Erotica Exotica: Tales of Sex, Magic, and the Supernatural (Anthology), Various Authors

Erotica ExoticaRating:  5 Stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Genre: Gay Erotica

Tags: Gay Couples, Ménage,  Paranormal –  Vampires, Werewolves & Tentacle Sex, Contemporary, Dark, Erotica, Ghosts, Horror, Humor, Non-Con 

Length: 236 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Bold Strokes Books,


I am not a huge fan of anthologies as I find them difficult and time-consuming to review. However, when one of the contributors to Erotica Exotica: Tales of Sex & Magic mentioned his short in this one, I knew I would be reading it. I’m really glad I did. I’m a huge fan of horror and the unusual and this covers both. There’s a lot of hot sex, a couple of threesomes, some tentacle sex as well as pretty much every other thing you can imagine. Each story is rated either 4 or 5 stars but I am giving the anthology as a whole a full 5 stars. When I can get sucked into an anthology like I did this one, I consider it to be excellent. It’s sexy, a little gross sometimes, scary, a little silly in some places and downright offensive in others. An excellent read and definitely worth the time it took to read it. I can’t wait to check out the back list of all of these authors.



Possession by Nathan Burgoine 

A wizard, a demon and a vampire. A triad forming their own coven, to the disdain of others. Somehow it works but there are some who want to destroy them. There’s another character who may or may not be who he seems.  The ending has a nice, unexpected twist.  A good start to the anthology.


BikerGhost Town by Dale Chase

When two men go to an old abandoned gold mining town looking for the site of a gun battle that killed an ancestor, one gets more than he bargained for. Spirits are stuck in the old ghost town and must relive specific dates in its history. One spirit in particular watches as the two men explore not just the old town but each other.  He too is stuck in the abandoned town, not allowed in Heaven and not allowed in Hell. He himself was killed there over a hundred years ago, leaving behind a man who loved him. Will the two newcomers be what it takes to help him move on to finally be with the man he loves in the afterlife? This is a nice, little ghost story. There are sexual situations involving a ghost which oddly enough I found to be hot. The sex involving the non-ghost characters was hot as well. 😉


Wolf Moon/Hunger Moon by Jeff Mann 

A werewolf, a vampire and a human. The human and vamp are a couple but they don’t mind spicing things up with a third every now and then. When they meet Donnie, a waiter at a restaurant in town, they know that the reigning champ of the “Best Butt at the Roanoke Bear Run” will be in their bed eventually. Later it is discovered that Donnie is a werewolf. After ‘rescuing’ him right before another full moon, the three have hard, hot sex and decide to make it a regular thing. Of course there is more to the story but I won’t give the entire short away. A fun, sexy read.

Werewolf vamp

When in Rome…. by Anthony McDonald 

I absolutely loved this story. I’ll get that out there first. I love a good horror story and this one fits the bill completely. A young man is in Rome waiting for his friend John to show up the next day. He is awakened in the dark of his small rented room to the sounds of an ax hitting wood only a few feet away from where he was sleeping. Quickly turning on the light, he sees nothing. The next morning he runs across a man around his age (early twenties) dressed in priest garb and thinks nothing of it. He explores Rome a bit and makes his way back to his room to discover strange things occurring again. He hopes to enlist the help of the young ‘priest’ by ridding the room of whatever is haunting it. This doesn’t go quite as planned. When John shows up hours later there is a shock awaiting him. There’s a bit of sex, as well as a major creep factor.  I won’t say more than that other than to say it is a damn good short and the ending is perfect.


Hot Day at Midnight by Jonathan Asche 

This one had a little bit of everything. When I say everything, I literally mean everything…… and everyone. A man has a car accident in the middle of nowhere and has no cell signal.  He starts walking, hoping to find a place with a pay phone. The first place, nothing except a man leaning up against an abandoned gas station – a man who won’t speak but does stroke his erection through his jeans.  He makes his way to a town a little bit down the road and this is where the story starts.  He’s met by every type of man you can imagine and each takes their turn at him sexually. Parts of the story were sexy but parts had me saying “ew” more than once. The ending is a nice twist. While I saw part of it coming as the story was playing out, I didn’t see it all so it was pretty neat the way it turned out.  This one won’t be for everybody that’s for sure. You have to be pretty open-minded sexually to read this one. If you are bothered by water sports and forced sexual situations, avoid this one. I enjoyed it.


