Tales of a Prison Bitch, Ethan Stone

Tales of a Prison BitchRating:  3.5 Stars

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Genre: Gay Erotica

Tags: Prison Bitch/Protection, Double GFY, Multiple Partners, Bukake, Felching, Rusty Trombone

Length: 16, 179 Words

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Wilde City Press, amazon.com


I think this is a very catchy title. Seriously, Tales of a Prison Bitch pretty much says it all. If you are looking for more than erotica you may be disappointed as this is pure erotica. It isn’t long and from beginning to end it is choc-full of sex. Do you need a general story outline? Because the blurb gives enough and I’d rather devote myself to placing GIFs and pictures on here. I think the book deserves some naughty pictorial inspiration to go with the title, the writing, and the general vibe of the book. You know this will be #NSFW, people, avert thine eyes if you are easily offended. Don’t read the book if you are easily offended.

Thomas Greyson finds himself in prison for a minor offence and realises he is going to end up as someone’s prison bitch. He is twenty-two has blonde hair and ‘gorgeous green eyes’. He’s never been with a guy but he knows he is going to be mighty popular in jail. He also knows he will need protection – better to choose his own guy than have his, uh, dance card hijacked by people he doesn’t like.

Sexy Blonde 9

Like the fuck-happy make-you-my-bitch Duncan and co who try to gang up on Thomas when he is in the shower.

Sexy Guys Shower

But Thomas’ celly, Hoosier, has spread the word in search of someone to look after young, nubile  Thomas and the forty something, more respected/feared Booker comes to the ‘rescue’.

Sexy Guy Older

Booker is no saint, he knows that Thomas hasn’t been with a guy, doesn’t really want to be fucked but, hey, it is what it is – a nice piece of arse wants his protection so he’ll get blown and he’ll fuck Thomas, make him his bitch and take care of him.

Ever done anything with a guy?” Booker asked.

I shook my head.

“Not even a circle jerk in high school?”


“Good, I love a virgin.”


And there’s a bit of Booker on Thomas hair pulling in the sex

GIF Hair pulling


It is established that neither Booker or Thomas have been with guys outside prison. They start their arrangement and Booker uses his influence to have Thomas moved to his cell. The guards support it, even like to watch or join in when he fucks his boy(s).

Menage cops

So, there is a lot of sex and ‘protection’ until Booker is paroled and Thomas has learnt the ropes enough to work his way into the protector role that Booker had with him. It is literally wash, rinse, repeat with Thomas giving protection to someone else. Until Thomas gets out. But Thomas and Booker did have something. Is it enough for two ‘straight guys’ when prison is no longer in the equation?



This isn’t a very long novella at just over 16,000 words but it is well written and edited for the word count. There isn’t a huge story and you do have to suspend some disbelief – it is actually a double GFY. It is first and foremost erotica but it does have a romantic undercurrent and it finishes with a nice HFN. I thought Ethan Stone did a pretty decent job at what he was aiming for and in the allotted word count. If you like gay erotica, if you like your gay erotica in a prison setting, and if you like my pictorial spread and the sound of the blurb, then Tales of a Prison Bitch may well suit you. 3.5 Stars!

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I LOVE this review and I can tell I’ll love the story. Very hot.

Of all the pics I think I like the one of the older guy the most, surprisingly. I wonder why. 😀


This is on my to read list because of your review and hey, what’s the deal stealing my pix? 😉