Caitlin’s Hero (League of Love #1), Donna Gallagher

Caitlin's HeroRating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Totally Bound 

Genre:  Hetero Romance

Tags: Sport – Rugby League, Virgin, Age Difference, Contemporary

Length: 115 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At:  Totally Bound,




Caitlin Walters’ parents died in a car accident twelve months ago. Since then, she has had to drop out of university, sell the family home, buy a one bedroom unit and work hours that suit looking after her ten/eleven year old brother, Riley. She takes Riley to swim squad of a morning and she does laps to help clear her head. At twenty she lives the life of an older person with much   responsibility. For the last few weeks Caitlin has noticed him at the local pool in Leichhardt and even uses the sexy him as fantasy fuel. The him in question is Brodie James, the thirty year old captain of NRL side the Sydney Jets, as well as captain of the Aussie team. Caitlin doesn’t know who he is, but he’s mighty gorgeous.


Brodie James has been watching the attractive red-head who swims laps of a morning when he’s there for recovery sessions. One morning he notices a Man and woman kissingbracelet fall off the red-head’s arm as she is swimming and that she hasn’t noticed it has fallen off. So he dives in and retrieves the bracelet. When she notices it’s missing he can see she is distraught and he can’t swim over to her fast enough with the bracelet. She leaps into his arms to thank him, it was her deceased mother’s bracelet and she would have been devastated if it were lost. Suddenly, Caitlin is more than aware that she is in a swimming costume, he is in a swimming costume and she is hugging him very closely. Mortified, she takes off.

From here, Caitlin’s Hero it is about the two going from insta-attraction to love. Riley, Cailtin’s brother, is a good kid who adds another dimension to the story. He knows who Brodie James is straight away, he’s the captain of his favourite league team. He’s a footy legend. He’s also pretty stoked that he likes his sister.

Caitlin’s Hero is set in Sydney and I knew all the suburbs mentioned very well. I liked the backdrop of league – I am a MASSIVE rugby league Rubgy Leaguesupporter. That was nice. I would have loved more on the game, but that’s me, other female romance readers would probably not agree. However, I know the author could deliver on the league aspects if she so chose to write them. The book has some sexy moments, and it is all very sweet. The characters / book  reminded me of modern-day fairy tale with Brodie as the front rower knight in shining armour with his sweet princess, or angel as he likes to call Caitlin. 



Everyone, except Brodie’s shrew of an ex-wife, is very nice and supportive in this book. I could have done with a bit more conflict, or some more fighting for the relationship. But there is nothing wrong with some sweet romance, and if you like that, if you are in the mood, then this is a good read. It is not very long, at around 115 pages, and it is super cheap to buy. I will read the next in the series as I would like to see what happens to Brodie’s good friend and team mate, JT.

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I love books where the characters have an age difference. I love books with kids in them. And you know that sometimes I want a sweet romance. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a nice M/F story. I’ll have to check this out.

Great review.

Devon McCormack

What’s with all the g-rated pix? Boo! Maybe I’ll check it out when I need some sweet, breeder romance.


Hi Kazza,

Thank you so much for reviewing Caitlin’s Hero, I really appreciate it.

I do have one question for you?? The picture you posted of Mitchell P scoring a try, did you guess that he was my inspiration for the character Rookie or was it just a lucky coincidence?