Learning From the Master (Manse (Bound by Lies) 0.5), Lynn Kelling

Learning from the masterRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Forbidden Fiction

Tags: Gay BDSM, Series Prequel, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Voyeurism  

Length: 14,300 Words

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Forbidden Fiction, amazon.com (June 16th Release)


Most things in life come easily to eighteen-year-old Jenner Parrish, who’s on track to inherit the family business, and is popular, well-liked and good looking. He has everything he could want, except when it comes to love, and sex. Closeted, lonely and desperate, he acquires an invitation to an event at a nearby private gay club, Manse. Feeling out of his element and for the first time quite shy, Jenner is unable to play the wallflower when he captures the attention of the suave, seductive owner of Manse, David Davenport. David is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is gorgeous young Jenner, who begins to realize every fantasy and wild desire could be his for the taking, if only he dares to ask and obediently serve. (M/M/M – For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher’s site.)

Note from the author: M/M BDSM Romance novella. It’s part of the Society of Masters and a prequel to Bound by Lies, though it can be read as a standalone story! It also introduces the characters David and Shea from my next novel release, Loving the Master, also coming very soon!


Jenner Parrish is a good looking eighteen year old who has a lot going for him – a star on the football team, popular among his peers, his parents own a successful pub that he’ll take over. Life is pretty good. Except Jenner is gay and no one in town knows. Not a soul. 

But that’s what you got when living in such a small town. Everyone was too busy trying to blend in and avoid attracting the wrong sorts of attention to bother being themselves.

So Jenner feels like a liar and a fraud because of that omission. He’s not long finished high school, Learning From the Master Quote 1he’s working at the bar, and he hooks up with gay guys via the internet – out of town. It’s online he discovers Manse. That they’re holding an eighteen to twenty-five’s night. The only problem is he has to give them all his personal details. He can’t secure an invitation without personal information. No one just turns up. What if someone tells his parents? That’s  how it works in a small town. Everyone knows each other and word would get back to his family. Can he trust (enough) that everything will be kept confidential? One thing is certain though, Jenner wants to go. 

David Davenport owns Manse and when he meets the very attractive Jenner he pays him a lot of attention. It’s the beginning of Jenner’s boost in confidence in regards to who he is with his sexuality included in the equation. That’s something that has never been factored in before. In Robertsville it’s about non-gay Jenner. David is a man in control and he claims Jenner from the beginning, although not as his actual partner. He likes what he sees in Jenner, that he’s willing to learn. He knows all about Jenner. David is no fool, getting personal details helps him make decisions as to who he lets into Manse, into his circle, and into his life. Who will like what and with whom.  


Learning From the Master is not long and it’s the prequel to Bound By Lies. It’s a good lead-in for one MC, Jenner, and gives a glimpse of the charismatic owner of Manse, David Davenport. It also shows the roots of their dynamic, and the reason for the title of this Learning From the master Quote 2novella and the series. It can be read as a standalone, I had no problems getting into the build for the Manse series or the characters for the next books. It’s definitely erotic writing – there are threesomes, multi-partners, and there is voyeurism. There is no romance. Respect and fondness, yes, but not romance. However, at the very core, there is a backstory about Jenner, that he has some things to learn – sexually, about connection and caring, and, most importantly, personally. Because it will be leading into a romance for Jenner, you are privy to the fact that he would like to meet someone who will trust in him and for whom he can return that. Trust is a key word I suspect for the next book in the series. Nice reading with super-sexy writing and a titillating look into what’s to come. 4 Stars! 

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ARC supplied by the author in return for an honest review.


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The extra zing on Tumblr? Wow. 😉

Great review. This looks like a sexy short and a great lead in to the series. I love the quotes and pics.