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Hi, Kazza and Cindi! Thanks so much for having me on On Top Down Under Book Reviews! I am particularly excited to be here because I hunted you guys down: what better way to celebrate “Wet, Hot, Australian Christmas” than on a blog that partly hails from AU! ;D So, thank you for having me, and being the ‘Six Blokes a-Layin’…Out’ or the sixth day on the ‘7 HOT Days of Christmas Blog Tour’!

Music is an important part of the writing process for me, as it is for many authors. I love electronic dance music (EDM) and there was no exception to this when I was writing “Wet, Hot, Australian Christmas”, apart from calling upon some of my Christmas favorites to help set the mood. I’d like to share with you some of those songs and their lyrics, and how they helped inspire and relate to the story. I hope you find them enjoyable!

You can find Josh’s 4.5 star review of Wet, Hot Australian Christmas here!


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“Generate” — Eric Prydz & GTA

Sometimes you will find EDM music short on lyrics, or without lyrics at all, but that often does not diminish its ability to create an emotional reaction from me as a listener. “Generate” is a great example of that. These three lines are the only lines in the entire nearly three minute song, but they say it all:

“All of the love we generate; The only thing that carries me on; There’s nothing we need that it can’t create”

Of course, I feel these lyrics relate to my main characters, Reid and Graham, very well. They are closely connected as a couple, and together they do create new things professionally and strive to better themselves. And I love this music video—so many rainbow kaleidoscope lights!

“The Christmas Song” — Bing Crosby

Graham and Reid spend time decorating their Christmas tree and listening to Bing Crosby crooning Christmas carols. This is a tradition from my own life, and “The Christmas Song” is my favorite of Bing’s. Reid, feeling homesick, finds it hard to get into the holiday spirit. So I think these lyrics would be comforting to him:

And so I’m offering this simple phrase, to kids from one to ninety-two; Although it’s been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you”

And to you too, dear reader! (I think the opening about “a couple of teenaged tunesmiths” is just as much a highlight to me as the music.)

“We’re All We Need” — Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston

What can I say about this song besides it’s beautiful? It is, and it’s one of my favorites. I love complex, ethereal sounds like this, and the lyrics are very fitting for Graham and Reid, especially these:

“We’re all we need, oh darling; Most certainly I’m where I’m supposed to be; In a molten sun; with you I am free”

I…excuse me. I need to go be by myself a few minutes, and work through these feelings. Thanks for understanding.


Intoxicated” — Martin Solveig & GTA

Whew! I’m back. Okay, let’s have some fun. Because that is definitely what this song is all about. I didn’t want to like this song, but dammit, if it didn’t worm its way into my brain and become my summer anthem. When I hear this song, I think this is what was probably playing in Reid’s head when he first met Graham on a boat…

“You got me intoxicated; (Let’s dance) Let’s dance, no time for romance; You got me intoxicated”

I love something that doesn’t take itself too seriously; sometimes that’s when comedic (and otherwise) genius really shines through.

“Six White Boomers” — Australian Christmas Carol

Last, but certainly not least, is this super cute song I came across when looking for uniquely Australian Christmas songs. For those of my friends who may not know, a “boomer” is slang for a male kangaroo (although, I’ve read this slang is really only used in this very Christmas song, LOL!) Now, in the story, Graham and Reid walk in to hear Graham’s mother listening to it echoing throughout their workplace. It’s something that I know I would have loved and tortured my parents with at the top of my lungs as a kid. I may still give it a go.

“In Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of a very hot summer; So when Santa Claus delivers his presents, he’s not taken around by reindeer because they can’t stand the terrible heat…[he’s taken by] Six white boomers, Snow white boomers, Racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun”


Thank you again for having me today, I hope you enjoyed listening to some of the music, and I hope you all have a very happy holiday season. Whether you are keeping cool or bundled up, I hope your hearts are full! <3 xo, A.V.


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Kazza K

Yep, one of the founders of the blog is Aussie and 4 others who review here are too – we’re invading, Cindi 😀

We just needed “Aussie Jingle Bells” and “Christmas Where the Gum Trees Grow” to go with “Six White Boomers” and I’d feel totally Aussie Christmas-fied, lol.

Lovely shiny post and nice to have A.V Sanders joining us with a book about a Hot Aussie Christmas, and they sure are hot 🙂


Cindi, you made me glad I only read about Six White Boomers and didn’t listen to it. No, no, I have enough things trying to invade my brain this week, I’ll leave this one to you. 🙂 Still great to catch this post here by A.V. and hang out here at OTDU! Hope everyone has a most wonderful week!

Kazza K

You have a nice week too, Carolyn. Do I have to sing Six White Boomers to you? lol


Thanks for this post, and congrats on the release of Wet, Hot Australian Christmas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

Kazza K

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, Angela 🙂


Oh yes, Christmas where the Gum trees Grow gets stuck in my head this time of year. We used ot sing a lot of the Aussie versions of songs at Christmas when I was in school (a long time ago). In the shops all I hear are songs about snow and frosty conditions. Then I step from the aircon into the heatwave… and melt. So I try to avoid the whiter shades of Christmas songs.

Blackrose/Jenny B hojurose(at)gmail(dot)com

Kazza K

Oh how right you are. I was hugged by a giant snowman today at the local mall… and then went out into warm weather. I am now humming Christmas Where the Gum Trees grow. My children used to sing it at school, such a cute, and Aussie, song 😀


Thank you for providing the music videos. I don’t much listen to electronic dance/techno music anymore so this was a nice change.