Lethe Press, Day 21 Giveaway: Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists! ed. by Steve Berman

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To celebrate On Top Down Under Book Review’s 3rd blog-versary, Steve Berman and Lethe Press have kindly offered to give away a book a day during the entire month of October. 
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Join us in sending a huge thank you to Steve and Lethe Press for the generosity in helping us celebrate our 3rd year!

Daughters of FrankensteinDaughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists! ed. by Steve Berman


In the field of mad science, women have for too long been ignored, their triumphs misattributed to mere men. Society has seen the laboratory as the province of men. Jacob’s Ladder electric arcs, death rays, even test tubes have phallic connotations, subliminally reinforcing the patriarchy. The mother of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, advocated that women appear more masculine to earn respect. If Marie Curie had been allowed to develop her Atomic Gendarmerie for the Institut du radium, surely she would have been awarded her third Nobel Prize, for Peace.

Thankfully, the women working to dangerous and/or questionable ends in the pages of Daughters of Frankenstein are unafraid of the patriarchy–indeed, as lesbian mad scientists, they prefer the company and comforts of their own gender. Androids? Pfeh, the gynoid is superior. Etheric dynamos have a more pleasing design, one that is vulvar, than Tesla coils. Eighteen imaginative, if not insane, women; eighteen stories told by some of the finest writers working in queer speculative fiction today.

Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists! 

One of the benefits of being owner/publisher of Lethe Press is that I get to do ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day. Good, queer science fiction stories are sometimes hard to come by and many feature gay men. I wanted a book that embraced feminist ideals, empowered women who love women, and also entertained. I’d like to believe that this anthology accomplishes all three.


We have one copy of Daughters of Frankenstein to give away. You may choose print or digital edition.

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Just the title alone has me wanting to read this. Add me to the giveaway please.

Thanks for introducing us to a lot of new books and authors. This has been fun.


This looks super cool.


I have to read this. What an awesome title and I can tell it’s a great set of stories. Count me in for the giveaway.


I have to read this. I love the title too.


Ah, Steve, wonderful to read that sentiment. And it made me smile to read the blurb for the book as well. Looks like fun and interesting reading ahead with this one.