One Sizzling Summer, Kate Patrick

One Sizzling SummerRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Siren Publishing

 Genre:  Het Romance

Tags:  Contemporary

Length:  158 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Very nice, uncomplicated yet sexy M/F romance from a very stylish writer.



This is a very polished book from the writing to the editing to the characters.


Both MC’s are likeable, mature and intelligent. They both have careers that they take seriously. Ava working towards her Psychology Doctorate, Quinton working towards furthering his acting career. No-one is needy or co-dependent, yet they care deeply for one another.


Quinton is charming. He’s also sexy as all get out, so he’s not boring in any sense of the word. He’s not your stereotypical, brash alpha male. He’s a contemporary romance nice guy.


Ava is understanding, caring, has a good career and friends. She’s never a TSTL character.


The official blurb spells the contents of this book out really well. I don’t need to elaborate much more. I also don’t wish to give away the “secret” Ava has, but you can work it out fairly easily


There are some lovely thoughts and lines throughout the book. It’s all very romantic and charming in nature.


For those looking for a traditional style of M/F romance, with no BDSM or rough play, no major angst….here it is. There is a period of self-sacrificing from Ava, and a silly moment from Quinton, but that’s pretty much it. However, the pacing was never dull, I wanted to see how it would all work out. One Sizzling Summer will be a breath of fresh air for the true romance enthusiast. It hits the mark beautifully; it’s sexy and stylish all at once.


My only (personal) niggle, and it’s a small one, is it got a little gushy/saccharine towards the end – a lot of ‘I love you’s.‘ I think I’m old and jaded 🙁


I thought Stephen was a dish, he needs a book. You can rub my shoulders Stephen. Maria needs a book too.


Siren Publishing caters to an extremely wide variety of tastes in the books they publish. They do have some gems in their writing ranks and I believe Kate Patrick is one of them. If you like a well written romance, with some sizzling sex, then I recommend you grab a copy of One Sizzling Summer.




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