Blog-Versary Guest Podcast: The Postal Vote and Marriage Equality in Australia: A Gay Man’s Perspective.

I want to thank my son for taking part in our 5th blog anniversary by chatting with me in this podcast. He is a wonderful young man with a private but amazing sense of humour. He is incredibly intelligent and articulate and I’m very proud of him, just as I am my daughter. We are very close but it is still intimidating being interviewed by your mother and being listened to by others. We would love to see Marriage Equality pass into law in Australia. The current postal vote closes this Friday and we hope to have one last say before it does.

We winged this chat, nothing was prepared, so if we waffle I hope that’s taken as us being genuine and real.

Anything we express in this podcast is our personal opinion and not meant to be taken as a political endorsement, statement, gospel, or anything more than two members of a family contributing to the “reasoned debate” that has been thrust upon us.

While I have appeared on radio and TV before, I have never been involved in organising a podcast. I hope that the quality is fine – because it’s an eBay microphone and some Microsoft audio software being used for this post. I’ve also never set this up on a WordPress blog previously. I’m sure my son will save me 🙂

If you have opinions about the vote for Marriage Equality we would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below. However, no hate speech will be allowed on the pages of this blog. If you don’t feel like contributing, thanks for stopping by and listening to us shooting the silly-serious breeze, or being silerious as my son likes to call it.

Even though the postal vote is non-biding, we hope Australia sends a resounding message to the Australian government that it’s time. Our country has always been known as a place that will give people a fair go, so it’s time for a fair go in regards to Marriage Equality in our country. #VoteYes


Kazza’s Son and Kazza


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I can’t express how much I love this, though the conversation shouldn’t be needed. Marriage Equality should be a given everywhere. I’ll never understand why so many people actually care who others love and feel the need to tell them they’re wrong for it. I’ve watched the postal vote play out in the media and am absolutely shocked over some of the things I’ve seen by the ‘other’ side. I’m seeing so-called Christians use their religion to justify hate, just as I’ve seen it done here. That angers me. I identify as a Christian and believe that MY God loves… Read more »


The relationship between you two made me cry. #Familyrelationshipgoals. Thank you both for the honest and thoughtful discussion. I hope this reaches people who are sitting on their vote and encourages them to mail in their ballot. You two hit on many important issues, and I was surprised at just how similar the arguments are between America and Australia. Wonderful and insightful piece. I’ve had so many fruitless discussions with people who, as you discussed, equate homosexual marriage with pedophilia or having a relationship with animals or inanimate objects. It’s so frustrating because the connection is glaringly illogical and not… Read more »


I’m hoping it’s a HUGE YES so they find it hard to stop us from marriage. Just as you said Kaz and son it’s about giving us choice. We go to work and pay our taxes and contribute to the country but we get the 2nd class citizen treatment. That’s not my Aus! I reckon a lot of Aussies thinks fairly. I’ve got friends who don’t wanna marry but they’re still voting yes. It shouldn’t ever have been a vote on my life and your life and mates lives and loves in the 1st place. It stinks! Thanks for the… Read more »


Why not allow two people who love each other get married if that’s what they want. Everyone deserves their own happiness as long as it’s between two consulting adults.

Purple Reader
Purple Reader

Wonderful post. Thanks to both of you. It means a lot. My partner of 14 years and I took advantage of the change in the U.S., and married 16 months ago. It was so special to do that with family and friends, and I hope those in Australia will be able to get to experience that as well.

Female Sibling Unit
Female Sibling Unit

Hello, Kazza’s daughter here. Just wanted to venture on and say awesome job brother and mother! So many great points. All heartfelt and worthy of everyone’s full attention. Let’s hope our nation is listening and that we can then, in-turn, reach our politicians. I HATE that we are even having this “reasoned debate,” and I sincerely hope that it ends soon with a resounding yes, so that our nation can move forward. Love you both xoxo

P.S. It’s really strange/eerie listening to you two and not being able to contribute to the converstion…