Sexual Healing, Matt Shaw

Sexual HealingRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Matt Shaw

Genre: Hetero Erotica

Tags:  Erotica, Contemporary Setting

Length: 110 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Blurb –

From Matt Shaw – the author of PORN and WHORE – comes his first erotic novel, “Sexual Healing”.

Five years after he loses his wife to cancer, Jake feels as lost as he did when he first watched his wife pass away before his eyes. When he chances upon a working girl who is the spitting image of his wife – finally he starts to come alive again. Finally he goes back to the man he once was…

With scenes of a strong sexual nature – this book is NOT intended for those who are easily shocked or offended. This is an adult novel for those with a lust for the ruder things in life…

Review –

When I think Matt Shaw, I immediately think horror. When I saw that he had a non-horror erotica story coming out, I pre-ordered it without looking at the blurb. I’m glad I did. If you’re familiar with this author’s work, you know to expect the unexpected. That was certainly the case with Sexual Healing. I’m going to say what I find myself saying each time I review one of his books – if you read this, don’t spoil it for other readers! Seriously, don’t.

With that being said…

Jake is mourning the death of his wife, Michelle. He watched her die five years before and he’s not been able to move on from the loss. There have been blind dates here and there, but nothing ever became of them. There was no spark, no wanting a second date. Jake is so lost in the world he once shared with Michelle that the thought of another woman – even five years later – is something he can’t bear. One night while watching reality television (that he hates), he sees an ad for call girls. Curious, he checks out the website and sees a woman who is almost the same image of his late wife, Michelle. Before he realizes what he’s doing, he’s sending an email to this woman. When she responds is when the story  begins. One awkward appointment turns into more, with the working girl doing a bit of role-playing in order to help Jake loosen up a bit. When he does? It moves right into the bedroom. But what happens when the role-playing goes too far? Is he seeing the woman who looks like Michelle, or does he see himself with his late wife?

Sexual Healing 2 With QuoteThere’s really not a whole lot I can say about this story without giving too much away. There’s quite a bit of sex in it, but no more than what I’m used to in the books I read. This is the author’s first erotic novel (as stated in the blurb) and I feel that it was every bit as entertaining as his horror novels. The sex is graphically written and written well. But what really made the story for me was well, the actual story. There’s more to Jake and the working girl that one would expect. There were a couple of surprises thrown in, as is the norm with this author. The title is perfect as sexual healing is exactly what’s going on with Jake and the prostitute. Before her, he was unable to get beyond the loss of his wife. With her help, he’s able to look toward the future in a way he hasn’t been able to for half a decade. The ending was excellent and not at all what I was expecting.

Overall, a very entertaining read.


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That’s it, I’m coming to ask you more about this book now. I ‘ve woken up to two good reviews of two interesting books this morning. Yay!