Blog-Versary: Remembering Eric Arvin & 5 Book Giveaway

In October of 2011, one year before On Top Down Under was created, I read a book that would immediately put the author on my all-time favorites list. That book was Woke Up In A Strange Place and that author was Eric Arvin. I’ve read a lot of Eric’s books since then and each has added to my love of his writing. In October of 2013, we celebrated our one year anniversary as a reviewing site. Leading up to the celebration, Kazza and I were discussing how to go about honoring our first year. Eric immediately came to mind but I was a little nervous about contacting him. I needn’t have been. He responded back to my message immediately and even suggested a video interview. We had so much fun doing it – me asking the questions and Eric answering them on video.

After that, Eric Arvin became one of my favorite people in the world. He was so kind and never failed to thank our site for supporting him. We simply adored him. When I lost my sister last July Eric made a point in sending good thoughts my way. His words meant more than he could’ve known.

When I asked Eric to participate in our 4th anniversary celebration last year I never would’ve imagined it would be the last time. There are no words for how much it meant to know he wanted to do it for us, even though he wasn’t feeling well at the time.

We lost a good man on December 12th, 2016. While I only knew Eric through his stories and his kindness shown to me via social media and On Top Down Under, I felt like I lost a friend.

His books will forever be special to me and I’ll always cherish the short time I knew him. We couldn’t let our 5th pass without honoring him in some way. He once said that he kept my reviews in his rainy day folder and pulled them out when he was having a bad day. What Eric probably didn’t realize was that his kind words to me kept me – many times – doing what I do and they helped me through my own rainy days. He was one of a kind and I miss him dearly, as do countless others.

I hope, like Joe, Eric found his Baker and has been taken on a special journey to his own strange place. I’d like to believe that he’s looking at us now and smiling, knowing he was loved by so many – including a lot he never even met in life. His words will live on and I’ll forever be grateful that not only did I discover his amazing books but that I also had a chance to see his kindness to many, including Kazza and myself and On Top Down Under Book Reviews.

We think of his family often and when we do we remember the love that was shown constantly by his mother and siblings and other family members. That’s true family and Eric was very lucky to be born into it.

To honor Eric, we’re giving away the choice of 5 of Eric’s e-books – reader’s choice – published through Dreamspinner Press to one person who comments on this post. I’ve read almost all of Eric’s books and I can’t recommend them enough. Kazza and I send our thanks to Dreamspinner for the generosity.

The giveaway will run through the end of the month with the winner being contacted on November 1st via email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond back or another name will chosen. You can find information, including links to my reviews, for all the books below.

Hugs to you, Eric, wherever you are. I’ll always remember you as one of the good guys. You’re missed.

Much love,




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Kazza K
What a wonderful tribute, Cindi. So heartfelt. Eric Arvin’s presence and his writing is sadly missed. His family, though I don’t know them, seem(ed) like the nicest people – loving, caring and supportive. Everything good family is. I know when you look at the list of our Twitter followers, when we knew nothing about the strange place of 140 characters, Eric is one of the first people that followed us and showed the way. He’s missed. It’s a great giveaway. I hope some readers who have never read Eric Arvin before comment and discover what a talent he was. Thank… Read more »
Victoria T

This tribute you are doing for Eric is so amazing. I didn’t know that he passed and it’s heartbreaking to hear. The only books of Eric’s I’ve read are the Stories from Jasper Lane and they were the best. He was such an amazing writer and I’m sad that we won’t being seeing any more work for him. Thank you for sharing your experience with him and giving people a chance to read his books through this giveaway.


I have never read Eric Arvin myself though I remember him being a wonderful person. I watched videos of him he posted on YouTube and read several interviews. I loved reading your tribute. I hope you continue to review for years to come to help support authors with such loving kindness. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Linda C

I have not read Eric Arvin although I have read of his illness. I did not realize he had passed. The one thing I remember about him from his pictures was his smile. He had a great smile, the kind that you just wanted to smile back even if it was just at a picture. I think it is wonderful that you are paying him tribute this way by helping others learn about him and discover his work.

Jen F

Thank you for the beautiful post remembering Eric Arvin. And Congrats on your 5th blogiversary. Another Enchanted April was one of the first m/m books my public online library carried and one of my earlier m/m reads…helped me get hooked.


That is a nice tribute.


Thank you for the wonderful tribute post. I’ve bought a few of Eric’s book but haven’t given them a read yet. I was sorry to hear of his passing since I’ve enjoyed several of his youtube posts.

Purple Reader

What a nice commemoration and way to remember Eric. I’ve not read any of his work yet, but he sounds very talented. I have Slight Details on my tbr, but no novels, so I’ll have to pull it up.

Jen CW

A wonderful tribute to a man who was so wonderful, nice, and generous. His smile was infectious, his bravery and positive force in the face of so many setbacks was inspiring. I am still sad that the world lost him last year.


Reading this, I got so teary for all the people Eric left behind. (I don’t know if he’d want the tears for himself, unless it was because of something he wrote that moved us so.) This is a lovely remembrance, Cindi. I’m glad you were a bright light for each other.


I’ve read Galley Proof and Woke Up In A Strange Place. Great books from a great writer. I love that your site is remembering him as you are.