tags)Erotica 

Length: 52 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Christopher just wants to get laid. Nothing more. Nothing less. He doesn’t want romance – just sex.

While seeking out gay porn on the internet he stumbles across details about an exclusive sex club in his town. Convinced this is what he’s looking for, he works up the courage to go to the club a few days later. He almost turns back the way he came when he sees an intimidating bouncer standing outside the door. He’s one step from leaving when he’s ushered inside. Two members have seen Christopher on the security cameras and are eager to play with him – with conditions. He must wear a blindfold and vow that once the night is over he won’t show up at the club again. Nervously, he agrees.

Even blindfolded it doesn’t take long for him to recognize the voice of one of the men as someone he knows well. More turned on than he’s ever been in his life, he allows the man and his partner to do anything and everything to his body without complaint. When it’s over he’s guided out of the club and the blindfold is removed. Flying high, he knows he’ll have to hook up with those guys again, especially now that he’s certain that the one who took his virginity is his favorite professor. Will he embarrass himself when he’s forced to face him in class the following Monday? And does he dare risk going back to the club the following weekend, his promise be damned?

Christopher, College Encounters #1, is gay erotica and has a virgin, an age gap, mild BDSM, rough sexual situations, and group sex. Note that the BDSM in this story doesn’t follow strict protocols of the lifestyle. Keep that in mind before downloading this book.


What’s it like to want to bust your cherry so bad? To feel that teenage, hormonal need to get off with  another guy… or two? Finding it hard to hook up because you’re like the Doogie Howser of your year – an accelerated student who feels lonely at eighteen in his senior year at college. That’s Christopher Ashby. He doesn’t want romance, well, he kind of does, but he definitely does want sex. He wants sex now and he wants it with someone other than his hand. When he sees the name of a club popping up online, a place that might give him what his horny, kinky heart desires, he decides to get his arse down there to see what it’s like. Once he sees the massive bouncer at the door he turns to leave but his sex drive gets the better of him; it helps him pull out the courage to go to the door and ask inside A E. The bouncer isn’t going to let him in initially but he receives a request from a couple of regular clientele of the club to let him in. 

It was the third week of the new semester when I’d finally gotten so desperate for sex that I went trolling on online sites looking to find an anonymous guy to lose my virginity to. 

The bouncer gives Christopher a bit of good natured sass about being a kid, but he has the request so he tells himChristopher Quote 2 what’s expected of him, while also checking him out.

“You a virgin, Chris?”
I looked down, embarrassed.
“Nothing to be ashamed of. We all had our first times.” He motioned toward the phone again. “If it’s anonymous sex you’re wanting, I can arrange that easily. I’ll take you to a private room and you can play as long as you want.”

The security guard likes the idea of sex with  Christopher as well, he’d do the young guy eager to get in. As keen as he is to take the virginal Christopher, the clients want their time with him and they take priority. Once Christopher is up for being blindfolded he can continue on through the club to the two guys who secured his entrance into A E. Mr Beckham and Nate guide Christopher into some hot ménage sex and some less than vanilla experimentation, but when they’ve finished they tell him it’s a one off. That he shouldn’t come back to the club. He agrees but when he thinks on it some more he isn’t keen on avoiding what he enjoyed so much, and with two guys. He has to experience what he had with them again, and he’s pretty certain who one of them is – which is a huge turn on for him.

Oh, hell. I was going to lose my virginity to a guy who was getting his own ass fucked at the same time.

Mmm hmm, of course he will. Of course he does. A good time is had by all. But what to do when you’re pretty sure Christopher Quote 3you know who one of the fuckers is? Do you press it when they said not to? Do you go for it and hopefully have some more of the same? Does it affect college? You? That’s something that Christopher has to discover. This book is not about the philosophical, it’s about first times, some hot sex, and being young and horny. I will add that someone else comes along as well and a bit of a romance blossoms, but this is not a true romance book. Christopher discovers that being older at college now means he can be a part of the student body – in any number of ways –  no longer a sixteen year old odd guy out.

Christopher has elements of romance in it and the (none too) mysterious first time ménage is not the primary focus of the quasi-romance in this instalment. I believe Mr B and Nate will have a book of their own later on. But bear in mind this one is not for readers who purely want a MM romance with a neat HEA between two MCs. It’s contemporary erotica with a story to add dimension. There’s a happy enough ending but it’s meant to be erotic – there are multiple partners for Christopher and not always in the best possible way. It’s the beginning of a standalone series set around a college and different people attached to the campus. This time Christopher has his cherry popped, as the saying goes, next time someone else it up.


I really enjoyed the sexy escapism that Christopher gave me. I liked all the players and the eroticism. I’m not always so good with MCs around eighteen but when there’s an age difference, which there is here, I’m happy to roll with it. When it’s predominantly erotica, and well written, I’m pervy enough to be up for it. I liked that the author had a pragmatic approach, as well as the total fantasy – when you first experiment with sex it’s not always perfect but it can be mighty passionate… Oh yeah! Overall, I had a really good time reading this naughty novella. 4.5 Stars! 

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What a sexy review. 😉 Christopher is beautiful and I love your visuals.

Candi Kay

There are no words for how much I love this review. Thank you! I had such a blast writing about Christopher and the others.

Nate and Mr. B will have their story told soon. Unless something changes, it will be #3 in the series. I have a thing for age differences, so you can expect more of the same in future stories. 🙂

I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. The visuals are fantastic. <3