The Persuasion (The Propostion #3), Natasha Braithwaite

The PersuasionRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre:  Bisexual Erotica/Romance

Tags: Poly Relationship,  Contemporary

Length:  39 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Book #3 starts three hours later on the same day book #2 left off. Henry, Nick and Christie are still at the hospital where Henry’s father is in palliative care. All after Kathleen caused a scene and slapped and scratched Christie and Nick, and Henry told her to leave. Nick, who is still settling into the fact that he is bisexual, isn’t dealing well with Kathleen calling him a faggot. It compounds what he is dealing with emotionally. To top things off, Henry forgives his father, on his father’s death bed, for all the ways he failed the family through his alcoholism only to have homosexuality thrown in his face by his father just before his death.

But not to worry, Nick and Christie are there to give him some sexual healing. When they go back to Henry’s, Christie puts on a show, seductively stripping her clothes off and using a bed post as her own stripper pole. She is ready for the fucking to begin –

I situated my cock at her soft entrance and then ever-so-slowly, Man and woman doggy style Quote 2pressed in. Her warm slippery folds immediately enveloped my cock, the pleasure so intense I groaned. Henry made a sound as well, as if mirroring what I was feeling. Grabbing her hips I pushed all the way in. Christie let out a long, low moan….

Fuck. It was so hot, the thought of Henry watching my cock, wet and slick with her juices, sinking into her sweet pussy….

“Fuck her hard. I want to see her ass bounce.”

When they first met in The Proposition, Henry told them he enjoyed a live sex show in Amsterdam and now he is going to enjoy his own up close and personal sex show with Nick and Christie.

The night is marred by Henry shutting down Nick’s advances and asking to be left alone after sex with Christie. I must say that Henry was being a bit of, no, a lot of a dick. Once again, Henry is not calling his lovers and Nick doesn’t want to go back down the humiliating road of calls being ignored and messages that aren’t returned.  When Henry does make contact, it is to tell them that Kathleen is not taking the break-up of their engagement well. That he feels responsible for cheating on her. Nick and Christie also feel stung as they were with Henry before he decided to become engaged and ‘normalise’ his life with Kathleen. Christie and Nick are missing Henry, and agree to go to Henry’s father’s funeral, although they aren’t feeling comfortable with how   unpredictable Henry’s moods are. However, they know he has been under recent stress.

Henry needs two people, and one of them has to be a male. It doesn’t take long Naked Guys About to Fuck Quote 1before Henry is back on the horse again and embracing his Nick along with his Christie and his bisexual, poly lifestyle with them both.

In the last book, Christie offered to have Henry’s baby. He wants a child, and perhaps his choice of Kathleen was for all the right reasons, but with the wrong person. That is something else that I look forward to – oh yes, nothing like having ovulation leave!

Toys make an entry into their lives and I love the pink u-vibrator that matches Christies nails –

“What else did you bring, Mr Tall, dark and experimental?” Henry’s gaze smouldered. “Oh, you have no idea how experimental I am, sweet thing.”

I look forward to it.


I liked this addition to The Proposition series, it adds well towards the story thus far. There were a couple of editing lapses, but nothing horrendous. I enjoy this sexy soap opera-esque erotic ménage series. I like the MC’s. I’m sucked in. I have a soft spot for the effervescent, kind, and sensible Christie. Nick is embracing his gender fluidity with gusto, and Henry is dominant and sexy, when he’s not being a bit of a moody bugger. On to book #4 and the final, I believe. 

Henry’s attention was like a drug. When you got it, the euphoria was unlike anything you’d ever experienced. I was like an addict when faced with the seduction of my drug. I craved him.

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I am so eager to read these shorts. I love the characters, even Henry and his back and forth ways. Kathleen sounds like a true bitch. I can’t wait for your review of #4.