The Fire Underneath, S.C. Wynne

The Fire UnderneathRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Firemen, Contemporary

Length: 105 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Purchase At: Evernight Publishing,



Firefighter Joe Allegretti has some flames that need putting out the minute he meets sexy fellow firefighter, Dallas Williams. But the heat he’s feeling has nothing to do with the burning buildings nearby.

Not counting one curious kiss with another guy in college, Joe has always dated women. But as soon as Dallas appears Joe can’t seem to ignore the scorching fire underneath that rages for the other man. But Joe struggles with what others might think of him if he dates Dallas openly, and Dallas isn’t interested in hiding what he feels for Joe. Joe’s a brave man, but is he brave enough to fight for what he wants?


Joe and Dallas are firemen on different fire trucks somewhere in New York. Dallas is new in town. Joe’s always lived around there. They first meet when Joe sees Dallas rescuing a padre from a fire. He carries the man out like he  weighs nothing and he looks red hot doing it. Hasn’t everyone fantasized about being lugged over a fireman’s shoulder? Joe has the attraction straight away to Dallas and this confuses him. He only dates chicks, why would he get ball tinglez for a bloke?

I’ve discovered there is this sub genre thing that people call GFY. I haven’t read one before but I reckon it’s more about Joe is bi or uptight about being gay. I know plenty of guys hide because of family pressure so I think that’s really it. When you read the book you’ll see.

In fact I’d been doing a lot of thinking since that night, and the more I scrutinized my sexual urges over the years, the more I realized I’d been ignoring a lot about what sort of things turned me on.

The next time the guys meet Joe is stuck in a burning house when the roof Sexy Firemen 2comes down. Dallas recues him from that fire. They hang out at a couple of bars and get to know each other.  Dallas kisses Joe and Joe likes that but he’s very confused so he asks to be friends. Dallas gets mixed signals off Joe. He tells Joe that he doesn’t usually hang around with guys who are so confused because it causes problems. Personal experience says he’s right. It can be a head game you don’t want while someone tries to deny you or wants to stay in a closet. Their business and all, but you don’t want to be in there with them when you’re not in one any more. The writer did good  with that.

The two guys worked well. There was chemistry and if you don’t have that it’s no good. But this book did have it.

GIF SEXY KISS 3Dallas slid his hand down my shoulder, to my hip and then he shifted and cupped my bulging crotch. He stroked my cock through my jeans, and I broke the kiss and tilted my head back, gasping for air. Maybe I  should have objected to him fondling me. After all, I agreed to a kiss, not a groping session. But hell if I wanted him to stop.  


Hell yeah on the groping session!

One of the best things for me about the book was Joe fought hard to come to terms with his desire. He didn’t just go easy as, okay I’m gay now. He kissed a guy before and though it wasn’t all 4th of July it wasn’t bad. He didn’t have fireworks with the women he’d been with either. When Dallas kisses him he does have the sparks flying. He does think about him heaps. Dallas has the sparks but says how he feels about being in a fuck buddy deal with someone who’s all confused.

The Verdict:

I said I’d be reading some romance books this year. I’m still getting used to the fluttering eyelash things that are in them. I liked this one because I liked Joe and Dallas. I liked the chemistry. I liked the writer did a good job. There isn’t a lot of sex but it’s good when they do get it on. If you like firemen and instant attraction but not instant sex as the guys get things sorted I reckon you’ll be into it.

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Love your review, Jay. I like how the author didn’t just jump right into the sex thing while Joe was dealing with his feelings about being attracted to a guy. Stories that do that tend to bug me.

This looks like a nice story. Love the pic and GIF. And I do love firefighters. 🙂

S.C. Wynne

Thanks for the nice review, Jay! 🙂


Thumbs up! 😉


The cover would not have captured my interest but your review has. Thanks Jay, now I have another book piled on my TBR pile (not that is already sky high). So you liked it? Cool, I trust your opinion and definitively give it a try. 🙂


Yep, Manuela it was good. Maybe you’ll read it and like it too. 😉 More for the pile hey?


Now that’s a cover I could get under Jay, nice review. I too loved the fireman GIF


TY Judes. Have a read and hug a firie! 😉