Depth by Emrys Apollo

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Tags: Gay Contemporary, Paranormal – Merman. Short Story, Sweet Romance

Length: 22 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Two men discover new things about each other… in more ways than one.





That has to be the shortest blurb of all time. This story is only 22 pages and given the brevity of the synopsis maybe I shouldn’t review it, but it was enjoyable. Not only that, I really like that cover, it’s all kinds of otherworldly.

Kai is human. Marc is a merman. Marc is on land with Kai, has legs, and wants to stay. Kai thinks it’s better if Marc goes back to his people and his place in the sea, that he’ll regret it otherwise, but Marc knows he’s found his mate. It’s very Little Mermaid and Splash, and lord knows I’m a sucker for both.

“You’re my mate. Why wouldn’t I want to be with you?”
The sharp taste of blood floods his mouth, and Kai realizes he’s bitten his lip a little too hard. His what?
Marc pushes himself up and melts his huge smile against Kai’s mouth. He seems ecstatic, like that one word is the solution to every problem ever-and not the source of a whole slew of new ones.

This could be such a good novella if it was expanded upon – where did they meet? Other than the beach. How did it happen? What about those legs? Maybe Marc’s POV, because Depth is in first person from Kai’s POV. It is really sweet and there’s such a cute romance at the heart of this short story. There is also sex but it isn’t erotica. Their dialogue is sweet, touching to a degree, maybe I’m feeling soppy today but I enjoyed this little bite.

Dear Emrys Apollo,
Please write a longer story for Kai and Marc because I want to know more. I’ve already mentioned I’d like the details on how they met, but how is New York working out for them? How is their mate bond going? I’m a detail minded kind of reader.


If you feel like a US$0.99 22 page e-book with a merman and a human, and a little sweetness and a little bit ‘o sexy, here’s a quickie for you that is well edited, contains no fuss, and is wholly enjoyable.

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I almost bought this book last week because of the cover but the quickie blurb wasn’t enough to have me follow through. It looks really good. I love books about mermen – I would’ve had no clue that’s what this is about had you not typed this review – so I know I’d really enjoy this short.

Great review, Kazza. You know a book is good when you want more.