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On Top Down Under Book Reviews is thrilled to welcome author Rhys Ford as part of our 2nd blog-versary celebration. If you’ve followed my (Cindi’s) reviews on this site, you know that I’m a huge Rhys Ford fan, so it was a real pleasure interviewing Rhys for our blog-versary.  Rhys will also be giving away a book of the winner’s choice from her back list to one lucky person who comments on this post. The giveaway runs from October 29th until midnight (U.S.) on Halloween night, October 31st. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

You can check out reviews of Rhys Ford’s books on On Top Down Under here.

Another huge thank you to Rhys from Kazza and myself for being part of our blog anniversary!

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Cindi: Rhys, thank you so much for being part of our 2nd anniversary celebration. I’ve been a huge fan since I first discovered your work and we are beyond thrilled to have you here.

Rhys: Thank you so much for having me! And congrats on your anniversary.


Sinner's GinCindi: I have read so many of your books that I could easily go on about each one. I’m forcing myself not to. 🙂 I’ll start with the Sinners series because it was my first of yours and has one of my all-time favorite fictional characters in it, Miki St. John. The Sinners series tells the story of a rock band that was hitting the big time when disaster struck. I’m going to assume that there are probably 5 people who haven’t read the series yet, so I won’t spoil anything. *grin* Instead of going into each individual book, I’ll bring up some of the characters.

Miki, who I already mentioned, from Sinner’s Gin. Then there is Damien from Whiskey & Wry, and Forest from Tequila Mockingbird. Each character is a little broken, but they come out better in the end thanks to men who help them along the way. You draw the reader into the character’s story and we are often crying big ugly tears before it’s over. Why is it so important for you to write broken characters like the ones I mentioned?Tequila Mockingbird

Rhys: I kind of write what I know…and what I’d want to read. I don’t really think of them as broken per se but rather just people who’ve gone through life. Miki’s probably the one I’d definitely call chipped at the edges, more so than any other character I have. Damie’s… he’s a bit arrogant and probably doesn’t even think of himself as damaged in any way. Forest is… that’s how life is. He longs for a “normal” life. Miki doesn’t. He is very uncomfortable with the white picket fence and ivy-covered cottage crowd.

Hair of the DogI think it’s important to have characters with life experiences. And there’s a sweet juxtaposition sometimes in opposites attract framework in a story. In Sinner’s Gin, Miki isn’t looking to be saved. Kane is a rescuer by nature. In Tequila, Forest doesn’t even know he wants a family and Con’s all about the family. So there really is a layering of want/need in my writing.

Dude just wants a steak.


Cindi: Also in the Sinners series is the upcoming Sloe Ride with another favorite, and I admit to having a fan girl moment when I saw whose story was next. I know you can’t give much away, but what can you tell us about the 4th story in the Sinners series?

Rhys: There’s actually going to be five books in the Sinners series. We’ll close out with Miki and Kane in a book I don’t have a name for.

Sloe Ride was actually supposed to be third but the feel for the story didn’t fit. It was better to go with Forest and Con. As for the story, Quinn is the anti-Morgan in a lot of ways. He feels more like a changeling left in a basket at their doorstep than anything else and well, Rafe… he’s burnt some really big bridges. Damien wants a band and they need a bassist so they’re looking around. Rafe wants to play…wants to return to music but he’s not in anyone’s good graces. He’s not trustworthy from a band’s standpoint, and certainly not from Damie’s POV. Damie’s ambitious and driven where his band is concerned so he probably isn’t going to risk Miki and Forest on someone he knows is a fuck up.

Quinn’s got his own issues. Odd fitting and socially awkward, he’s never really fit well into his own skin. He’s come to a point in his life where he’s tired of not fitting in… of being the odd one. But how to fix that? And does it really need to be fixed?


Down and DirtyCindi: Then there is the Cole McGinnis series and Cole and Jae. I’m totally one of those fans who (stalks) follows you to see what will be coming up next. I love these guys. I know that Bobby, Cole’s best friend, will be getting his own story in Down and Dirty. Bobby is a love ’em and leave ’em kinda guy, but you’ve got to love him. What can we look forward to with Bobby?

Rhys: Oh Bobby. There’s a bit of a struggle there because he doesn’t want a forever. Doesn’t want to want his best friend’s brother and sure as shit doesn’t want his relationship with Cole to go down the drain. Down and Dirty is a pure contemporary…. Which is odd for me. I can’t tell you how many times I thought, you know what would be good here? A dead body.

But no murders because well…contemporary. I wanted to focus on the relationship between them and have a little lighter fare. Just something enjoyable. And well…sex.



Dirty KissCindi: Jae is perfect, and Cole – well, Cole is hilarious. I know you aren’t supposed to giggle when a character gets yet another bullet wound, but Cole collects them. I know Cole and Jae still have a ways to go, but I’ve got to ask what’s next for these guys?

Rhys: Ah, I have no idea. Well, no I do. Dirty Heart will be the final book in the series. We’ll find out why Ben shot them and kind of put a period on the end of that run. I probably will be doing one-off mysteries of Cole and Jae in the future but the time’s come to end the series itself. I was going to do a six run but really, there’s no supporting that draw out. I’d rather bring it to a good closure and free the guys up for other things in the far future.


Cindi: There are also the Hellsinger series (spotlighted on On Top Down Under a few weeks ago, that I totally love) and the Kai Gracen series, and others. I could go on and on with your books, all of which I enjoyed. What, outside of those already mentioned, can we expect from you in the future?

