New York Christmas, R.J. Scott

NY ChristmasRating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Holidays

Length: 79 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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A nice story about two men who secretly wanted each other in college who find each other again years later.


The last time Christian (Chris) Matthews saw Daniel Bailey, Chris was a senior in college and Daniel was a freshman.  Chris had been the TA assigned to help Daniel with his English class. Daniel was the typical party boy.  A self-proclaimed slut who hooked up with pretty much anyone… male or female…. everyone, that is, except Chris. Daniel was a trust fund baby and Chris knew the boy was out of his league on so many levels.  Chris was the typical smart nerd who wore glasses and was anything but the school slut.  He definitely did not come from a wealthy family.  After a drunken kiss one night, Daniel avoided Chris completely and there was no more contact with the exception of a rushed hug by Daniel when Chris graduated. Years pass and they do not see each other again.  Chris never forgot about Daniel… or the kiss.  

Many years later, Chris has just been forced out of his teaching position at a prestigious school because of false accusations.   Too scared to fight the accusations, he resigns himself to the fact that the career he loved is now over.  Licking his wounds, he ends up working at his best friend’s coffee shop until he can figure out what to do with his life.  Working the counter one day a few weeks before Christmas, in walks Daniel.  Daniel is no longer that flighty college freshman and is now a police officer, a fact that shocks Chris considering Daniel’s wealth.  After a stilted conversation due to Chris’ shyness, Daniel leaves but he keeps coming back.  Eventually the shyness goes away somewhat and the two men go on a real date.  This begins a nice relationship that builds over time.  Instead of being the one out of Chris’ reach, Daniel is now the man doing everything in his power to convince him that the two of them together can be special.  The reasons for Daniel’s behavior after the drunken, college kiss is explained. Chris learns that it wasn’t that Daniel didn’t want him at the time… it was because Daniel had not felt as if he was good enough for him so he ran.  He had been wild in his college days and wanted to be so much more before finding Chris and seeing where they could go from there.  He actually uses his detective work to locate him the first time.  The first meeting in the coffee shop was not a coincidence.  It takes a lot (and a bit of drama in regards to Daniel’s job and resolving the issues that forced Chris from his) for Chris to finally realize that Daniel wants him… and he wants their relationship to be permanent.  Daniel’s snobby parents make a couple of appearances but thankfully their part of the story is minimal.  

The ending was a sweet one.  Perfectly written considering what had just occurred prior to that last page.

This is a sweet story.  I’ve read quite a few by R.J. Scott and I know going into one of her books that I will end it with a smile on my face.  New York Christmas is no exception.   


Another great read by R.J. Scott.

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