First Time Josh & Dan, EM Rose

Josh and DanRating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Spunk Books

Genre: Gay Erotica/Romance

Tags: Contemporary, Friends-To-Lovers, GFY, New Adult, Short Story

 Length: 57 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Spunk


Josh and Dan have been best friends since grade school. Now Dan is getting married and Josh is to be his best man. When Dan confesses after his buck’s show that he’s getting cold feet, Josh – who can’t help feeling a little jealous of his friend – doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to marry the gorgeous Rachel Moore.

Everything becomes clear later after a few drinks. They share a kiss that leads to them having sex and Josh finds out the best friend he thought he knew so well is actually gay. He doesn’t know how to deal with this or his guilt when he has to face Dan’s fiancée and tell her what happened. Especially when he starts to develop his own feelings for Dan.


Dan is a week away from marrying Rachel. Josh is his best friend and will be the best man in the wedding. Dan is the envy of Josh and all their other friends. Rachel is gorgeous. All the guys want her but Dan is the one who got her. Even Josh is a bit jealous over the fact that his best friend will be sleeping with her every night for the rest of his life. Being the good friend Josh is, he throws Dan a buck’s party (or a bachelor party, as we call it in America). During the party Dan seems a bit down. While everyone is slapping him on his back for marrying the girl of all their dreams, he’s sulky and a bit morose. Josh doesn’t know what’s wrong with his friend. How can he be down? He’s about to marry the girl everyone else wants.

Josh discovers what’s wrong not long after the party ends and it’s just the two of them left at Josh’s bungalow.  The two men have been the best of friends since they were children and Josh would have sworn he knew all of Dan’s secrets. Apparently there’s one big (*smirk*) secret that his friend has kept from him. It’s a secret that once it comes out it will change the lives of both men forever.

“Well, what do you want then?” “You.” The husky word hung in the air. Josh thought he’d misheard it until he felt the hard wall of Dan’s body against his. A hand came up to clasp the back of his neck and then suddenly Dan’s mouth was upon his, kissing him with the kind of passion he should have reserved for his fiancee.

A night of passion has Josh rethinking everything he ever thought about his friend and his life. He’s straight, right? He still likes the softness of a woman and still gets hard with them, right? One night with his best friend has him reevaluating everything. When Dan takes off and Rachel is beside herself with worry, Josh is forced to step in and try to be the friend he claims to be, his mixed emotions be damned.

This is a very short story so I’m unable to say much more than what I’ve already said. While the book can be dubbed erotica, as the sex is pretty graphic, I also felt the need to add the New Adult tag as well.  I don’t recall if the ages of Dan and Josh are mentioned in the book but it’s obvious they are both quite young, with at least one of their lives still being dictated by his father.  The same applies to Rachel. While I enjoyed this story quite a bit I will say that it has a resolution that the reader will either love completely or be shaking their head over. I’m on the fence. Don’t take that to mean that this doesn’t end with a happily-ever-after for Josh and Dan because it definitely does.

I liked both Josh and Dan, so that’s a huge plus. I was not (in any way) a fan of Rachel’s but I did see where she was coming from, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with how she went about it or the reasoning behind it. I’m a huge fan of friends-to-lovers stories so that’s another plus. I’m not, however, a fan of the GFY story line but this author always seems to make it work nicely. Overall, a very nice story. This is my second by EM Rose. I really look forward to more in the future.


This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Kazza K

I am like you, not a GFY reader, with very few exceptions, but this sounds like a nice read for the reasons you laid out.