Claiming Her Warriors, Savannah Stuart

Claiming Her WarriorsRating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Savannah Stuart

Genre: Het Erotic Romance

Tags Erotica, Ménage, Sci-Fi

Length: 78 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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Brianna was rescued months earlier from her war torn and desolate planet and taken (with others) to Planet Lumineta.  It is the year 2236. One of Brianna’s rescuers is a large man (alien?) named Aeron. Aeron immediately wants to claim Brianna as his mate. The problem with that is that on Planet Lumineta there are more men than women so each woman must take two males as her mates. It is the only way a mating is accepted. 

Hauk is Aeron’s brother and has shared a mate with Aeron in the past. Their last female died giving birth to their son Finn and neither man has wanted to be mated since. Until Brianna. The only problem? Well, actually two. One, Brianna is being difficult. She is not prepared to be mated to these two hot men (silly girl!) and two, Aeron has this irrational jealousy when it comes to someone looking at Brianna, much less the thought of someone having sex with her. He’s never experienced jealousy over his brother before so this makes him a tad on the bitchy side for awhile. But first, he has to get Brianna to accept the mating so they can all move on.

Aeron and Hauk are warriors. While their planet is now at peace and there is no war foreseen, they must still train daily in the event the peace of the planet goes away. Both men also train the young so that the future generations will be prepared as well. 

Brianna has sex with Aeron months earlier but refuses to do it again because of the mating thing. Only when Aeron is injured during training does all her reticence go completely out the window (in a hospital bed, no less).  When Hauk walks into the hospital room and sees Brianna sprawled out completely nude on his brother, Aeron freaks out. Only later does Brianna say she’ll give the mating thing a chance. But first Aeron needs to get over his bitchiness over sharing her with Hauk. Unfortunately, his temper gets the best of him and Brianna takes off in a huff and ends up getting attacked by someone who tries to kill her. The attack makes Aeron grow up a bit and he and Hauk are finally able to come to a Brianna understanding.  But first they have to get Brianna to (finally, good Lord, finally!) consent to having sex with both brothers at the same time. 

Things are going well and the three consummate their relationship (I admit, that was pretty hot) and it looks like the trio will finally get their happily-ever-after. Unfortunately, the person who attacked Brianna before won’t stop until Brianna is dead and there is another attack later.

That’s all I’ll say about the story. Claiming Her Warriors 2

This story is pretty much what you expect going into it. It actually has more of a plot than most books I’ve read of this nature. The sex between Aeron, Brianna and Hauk was pretty hot, though I (as more of a M/M reader than M/F) would have liked to have seen more attention given to the men. This is my personal preference only and I may be a bit jaded as my genre of choice these days is gay fiction.  The drama with Brianna’s attacker is done well and thankfully not dragged on for two long. Both Aeron and Hauk are very likable, especially when they go all alpha a few times. Brianna, I’m torn on. While I liked her okay, I do have a problem when a female character is described as some sort of goddess that everyone must have in their bed. One thing I do like about her is that she is no shrinking violet who falls for whatever the man (or men in this case) promises her. She stands up for herself and puts these big, bad men in their place. 

Overall, a very entertaining story. I would read more by this author.


This book was provided by Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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Kazza K

Two men for every woman! Hmm, I like those odds 🙂 Sounds like some fun reading. Oooh, Cindi, you naughty girl, look at the pic. I like it!! Great review, made me smile —> 😀 See smiley!