Rescued by Love, Kimberly Hunter


Rescued by LoveRating: 4 Tail Wagging Stars

Publisher: Kimberly Hunter

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Ex Military, For Dog Lovers, Contemporary

Length: 53,227 Words

Reviewer: Kazza K

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 Then the box with all of JJ’s things and the
letter arrived. ‘Find Jake and live for us both,’ it had said….



Graham Knowles is going through his older brother’s box of belongings. Both men were Special Forces. On their third tour JJ didn’t make it back. Graham finds a letter from his brother. JJ is asking for his help in locating his dog, Jake. The woman who looked after Jake while he was on tour has died and he wants Jake with Graham –

According to the letter’s passage and its date, almost two weeks had passed since Mrs. Simms death. It was a fairly wide time frame. And since Graham had no clue where Jake could have been sent, finding him wasn’t going to be easy. Then there was the possibility that Graham could already be too late. With over population, some shelters couldn’t and wouldn’t keep the animals for any extended stay. But that was a thought for later. Discovering Jake’s whereabouts was a priority.


Wyatt Daniels works at his aunt and uncle’s no-kill pet shelter. He works on the computer and keeps the books but he loves animals and he loves his job which gives him the best of both worlds – keeping the books in the black and animals. When the latest dog is brought into the shelter by Sheriff Ray and Deputy Marx, Marx once again behaves in an inappropriate manner. Deputy Marx is a homophobe and has made his thoughts clear to Wyatt before, as well as others,  resulting in reprimands and a suspension. Now he has a grudgeThe shelter’s receptionist has a theory –

“I still say he’s a closet case.”

Stopping at the door, he glanced back at her and chuckled. “For the sake of gay men everywhere, let’s hope not.”

Sheriff Ray was called out to the property of Mrs Simms when her son tried to get in and the Shepherd, Jake, wouldn’t let him. Her son hasn’t seen his mother in seven years. He wants the dog put down but the Sheriff sees thing another way. The Shepherd is well trained and was only protecting the property. He also remembers him stopping a burglary the year prior at Mrs Simms house. So, rather than calling animal control, he takes him to the no-kill shelter.

Wyatt takes an instant like to Jake and Jake to Wyatt –

There’s just something about this dog, uncle.” Wyatt gazed down on that furry head as his hand rubbed over it. “From the moment I saw him in the Sheriff’s cage, I felt drawn to him. Like he, well…”

“Like he belongs with you.”


“It won’t be easy. I don’t even have a clue what his name is.”

This is the first time he has contemplated taking one of the animals home.

Meanwhile, Graham has started looking for Jake. JJ had a friend who is an EMT. He knows that a call was placed by Mrs Simms son, but not what happened after that. But he has a friend in the Sheriff’s department so he will find out German Shepherdwhat he can. JJ saved Rodney’s life while on a tour of duty, so they’re happy to help Graham – 

When JJ saved Rodney’s life, he earned the undying gratitude of the Yates clan and all those close to it. And it didn’t matter that JJ was gone. Being his brother and a fellow soldier, Graham was carrying out a last request. Edith and the rest of the Yates’ would help with that mission no matter what it took.

Graham locates Jake but Wyatt has grown attached to the Shepherd over the few weeks he’s taken him in –

Now that Jake was returning to his owner, Wyatt would be back to coming home to an empty house. It was extremely depressing.

Graham and Wyatt hit it off from the moment they first start talking. Graham is new to living in the area, he and JJ decided this was the town they wanted to settle in prior to JJ losing his life. Graham has no furniture and Wyatt’s uncle decides to play matchmaker and to also help Graham out with his furniture needs. Wyatt agrees, although he is a bit self conscious – 

“Go take care of the shelter and I’ll take care of Graham.”

A choked off laugh came from the man mentioned, making Wyatt realize just what he said. If his neck and face became any hotter, he was going to catch fire.

“Whatever you say, nephew,” George replied quickly, no doubt seeing Wyatt’s red face. “Graham, it was nice to meet you. Hope to see you around.”

“Same here, sir.”

They shook hands then George beat a hasty retreat to the shelter.

When Wyatt turned back to Graham, he was grinning.

“You going to take care of me, Wyatt?”

The attraction is felt on both sides and Graham decides that Wyatt is worth going after – 

Despite his promise to go slow, Graham was on a mission. ‘Woo Wyatt Daniels.’ It wasn’t a task he’d ever tried before. Nor had he ever wanted to either. For some reason, Wyatt brought out the romantic in Graham.

Abigail, the local town matriarch, and renowned German Shepherd breeder, notices the connection the two men have. Knows Wyatt is gun-shy and he is worried about taking a chance, so she pushes a little –

“It may be less than twenty four hours you’ve known each other,” she began. “But Wyatt, that man looks at you as if he’s been lost for ages and has finally found his way home.”

But Wyatt has been hurt before. He has had a less than stellar experience with one ex, Cyril, and he just can’t quite jump into a relationship with Graham, as attractive and as nice as he is. But Graham is nothing if not a patient man – 

“I had a feeling you’d been hurt before.” Graham grimaced. “To what extent, I wasn’t sure. So I wanted to let you know we’d go at your pace. Go slow without adding anything heavy to the mix.Two guys together 11 But make no mistake, Wyatt.” He reached up with both hands, framing Wyatt’s face. “I want you. So much at times it takes every ounce of self-control I possess not to take you, touch you, or hold you tight and never let go.”

There are a few arcs going on in Rescued by love – finding Jake, Jake’s presence in the men’s lives (I love Jake,) JJ’s death and an emotional trip to Arlington, and Graham’s new job. As the book progresses you learn about The Pit, the Colonel, and the team, all of which are very hush hush – 

There was also the matter of discussing his new job. That would have to wait though. At least until he got the go ahead from the Colonel. Graham’s employment wasn’t exactly the type found in the want ads.

Graham goes to Arlington to say goodbye to JJ. He takes Wyatt and he takes Jake to say goodbye to his master –

Jake chose that moment to push at the tombstone with his nose, whining at it. He did that several times then looked at Graham.

“He…he’s gone, boy.”

When Jake turned back to the tombstone, he tapped it again with his nose. Then he sat down beside it, threw his head back, and howled. It was the most mournful sound Graham had ever heard.

And that is part of a touching scene with other K-9 Corps, and also a little boy who has lost his dad. 

Rescued by Love takes place over several months. It has bad guys, a love of dogs, particularly German Shepherds, and it is a sweet romance – with some touching moments and some fun. There are bad guys, an rescue operation that Graham is involved in, and there is plenty of potential love interests for further books. Recommended for those who prefer a nice, light and easy M/M romance.





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When I got to the part about Jake howling at his owner’s tombstone, I got teary. I’ve seen so many things in the news with dogs laying on the graves of their owners, etc. It’s heartbreaking.

This looks like a great story. Both MC’s seem likable as well. LOVE the pics. 🙂

Lisa H
Lisa H

I will definitely have to check this one out. My German Shepherd is right next to me as I read this review. She looks almost exactly like the picture you show, except her face is more tan. Sounds like a story I would really enjoy. 🙂