Second Chances, Kimberly Hunter

Second Chances Kimberly Hunter



Second Chances, Kimberly Hunter

Official Blurb

Being tortured by an ex-lover for leaving, Noah Richards has let time and distance move him forward to try and live again. It hasn’t been easy. The only bright spot in his recovery is not knowing exactly what happened for the two days he was held. Noah wants to keep it that way.

Marcus Stuart has let fear of another broken heart keep him from attaining true happiness. Being dumped by his ex for money and position, Marcus has retreated from society. It’s a defense mechanism to protect not only his heart, but his sanity.

The attraction between Marcus and Noah is electric, both wanting the other but afraid to grab their chance at happiness. Of course, Noah isn’t going to let fear have its way. And after a bumpy start, the two settle into a comfortable relationship.

But the past has come back to haunt Noah. The man he thought put away for good has escaped. He wants revenge and will have it. No matter whom he has to kill to get it.

Marcus and Noah have finally found happiness, but will old ghosts prevent that second chance from happening?


Today we have an interview + giveaway with author Kimberly Hunter. I think it would be nice to get to know Kimberly a bit more first of all. So, Kimberly, we are asking you to spill to our lovely OTDU readers –  

Kazza: You’re a southern gal. And I raise that point because I always feel this kind of southern down-home feel to your characters and your books. Maybe that is my Australian perceptions. Do you think that southern charm influences your books and characters?

Kimberly: Absolutely! There’s a lot of romance associated with the south. It’s infused in our DNA. At times, it can even take on a life of its own. I think that’s why I like to give my characters such realism. And why I want them to have that HEA.  


Kazza: I have just read and enjoyed Second Chances. Tell us a little about the book. Maybe something that isn’t in the official burb.

Kimberly: Okay, well, this was originally a short story pubbed a few years ago. It was good, but not really long enough to satisfy some. I wasn’t all that satisfied with it either. But, it was one of my first stories and at the time, I didn’t have enough confidence or knowledge on how to make it better. So it sat in pubbed purgatory until I got the rights back a couple months ago. I knew where I wanted to go with it and how this time. I also wanted to pub it myself so it could be in print. That being said, I knew I had to expand the book. And I had a plan. I would bring the ex back to upset the happy couple’s lives. But I also had to make him highly intelligent. Insanely intelligent. So professor Dorian Tate was born. He’s sick and twisted and doesn’t even realize it. To him, he’s showing love. But there’s a fine line between love and possession. He crossed it and never went back. And Noah paid the price. Marcus learned that from Noah, but still wanted him. How can you not fall for a guy like that?


Kazza: Because Cindi and I are major cover fetishists we have to say that we are loving the cover for Second Chances. How hard/easy was it to get such a great cover for the book? Was it your idea, and why?

Kimberly: I was trolling FB one day when DW Skinner had some of his pics up. The one I really wanted had already been purchased. But the one closest to it was perfect. I bought the pic and had Meredith Russell enhance it for me.

When I saw the pic, I just knew it was Noah and Marcus. The vibe was right and the guys matched the characters perfectly. And yeah, the eyes were my idea. I wanted to show that even though Noah and Marcus were together, they were being watched. The result is the cover you see. And the red really pops!


Kazza: This year you will be at Writers, Romance, & Rainbows. Care to tell us a bit about this GLBT event?

Kimberly: Love to! It’s a book fair geared toward the GLBT romance genre. Anyone who is a part of the GBLT romance genre is welcome. There will be panels and workshops for those wanting to learn more as well as a formal ball. And, best of all, everyone who registers as an author will be treated as such and have a chance to sell and promo their work. My friend and partner for it, Deborah L. Warner, and I have wanted to do this event for several years. Then the fine gents at Bent-con asked us to join them and make it one big celebration. We couldn’t say no.


Kazza: Lastly, do you have any books that you are working on at the moment? Something we can look forward to? If so, please give On Top Down Under the lowdown, Kimberly.

Kimberly: Okay, you guys will be the first to hear about this.

What I’m working on now is another M/M. It’s about Graham Knowles, a former Special Forces soldier who is tasked with his brother’s last request. Find their German Shepard, Jake, who was taken to the local animal shelter while they were still overseas. Wyatt Daniels works at the shelter and takes Jake in. When Wyatt and Graham meet, it’s electric, but Wyatt is skittish. His past relationships were disasters. Graham won’t give up. He’s set his sights on Wyatt. As for Jake, well, his antics and personality colour the story. He is the reason they met, after all. Add in an emotional scene at Arlington, a kidnapping, and Jake saving the day and you have ‘Rescued by Love’. I hope to have it finished before November. So fingers crossed. 😉

And thank you so much for having me. I’ve enjoyed it!


Kimberly Hunter


Thanks so much to author Kimberly Hunter for joining us today, and also for the great giveaway.

One lucky person will have the opportunity to win Kimberly’s latest e-book or a print copy of Second Chances – your choice.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and you’re automatically in the draw. Comments must be submitted prior to midnight Eastern Standard Time (USA) on Sunday, September 15, 2013. The winner will be drawn from a bowl by Trudy, Kazza K’s excited and impartial Jack Russell, and the winner will be notified by email Monday, September 16th.

Thank you for stopping by, and good luck!





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I’d love a chance to win, thanks. Throw my name in the hat.


Hi. I’d like to have a chance to win the book 🙂


Toss my name to the ring, please. I’d love to win this book by Kimberly Hunter. Thanks!


Sounds good to me. Throw me into the bowl as well!


I would love to enter the draw, sounds like a great book!

I am also a huge sucker for a Jack Russell – an impartial one too. 🙂


Thanks, Cassie! You’ve been added.

Yes, very impartial. 😀