Tat GuyThe Prescient by Mark Wildyr 

Tancready is a vampire, an Eternal. He has lived many lifetimes.  He has not taken a vein in many, many years having discovered that semen gives him the power he so desperately needs to survive. He fixates on a young college man named Boris. Boris has a girlfriend but he constantly feels this presence, this feeling.  Slowly and methodically Tancready works his magic and begins to get close to Boris. One outing together turns into another and this leads to the young Boris doing things with a man he never thought he would do – never wanted to do. He’s disgusted and sickened by the feelings that Tancready brings out in him. Boris feels like his control and his feelings have completely been taken away by this strange man. This is a strange, yet entertaining story. The reader immediately gets sucked into the strange obsession of Tancready. He is not a nice man and he takes what he wants whether the other party consents or not. Boris is not his only victim. Boris is just the one Tancready sees himself in love with. I loved the ending though I probably shouldn’t have. After watching Tancready throughout the story I felt it was just.


The Raiders by Evan Gilbert 

Kentrell is a hustler. He goes to New Orleans hoping to make a few bucks getting blown by men or fucking women and then he has a big job planned, one that will ultimately bring him a lot of cash. He’ll then take off again, having made plans to only be in town for only about 48 hours. After making a couple of hundred bucks getting sucked off outside of a gay club, he meets up with an old acquaintance and strikes out for the ultimate score – breaking into the vault of a man who was supposedly buried with a fortune of jewelry. The vault is rumored to be cursed and those who dare try to make entry are either driven away in fear or never seen or heard from again. I need to point out that Kentrell hates gay people with every fiber of his being, as does Rashawn, his acquaintance. They may get sucked for money by men but they have this major hate for homosexuals. Not everything goes quite as planned for the two young men during the heist. Tables are turned and they are done in such a way that I had to laugh. Great story with a great ending. 


WaterSiren Song by Jamie Freeman 

When Gabriel, a famous artist, sees a Craigslist ad titled Wet Dream for an Artist advertising a large home, he’s intrigued. Gabriel hasn’t painted in a while and has basically removed himself from the art world with the exception of a show here and there. He hopes to move into this huge home and hopefully get the inspiration needed to kick start his painting again. The house is an odd one. It’s gorgeous and spacious but everything in the house is sea/ocean related – everything from the art on the walls to aquariums placed all over and even port holes as windows in one section of the home. One piece of artwork stands out for Gabriel. The painting has two men who look as if they are walking out of the ocean. The image is haunting but Gabriel thinks nothing of it. Then there is music, music that he begins to hear at odd, random times. While out on a run with his dog one day, he runs across two men who later become not just his inspiration to begin painting again but more – only not in the way the reader expects.

This is a haunting story. I wasn’t sure how it would play out and I have to say that I was not expecting that ending. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I admit to re-reading the last couple of pages to make sure I understood what had just happened. I’m glad I did. A very good story.


CopGay Orpheus by Gregory L. Norris 

I finished this one with tears in my eyes. What a story. Yuri is the victim of what is believed to be a hate crime. He is rescued by an off-duty police officer, Tom. Even with Yuri fading in and out as a result of his injuries, there is still a connection between him and his rescuer. They quickly become a couple and move in together. Of all the stories in this anthology I’ve read so far, this one is more of a love story – a true love story. The reader can feel the love between these two men. Something happens later that threatens to break the two apart. Anything I say beyond that would be a spoiler so I’m stopping there.

An outstanding story. Simply beautiful.


