Taking A Chance, Anne Brooke

Taking a ChanceRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Genre:  Gay Erotic Romance

Tags: BDSM Light, Contemporary

Length:  11,500 Words

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Wilde City Press,  amazon.com



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Nice contemporary short about two men who meet in a restaurant one night. David, a man in his forties, and Timothy, his online date. The thing is, “Timothy” isn’t really his name. When the suave David comes up and asks if he’s “Timothy” he can’t help himself. He’s attracted and intrigued and just wants to be with this sexy man with a touch of grey in his hair. He wants to just take a chance on something new and possibly sexy. So, yes, he’ll be “Timothy”

…and when he saw me stopping, he smiled and walked towards me, stretching his hand out.

“Hello. Are you Timothy?”

I wasn’t, but I thought: what the heck. Unlucky Timothy and lucky me.

David outlines his plan of action for the evening including kissing “Timothy” right there and then and when they leave the restaurant later he plans on touching his cock and plenty more. “Timothy” finds it forward but arousing.

“You don’t waste time do you?”

“No, I don’t. But I thought, as it’s the first time we’ve met face-to-face, I should be honest with you. You have a beautiful mouth, and I’d like to kiss it. And I’d like to see your cock – I’d be a liar if I pretended otherwise. Men’s cocks can be very beautiful too.”

The two men proceed back to David’s place where a night of safewords and the exploration of a slightly less vanilla night awaits. “Timothy” has much to learn but David is patient, thoughtful and a sensal lover and “Timothy” gets off on freeing himself to the experience –

So I opened my mouth and, inch by glorious inch, took him inside for the first time.Two men together 9

If anything could satisfy me apart from his cock filling my arsehole right to the brim, then this surely was it. I sucked and licked and murmured. The ache of my jaw concentrated my efforts, and soon I was lost entirely in the feel of having a man’s cock in my mouth again. Just for the sheer joy and submission of it, and without the need to commit myself to anything more.

I like Anne Brooke as a writer. I know if I buy one of her short stories that I will get value for money and  there will be a good journey. 


This short is really sexy and just plain enjoyable. I liked David the calm Dom and I liked “Timothy,” the ring-in. I’m not saying if his real name is found out or not. They were a good coupling with a sure, sophisticated, caring lover and passionate, willing partner. I also like that it was a forty something and a thirty something in the lead.  Not that I suppose it matters, but it’s just good for a change. There is a very slight twist at the end, I knew there would be, but not what I was thinking…so go, Anne Brooke. Terrific, sexy and quick reading with a couple of nice characters and a good ending. 

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Oh, this looks like a sexy story! I love your review and the picture is hot. I have to read it to learn the twist at the end and to see if Timothy’s real name is revealed. 🙂

Anne Brooke

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the story :)) Must admit it took me a while to read the review as I got stuck on the picture for a while. Wonderful! :))