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Romance at the End of the World  

Imagine it’s the end of the world. Everything is falling apart and there is no promise of a tomorrow. All that exists is now, this very moment. The immediacy causes your blood to rush faster through your veins. Adrenaline wakes you. Fear rattles you. Imagine, geographically speaking, you’re at the very edges of things. Civilization is far, far away. Somehow, our round world does in fact, have an end point that holds only the scattered remnants of life. This is where you are.

Imagine this is the place, the time, where you have finally found love.

The contrast of vitality and hopelessness, bliss and terror, is at the heart of my new release, Arctic Restitution. For the main character, young ex-con Jaye Larson living in remote Zus, Alaska, he is in every sense at the end of the world. The chaotic rush, panic, and screaming are all inside him rather than running rampant on the streets outside his front door, but they are no less real. The flame guiding him, the hope sustaining him, is embodied in Dixon Rowe, Alaska State Trooper and Jaye’s devoted partner.

Dixon witnesses Jaye’s breakdown as the truth of his situation begins to sink in. He doesn’t understand completely, because Jaye keeps the scariest truths well out of Dixon’s reach, for his own safety and peace of mind. But Dixon knows Jaye is sparing him horrors. By keeping them to himself, able to flourish in the isolated confines of his mind, Jaye undergoes torture so Dixon can suffer less.

Or so he thinks. Standing by while someone you love more than anything is ripped apart is no easy task. It carries its own consequences.

Still, there is love. They can’t escape it and wouldn’t want to, but the light of its goodness merely shows how much they have to lose in the encroaching darkness. If anything teaches the value of intimacy and true connection, it’s the threat of destruction.

So, Jaye and Dixon cling to each other. They desperately, sometimes ridiculously celebrate what they have, while they have it. Alone in the wild—forsaken, pursued—with only the support of other lone wolves, they have nowhere left to run but into each other’s arms. Their love is even more precious. Simple pleasures have more weight. The heat of their passion and depth of their need is intensified.

As the screaming gets louder and the moment of ultimate judgement grows nearer, the lovers draw closer still. Shivering in the shadows, barricaded in their sanctuary, long-held-secrets slip free to unleash their own cruel pain. Forgiveness isn’t expected, or felt like it is deserved. Jaye, in fact, tries to use these confessions to drive Dixon away, thinking maybe the ending will hurt less to go it alone rather than drag his beloved down with him into the flames.

But when love is all you have to hold on to, it’s not so easy to let go. It can actually stoke courage, invoke bravery, inspire selflessness, and foster greater determination.

Because nothing else matters.

In the end, it’s the one holding your hand, touching your soul, who shows you just how much everything mattered, and just how very lucky you were to have it at all.


Series Blurb: Arctic Absolution Series

Jaye Larson is an ex-con with a troubled, terrifying past. Dixon Rowe is a good man in a hard world, a cop with a soft spot for saving bad boys. Things change for both of them the night Dixon nearly arrests Jaye for petty theft and decides to help him go… Well, not straight, exactly. As it turns out Jaye is just Dixon’s type, and Dixon’s interest quickly rises beyond the professional.

As if their growing romance wasn’t complicated enough, Jaye’s history won’t stay behind him, and it turns out that Dixon has a skeleton or two in his own closet. In order to build a future together, the two men have to put the past to rest.

Lynn Kelling draws intense emotion and raw, kinky sex from these characters and their lives, creating a multi-layered romance with deep history and real warmth. She makes Jay and Dixon work hard to earn their happy ending.

Story Blurb:

As he approaches his twenty-second birthday, the three-year anniversary of the brutal attack in an alley that nearly cost him his life in a few different ways, Jaye Larson thinks he’s left behind the ghosts from his years spent incarcerated, but when he’s delivered a mysterious letter with terrifying implications, old monsters rear their ugly heads. His normal new life in remote Zus, Alaska, with his lover, Dixon Rowe, the heart of a found-family that supports Jaye in ways he’s never before dreamed possible, is threatened by old deals and ties he begins to fear may never be broken. While old alliances strive to draw Jaye backward, Dixon and the rest of their family are called to step up to keep him steady. When the letter turns out to be just the first clue in a chain leading both Jaye and Dixon back inside the walls of the Federal Corrections Institute of Sheridan, Oregon, all of them are left facing carefully-held secrets and terrible new truths that refuse to be ignored. (M/M)

Kazza’s Review – Here


Book Information:

  • Author: Lynn Kelling
  • Title: Arctic Restitution
  • Series: Arctic Absolution, Book 3
  • Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Drama, Gay, GLBT, Romance, Suspense
  • Length: Novel (80,000 words)
  • Release Date: May 23, 2017
  • ISBNs: Ebook: 978-1-62234-325-6, Print: 978-1-62234-326-3
  • Format Available: Ebook (mobi, pdf, epub) and sold in print on demand.
  • Pre-Order Available: Fantastic Fiction Publishing, Amazon, & Smashwords.
  • Imprint: ForbiddenFiction
  • Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing
  • Story Page:
  • Contains disturbing content. Check ForbiddenFiction story page (given above) for content labels. This is not our sale page but a page that gives readers with the direct link (given above) to the story page so that they may also have access to the labels and other information about the book.




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Purple Reader

Congrats and thanks for the post. You’ve set the scene well, and it sounds like a great addition to the series.