Tentacles 2Popo Bawa by David Holly 

Two guys. A broken down vehicle. A creepy cave. A magical chicken.  Tentacle sex. A demon who wants his story told. This is one of the most unusual stories I’ve ever read. A little on the gross side. A little on the funny side (though I’m not sure it was meant to be). In the end, a very good story.


Salvation by Lloyd Meeker 

William is a religious man. From the story I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like he was either a young priest or hoping to become one? I could be wrong of course. No matter. William has lived his life in shame. He loves men and occasionally hooks up with them in dark places, with each experience ending with William feeling such shame that he has been suicidal. All he wants is to get over his homosexual feelings and just be normal. But what is normal? After an almost hook-up in a dark room in a bar, he rushes out and ends up at a hotel bar where a band is playing. He wants to have a drink or two and stay away from gay men for awhile – stay away from temptation. A member of the band (Rafe) comes to him at the bar and offers him healing. All William has to do is wait until his last set is over and then they can go to Rafe’s place and the healing will take place. William, being desperate, agrees.

I can’t say more than that other than to say that the ending was a total “duh” moment for me and something I should have seen the moment Rafe introduced himself.  This is one I would have liked to have seen a page or two added to in order to see what happened a little farther along. This did not take away from the story in any way.


Gordy and the Vampire by Eric Arvin 

Huge college muscle guys are getting the best blow jobs of their lives. Unfortunately, once the blow jobs are over,  their muscles are no longer there and all that’s left is the husk of who was there only moments ago.  These guys are left as skin and bones and are rushed to the hospital near death.

Gordy and Bubbles are the two popular guys on campus and in the weight room. Gordy’s muscles are so huge that they cause sight-induced orgasms. While he’s working out in the weight room, men – gay and straight alike – spontaneously burst into orgasm, leaving one huge mess.  Then there is Bram, Gordy’s new  work out buddy. Bubbles, Gordy’s bestie,  is jealous of all the time that Gordy is spending with Bram but there’s more to it than just lifting weights. Bubbles has a strange feeling about Bram, a feeling that turns out to be true. The way everything Muscle Mencomes to a head (pun intended) is a blast.Muscle Guy

The title should be Gordy and the Cum-pire. 🙂  I admit that this is the story that got me to buy this anthology. I thought I knew of all of Eric Arvin’s stories but he enlightened me by informing me of this particular short that until then I knew nothing about.  I laughed a lot. I got a bit squicked out a couple of times. I even cringed at one point (and I could imagine all men squeezing their legs together in horror).  Eric writes naughty well and he definitely did not disappoint in Gordy and the Vampire.


Meet Martin by Davem Verne

All he wanted to do was catch up with the man he had fallen in love with ten years earlier, Martin. Martin had been his best friend in college and they had big dreams of someday making a movie together. Real life got in the way and many years passed with no contact. When he is given the chance to make a small movie, he drives to the home of his old friend and is surprised by what – or should I say who – he encounters. Martin’s father is there and he’s an odd one. Martin is there as well but is he really?  Maybe in body but his mind is not all there. Or is it?

This is an odd, little story. I read the last page a couple of times to finally understand what I had just read. The characters are all odd, especially Martin’s father. Nice read, if a little confusing.

From Behind

The Horror in Dunwich Hall by Johnny Murdoc

A sleeping, naked jock. Tentacles coming out of the toilet. Cherry bombs and hockey sticks. All Chris wants to do is fuck Brian, the star of the hockey team. He finally gets his wish only to be attacked by tentacles coming out of the toilet. Throw in a preacher on campus who loudly preaches of horror to come and you get one hell of a  story.  There’s a bit of humor, some pretty hot sex and did I mention toilet tentacles? A really fun story. I love the author’s writing style. I can’t wait to read more of his work.


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Kazza K

Epic review, Cindi. I have read a couple f these authors and they are good. Some are new to me as well. Loving the GIFS and the pics. Ahh, thata gal.

PS: I love the cum-pyre!! Title/name of the year 😛


Appreciate the rec. Will read this.