Erotic Love & Carnal Sins Cameron D. James & Sandra Claire

erotic-love-and-carnal-sinsRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance

Tags: Taboo – Priest, Relgious Themed, Kink, Older Virgins, Romantica, Contemporary Setting 

Length: 29,000 Words

Reviewer: Kazza

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Father Peter has devoted his life to the Roman Catholic Church — but not entirely because he is a man of God. For him, a life of chastity and piety is the perfect place for a closeted gay man to hide from himself.

Try as he might to live a pure life, his forbidden desires chip away at him, leading him on a path of carnal sins that starts with a simple, anonymous, and discreet online encounter. But that supposed anonymous encounter, with a man just as closeted as Peter, takes an uncomfortable turn when that same man shows up in confessional, wanting to talk with Peter in person.

Unable to lie to himself any longer, and suddenly willing to risk his entire career and life, Peter does the one thing he never dreamed he’d be able to do — he reaches out and touches another man. He can’t take back what he’s done and can’t pretend it didn’t happen, so that leaves Peter with only one option, to move forward and experience the erotic pleasures found only in the act of gay sex.


This is not a long book and the blurb provides a lot, there is also an excerpt here if you want to get a bit more of a feel for the writing. I’ll add some thoughts and some quotes/pics to provide the rest for my review.  

Erotic Love & Carnal Sins begins when a mutual webcam masturbation session is about to start, the book is narrated from Father Peter’s perspective and you can feel his nervousness about what he’s soon going to do. Both men involved in the webcam hook-up have been talking for weeks before they make this next step. While there will only be torsos on screenuhm, the hot parts – both men have a sexy time, but at the end when Father Peter is closing his end down he accidentally gets his face in the shot. He doesn’t think the other man will actually have seen his face because it was dark and quick, still… he doesn’t want anyone to know his identity.

The following week a man turns up at the church asking Father Peter’s secretary about confession, which Peter gives, but as the details are given out in the confessional Father Peter knows it’s the encounter he had on webcam being confessed to him. The other person must be part of his congregation, but who? He can’t see him because of the dark screen and lighting, his name online is Mark but no one in his congregation fits what little he knows physically about ‘Mark’. Before he can talk further and find out more, the other man flees the confessional. Pretty soon a pattern for confession develops – something  Peter looks forward to, and other liaisons occur between two men who are trying to fight the urges and desires they both experience but aren’t doing too well keeping at bay. Other chance encounters throw them together and they are like a pent up powder keg when they connect. Both men are virgins and both men feel deep religious guilt.  

Most of this book is spent with Peter trying to come to terms with his homosexuality and his desire for the man he increasingly has hot encounters with. How can he make this be okay with his vows? Is that what he should be doing, adhering to his vocation when it means hiding who he really is? His sexual partner is having a similar dilemma. Clearly there is a strong religious theme in this book – the title alone nails the point home – and they include a Priest having sex with another man. If that offends you don’t read this novella because, as one example, they use the confessional as a glory hole, and that may not fly well with devout readers. I guess it’s a case of know your limits.   

“That was…” He couldn’t seem to finish his sentences. I was certain it was because he didn’t know what he should say — he just had a priest suck him off, after all.

I found this book to be a lot more than I was expecting. There is a romance and a connection to these guys that doesn’t always occur within erotica. It really is a romantica – a good combination of erotic-romantic writing. The sex is definitely hot, but not as frequent as I thought, because there is pretty good relationship/character development as well – however, it is still not MM, for those who need that.


I haven’t read either of these authors previously so I wasn’t sure what to expect going in – I just liked the premise. To be honest, I was thinking this would be a kinky erotica with minimum plot and tons of sex. It was more than that. This was actually a surprise packet. Would I have liked it longer? Yes, because it would have been good to get both POV – it would have made an excellent commercial romance if tweaked a bit more, with a higher word count, but as it stands it’s good, engaging reading. If you like the kink of a Priest with a parishioner, two virginal men getting off, then this should float your boat. If you desire more of a connection than erotica can generally offer, then this hot little number provides that in spades, HFN included. 4 Stars!

Review copy supplied in return for an honest review.


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This looks like a sexy story. The excerpt was really hot. I love your review and the visuals are, as always, awesome. 🙂