Duck Duck Ghost CorrectedRhys: Ah, the Hellsinger series is tough because ghosts are a hard paranormal to sell but I love writing Wolf and Tristan. And well, Cin. There’s an ending I get to play with from Duck Duck Ghosts so I’m looking forward to that. Kai will be back in a sequel. Dreamspinner Press is re-publishing Black Dog Blues under its new imprint, DSPP, so I’ll be able to spend some time on him. I also have an urban fantasy-thingie called The Four coming out under DSPP in July so there’s that to work on. It’s going into edits soon.

Working on a new series called Murder and Mayhem and I’ll be starting Sloe Ride and Dirty Heart in the coming months. I’m also working in a paired novella thing with JP Barnaby who seriously is awesomesauce with a side of bacon.Fish and Ghosts


Cindi: In all of your books that I’ve read there has been a lot of humor. I’m a big fan of books that make me laugh, and probably during times I shouldn’t (I mentioned Cole’s bullet wounds). I’ve got to ask – how is your sense of humor in the real world?

Rhys: I don’t think I’m that funny. Really, I write like I think. My sense of humour is probably the same? I don’t know. Most of the time, I kind of have to say… wait, should that crawl out of my mouth?


Cindi: Now a few comments, not a question. In all your stories there is some type of mystery, from bad guys of the living to those who aren’t (Hellsinger). When an author can continue to write stories with mysteries that keep me guessing, sex scenes that are off the charts, and also throw in the moments that make me laugh one minute and cry those ugly tears the next, I keep going back. I read a lot of books, but each of yours is unique. So, from me as a reader, and not just a reviewer, I say thank you for that.

Rhys: Honestly, thank you for reading them! I am very thankful someone’s handed me a part of their working day for what I scrape out of my brain. I can’t think of a greater compliment than someone grabbing one of my books. It’s something to be cherished because a reader is literally giving me something they’ve earned in return. I hope to always respect that.


Whiskey and WryCindi: I can’t end this interview without bringing up the very Irish Morgan family in the Sinners series. I’m a southern girl (as in the deep, deep South) and in my neck of the woods we are like the Morgan family in a lot of ways. We feed you, hug you, and have a tendency to smother a bit. I laugh at Brigid, the matriarch of the family, but I see me in her in a lot and I think my sons would agree. There is a huge sense of family with the Morgans, even if they (Brigid) are overbearing at times. I’ve often said that Donal is the father every person would hope to have someday. Is there anything you want to say about this amazing family?

Rhys: I actually try to make the Morgans a very real family. They argue and disagree and love. I wanted Brigid to be the one who rains down hell and brimstone while Donal’s more methodical and nurturing. It was important to show the heads of the Morgan clan because that’s the template their kids are basing their relationships on. I think in order to understand Kane, Connor and even Sionn, where and who they came from was important. For Connor, it played an even bigger role because he pretty much framed himself into Donal’s image…at the expense of who he was, really.

I wanted to show that it was okay to be who you are… and that while there might be arguments, love is unconditional. We’ll see that more with Quinn who has different issues with his family.


Cindi: Again, thank you so much for being part of On Top Down Under’s 2nd anniversary celebration. It was a pleasure having you here.


Rhys: Really, thank you again for having me here and I hope you have many more years to come! Congratulations. And Cake! Get cake!



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Kazza K

I think there was an interview in there but I got lost at BACON and CAKE. Thanks for no spoilers – after all, I am one of the five who haven’t read Rhys Ford. Thanks, Cindi 😛

Great interview and giveaway, and thank you to Rhys Ford for being a part of our 2nd year blog anniversary.

Rhys Ford

Thank you for having me!

Lisa H

Thanks for the great interview. I’m a huge fan of the Sinners series and the Cole McGinnis series…so many great characters in these books. Can’t wait to read Bobby’s story and see what things you are going to put him through. 🙂 Next up, I need to start on the Hellsinger series. Looking forward to your future projects too. Keep up the great work and keep us begging for more with those cliffhangers of yours. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

Rhys Ford

Hugs! And thank you!


Love Rhys (her blog is fun too–between the man candy and the food posts, I’m slobbering all the time)!


Thanks for the great interview and giveaway chance! I have most of these books on my TBR. Rhys blog posts are awesome too.

Rhys Ford

Thank you, love


I love Rhys Ford. I buy the books when they’re out. Thanks for anoter great giveaway & interview. 🙂

Rhys Ford

Thank you!

Lisa G

Such a great interview – I’m a huge fan of Rhy’s Sinners and Cole McGinnis series!! I admit I haven’t read the Hellsinger series yet but have them on my wish list.


I love all of Rhys’ series. Just finished the Hellsinger books – perfect for Halloween time! And, I agree, her blog posts are fun, too.

Thanks for the interview and contest!

Ashley E

Rhys is one of my quietly favorite authors, that I keep going back to again and again. I love everything I’ve read by her!

Sula H

Hmm great interview and now I am thinking about ending my comment on a cliffhanger…, something Rhys is quite famous for? What is there left to say I loved reading the Cole McGuinnes books and have the Sinners & Hellsinger series on my wish and had a fun time following the recent blog tours, and I am looking forward to what is coming next

Thank you for a chance to win one of her books, wait it looks like a ghost cat is in my house…oh…